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WANTED ALL Plant Lovers And Gardening Enthusiasts

R.H.S. Medal Winning Plantsman From
Cambridgeshire Reveals A Easy, Simple Way
To Turn Your Gardening Hobby Into A Part
Time Income Of $500 to $1000 Per Week

Best Of All, You Get To Play With Your Plants A Few Hours A Day
You A Perfect Lifestyle Business


If you are interested in earning a part time or even full time
income from your gardening hobby, then this will be the most important
message you read this year.

I will be straight with you right from the start. If you want to be
a millionaire by next year, you may as well throw this in the rubbish
bin now, and try something else. If you want to have the perfect work
life balance, doing something you love please read on. I may just have
some information for you which will literally change your life.

Rather than going to the office,
Imagine spending your day with plants

If you're like me, you probably love plants. They are your passion.
There is nothing you would rather be doing than gardening, taking
cuttings and watching young plants start to grow in spring. This is a
wonderful feeling. Just spending time around living plants is enough
to relieve the stress, modern living fills our body and mind with.
Imagine being able to feel like this every day, without working at the
office. This would improve your life, am I right?

I know how it feels to work with plants. I have spent the past 20
years of my life growing and selling them. In that time I have done
most jobs that involve plants. Gardening, Landscape Design, Mail
Order, you name it, I have done it.

But I also know the frustration of doing something you don't enjoy.
Just over 10 years ago, I had to leave my family's nursery business. I
had worked there since I left school, but I had been struggling to get
on with my father. In 1997 I decided to get a job doing something
else. Anything else would do, as long as I was not involved with

I got a good job in a bank. The first month was great. I had a new
job with interesting people, and I even got to look smart every day.
The second month was OK, but the novelty was wearing thin. The
following 3 months were terrible and I realised how stressful modern
working life is. I hated it. I had to swollow my pride and call my
father, I really wanted to return to the nursery.

This was easier than I had thought, He wanted me back. Even better
he offered me a partnership. This was the real start of my love affair
with plants and life in general.

Over the next few years the business grew, we were able to cut back
on the least profitable side of the business, which was the landscape
side, and concentrate on growing and selling plants. This is where 91%
of our profits came from.

Last year I was looking on Amazon for a new book or two. I buy lots
of books from Amazon, mainly about plants.

Anyway I started looking for books to help people start a
horticultural business. To my shock there was only a couple of books
on the subject within the last 15 years.

Anyway I ordered the both and waited impatiently or them to arrive.
When they finally did arrived, I spent the next 2 weeks reading both
of them.

It was decent, but it only covered landscaping. Landscaping is a
good business model , but as I mentioned above it is definitely NOT
where the majority of money is made. Also it does not involve growing
plants, which to me is the magical part of this business.

Then I started on market research. I did some targeted surveys and
asked people like you, what would make them happy in their life and
careers. I also asked what information they would require to set up
their own business involving plants.

The answers were interesting, 80% of people seemed to want the
business I had. They did not want a landscape business, where their
client was boss. They wanted to work when they wanted. Grow what they
wanted, and ultimately have control of their life. They wanted to have
the choice of starting early and finishing at lunchtime. Or they just
wanted to work when the kids are at school.

Everyone I Talked To Seems To Want
The Perfect Lifestyle Business

Surprisingly, most people who took my survey did not put earning
millions as their number one goal. What they wanted most was freedom.
Not financial freedom, this was a close second. They wanted 'Time
Freedom'. They wanted to work the hours which suited them, whilst
still earning descent money.

For the next 6 months I sat with this idea in my head. I could not
make up my mind. Was letting people in on my closely guarded secrets a
good idea. There was another slight problem. I am not the best writer
in the world, or even in my household. I think my 6 year old daughter
is better on a keyboard than me. Could I really write a book?

Well there is only one way to find out, write the book. Its the
only way people are going to get this incredible lifestyle business
they seem to crave. Anyway after 3 months of writing and editing, I am
there, Finished. Even better I want you to be one of the 1000 people
who I am going to help create your perfect lifestyle business this

In addition, for fast movers I have also included some great
bonuses. The bonuses alone are worth 20 times the price of the e-book.
It is even possible to have e-mail support from me. So don't miss out
on this chance to change your life. Order today and get a 8 week risk
free trial.

Start Part-Time, Then As You Get More Confident,
Quit Your Job And Go full Time.
Start Tomorrow, Try a New Lifestyle.
Control Your own Destiny.
Live Your Dream.

The graph below will give you a idea of what you can expect to earn
in $'s from hours worked. This is just a guide to get you started. As
you become more experenced you can earn more money from working less

If you wish to improve your lifestyle, I urge you to grab your copy
now. Get it while it is still available at this ridiculously low
price. I have a feeling you may not have long left to secure your

If you choice to take this opportunity, I can promise your life
should change for the better. Next year at this time you can expect
some or all of the benefits listed below:

* You will be able to spend your time working with plants. You will
no longer call it work, It is like doing your hobby and getting paid
for it.

* You will make lots of new friends, as your time will now be spent
with people with the same interests as you. Personally I find that
everyone I meet more than a couple of times becomes friends.

* You will be able to fit work around your life. Having a job means
fitting life around work. If you follow my plan, in 6 months time you
will be able to fit work around your life. I think you will agree this
would creates a much better lifestyle.

* You will learn so much about plants and gardening. You may find
friends, relatives and even strangers asking you for advice. You will
get questions, on anything from cutting grass to taking cuttings.
There is no better feeling in the world, than being perceived as a

* You will find your friends and relatives, especially the ones who
advised you to stick to your 9-5 job. The ones who said you cannot
create a business for yourself. They will all of a sudden be asking
you for career advice, and how they can quit their jobs.
* When you talk with people about how you work with plants, they
will become very interested and hang off every word you say. I should
know, I get this all the time.

