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Cara's Products

Creating Presence
Using the John Wayne Icon
35 min Audio & Audio Transcript

Getting the attention of that special woman requires something special! In this audio Cara tells you:

What Presence is & why you need it How to use the John Wayne, 'strong,silent', type as a Role Model for Body Language & Self-Talk How to find and use Presence to attract the attention you want Price: US$ 10   [More Info  or  To Order](pres1.html)

Also available:

Creating Presence
Using the James Dean Icon

Contains the same information as the first audio but uses James Dean as the Role Model

Price:  US$ 10    [More Info or  To Order](pres2.html)


Getting THE Girl!

In this 60 minutes audio Cara guides you to a deeply relaxed state where you'll 'reprogram' your mind to assist in attracting the woman of your dreams. Cara helps you to:
Reach deep levels of relaxation called Apha and Theta Create positive, powerful visualizations to improve your love life using techniques developed for elite athletes See yourself in a whole new wonderful way
Price: US $15     [More Info  or  To Order](getgirl.html)

What Makes You Special?

Every woman wants someone Special!
But sometimes it's hard to work out what's so special about you.

In this 2 page Astro-Numerological Report, Cara will tell you some of the qualities and attributes that are uniquely yours. Written especially for you, using your date, time and place of birth, Cara will give you reason to confidently say 'Let me tell you what's special about me!'

Price: US$ 30    [More Info  or To Order](urspecial.html)

Cutting Your Baggage Limit
Using Writing

This is an 7 part program using cutting edge research on the power of writing. By writing in certain ways you can put painful past events firmly where they belong- in the past. You can then move on to your future, lighter and more ready to have the great relationship you deserve.

Cara will email you each module in the program, and read and comment on your writing, if you want to send it to her. You work at your own pace, knowing the gentle support and willing confidante is only an email away.

Price: US$ 60   [More Info  or To Order](baggage.html)

Winning the Heart
of an Angel
Box Set of the Best of Cara Reynolds

This is the Bonus Package of Cara's best resources. It includes everything you need to build confidence, develop Presence so you can stand out from the crowd, know your unique strengths and start with a clean slate. It also includes 4 X 30 minute phone chats with Cara so she can really support and guide you toward that Angel who wants to give you her heart. Box includes:
Both John or James' Creating Presence         (value $20) Getting THE Girl Visualization                      (value $15) What's Special about You Report                  (value $30) Cutting Your Baggage Limit with Writing        (value $60) 4 x 30 min phone chats with Cara                 (value $200) Free Membership in Cara's Inner Circle of Friends which includes: a monthly Newsletter, MSN chats, & discounts on any new products as they become available.         (value immeasurable) Total Value of Box Set: US$ 325 +

Price: US$ 180       [More Info  or To Order](angel.html)

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