'If You Like Plants and Gardening You are Going to Love This. I
Finished The Book Last Wednesday. On Sunday Morning I Earned $131.'

- Daniel Conner
ebook owner

* Probably best of all, you will be your own boss. You are in
charge of your own time. If you lay late one morning, you don't have
to explain yourself like a naughty school child. If you wake up one
morning and fancy a day out with the kids, just take it, it is easy to
catch up the following day.

Now there are a few problems working with plants, and I don't want
anyone to start this under false pretences. So here goes.

As you now enjoy work, you may want to spend all of your time at
work. Do not do this, 30 hours per week is your maximum stick to it.
Personally I prefer 20. Enjoy all your extra free time and take up a
new hobby.

I know everyone says if you sing to plants they grow better. This
depends on your voice. If you must sing, keep it to 1 hour a day
maximum. We want plants to grow, not head back to the soil for

Well that's all the problems I can think of. Back to the benefits.

Most people who enter a career in horticulture, have a better
quality of life. If you have a dog, you can take him to work with you.
If you like radio 4, you can listen to it all day. Do you see where I
am coming from. Its your life, its time for you to take control.

How many people do you know, who love their job. I do and you can
too. All you need to do is read the e-book, maybe twice, and you will
find it is possible for you to quit your job next year.

Some of the highlights of the e-book are:

* You can earn money within a few days of starting.

* You don't have to risk any money to get started.

* You can mix and match, the tactics to create your own unique

* You earn as you learn.

* Its Risk Free. Try the e-book at my risk. I give you a 8 week no
quibble money back guarantee.

Just ask yourself this one question. 'If I don't do this now, will I
still be in the same situation this time next year'. I am afraid the
likely answer is 'Yes'.

Now close your eye's for a minute, use your imagination. Think of
next year, and what a day in your life could be like. You no longer
have to commute to your job. You can now head to your own nursery. At
your nursery you will, take some cuttings, water your plants, check on
the seeds, then you will gets order's ready for collection. Later you
then look over your books, and find that last week was our best week
yet. You now earn more money than you use to in your job, working 50
hours per week. Better than that, last week you worked under 20 hours,
if you can call your hobby 'work'.

I take it you want to feel like this next year. Well here's your
chance. I urge you to order your copy NOW. Do not put this off. Before
you know it next year will arrive, and you will still be in the same
position you are today.

Chose today to take a step towards a better future. For a very
limited period you can buy a copy of 'How to create a business from
growing and selling plants', at a very special price.


I said earlier, I would include some bonuses. Please take advantage
of these by ordering now. The best bonuses are very limited due to my
time constraints. My wife thinks I have lost my mind offering my time
for private consultation, especially as the ebook is such a bargain.
For this reason it is very limited, at the time of writing this letter
there are only 45 places left.

Bonus 1: Private email consultation for 6 months

I want you to succeed so the best way for me to help you is give you
personal advice.Every Monday and Thursday morning I am going to answer
all your questions by email. Email me your questions, then I will give
you my advice.


Bonus 2: A 1 page business plan

I want you to succeed so the best way for me to help you is give you
personal advice.Every Monday and Thursday morning I am going to answer
all your questions by email. Email me your questions, then I will give
you my advice.

Value $97 ( Only 45 places left)

Bonus 3: Private Interview session

One of my first customer's Daniel Conner read the book, but had a
few questions, we sat down together and went through the questions he
had, and resolved them. I recorded our interview and I will make it
available to you in MP3 format.

Value $17

Bonus 4: Free book updates for 2 years

As this is the first time I have made it available to members of the
public I guess I will have a few more questions from customers. So my
plan is to update the book every 6 months or so.

Value 4x $47= $188

Bonus 5: Free monthly email updates for 1 year

As we go through the seasons I will send you a email every month
telling you about jobs you need to be doing. I will also cover what
new plant have been released, and advise you to whether you should
grow them, and where to get them from.

Value $5 per month = $60

Bonus 6: Grass cutting round blueprint

If you want to start full time immediately this blueprint will give
you a extra
source of income from the start.

Value $9.97

Bonus 7: $30 Off the price

Yes for the next 100 customers I have decided to give you a discount
$30. This cuts the price nearly in half. To only $37


Now all there is left for you to do, is click the order button
below, and secure your copy for just $37, whilst all the bonuses are
available. Remember it does not matter what time of day it is. If it
is 2am , you can be reading your e-book at 2.01am.

This program is NOT available in stores. You can only access it
through this website. After you click the order button you will go
through to a clickbank order form

8 Week No Quibble Money Back guarantee

_"I will take all the risk. I am giving you 56 days to read and
implement the steps in the ebook. If you change your mind, or decide
it is not for you, simply let me know by sending an and I will refund
your money. You even get to keep the ebook And bonuses"_

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, I really hope it
will change your life.

I Wish You all the Success whether you chose to purchase my e-book
or not.

P.S. My time is very limited, so the e-mail consultation bonus is
being removed after the next 45 customers come in. While I'd love to
provide help to all my customers, I won't have time to help each and
everyone personally. Make sure you join now

P.P.S. I am only offering 1000 copy's for sale this year. I want to
make sure everybody gets a chance, without flooding the market. If you
don't secure now you may have to wait another 12 months to purchase
the ebook. This could mean you are another 12 months away from your
perfect lifestyle.

P.P.P.S. Remember there is no risk, as there is a 100% no quibble 8
week money back guarantee. Meaning I take all the risk, so I urge you
to order today. You won't regret it.

P.P.P.P.S. If You Are Still Undecided, please read what Nick Leight
from what reallymakes money
said about our UK version


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