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"Your Marketing Success Online Depends Upon You Doing Two Things Effectively..."

Simply stated, those two things are:

Sell a niche product or service; and

Use email and a professional web presence to maintain that niche.
As you read through the rest of this page, we'll talk more about each.

But first. . .

There are many problems with establishing yourself as a business and selling on the web:

It's still a relatively new medium, and buyers/sellers are still testing, trying to find a model that works for both.

There is often a lack of trust, as you know, as all too often some scam artist surfaces to bilk the gullible.

There are exceptions, naturally, but there is no doubt that many web sites are often poorly constructed, confusing to use, and lack focus.
(If you have a beef about this website, then [please tell us about it here](http://online-wealth.com/email_contact_page_for_Online_Wealth.htm).)

Now, any commercial website needs to attract buyers who want what is offered, whatever it is.   That's not such a difficult task as you might first think.   Just understand this concept:

The web is all about target marketing,
not mass marketing.
Whether you came to our site via a search engine, a newsletter, an article or some other referral, our job now is to provide you with two basic paths:

Point you to the eproducts, within our own niche areas, that [we have available here](http://online-wealth.com/niche_products.htm); and

Provide you with information below that will show you how to market your own products (or those of others).
Remember though, getting a great product ready is only the first part of the process.   If you want to get it in front of your prospects, there is a long road ahead.

As a starter, you may wish to read through our free report ([click here for "How to profit online"](http://online-wealth.com/rptfr1.htm) - a new window will open up).   If you're familiar with the three basic methods however, then skip it and read on. . .

Or, feel free to browse through our [articles here](http://online-wealth.com/articles/) about marketing, email, spam, search engines, ezines and...what you might find at the end of a rainbow!

Now, because of the largely passive nature of online marketing, the art of persuasion is of paramount importance, and it should be your goal to know that art.

You can go a long way to achieve that goal by showing your prospects how a product will provide the benefits they want. . .

People are looking for solutions to their wants and needs.   Most would not have the slightest interest in your products per se: they're only interested in how the products will benefit them.   Hence. . .

"Showing the benefits of your product(s)
is the single most important feature of online marketing"
Armed with that point of view, the following information is crucial for longterm online success:

How to use email as a direct marketing tool:
If you are a newcomer to email and how to use it, please [click here for an online series of related articles](http://online-wealth.com/using_email_stopping_spam/); or, [click here to download a free PDF ebook](http://online-wealth.com/freebook/email_and_spam/spamail.zip) that you can read offline.

The danger of online marketing and email, of course, is being swamped with spam.   Fortunately, there is now a solution to that problem: [you can find out here ](http://online-wealth.com/spam_killers.htm)what we have done to kill all types of spam...

Despite the ever-growing spam problems, by using email properly, there is no doubt that you can source targeted groups and retain customer loyalty.

The benefit for you is a ready pool of those who have requested information from you and who are therefore more likely to buy your products.

[ Read here what Michael Campbell - who has generated a $750,000 income using email - has to say about effective email marketing. ](http://online-wealth.com/nbn)

How to develop a professional website:
Most people use search engines to find what they want on the web...

You can, of course, design and build your own site(s), using the necessary software tools.   With a good plan and determination, you can do it.

We've published a primer that details the fundamental development process for doing just that - [you can read about it here.](http://online-wealth.com/website_promotion.htm)    If you're the type who likes to "do-it-yourself", this one's for you.    And, you have our personal guarantee that it works, or you get your money back.

Building a website, however, is much easier said than done.   If that's not for you - you'd prefer to leave that sort of thing to others - then you'd be interested in a new way of developing your own websites, to promote your own products and services.   This is as close to a 'turn-key' system that you'll ever see.  [So...click here now to find out more.](http://www.mikino.com/?onlinewealth.html)

Especially for those who are new to the Net, the task of establishing a presence (and a profit!) is doubly difficult.   [Make your job easier with this new and exciting package.](http://online-wealth.com/buildasite/)

Enter a monthly draw to [win that package by clicking here now.](http://online-wealth.com/sweeps/)  It's FREE to enter, so you really have nothing to lose!

What to do to promote your website to all of the major search engines and directories:
Again, if you are new to all this, then [see our introduction to search engines](http://online-wealth.com/using_searchtools.htm) and how to use them. The ebook will provide you with basic knowledge, allowing you to get up to speed very quickly.

Everybody who wants to profit online needs to know about search engines simply because figures show that over 80% of surfers use search engines to find what they want...but usually look no further than the first 30 search results.

That means your prospects must find your site in the first three pages of search results...

[Get our ebook here ](http://online-wealth.com/website_promotion.htm)that gives you the step-by-step process to design and develop a search engine friendly website - one that will consistently get on Page One of search results for your products and/or services.

How to develop your own product or service from your own knowledge base.
Remember. . .for somebody, your knowledge is pure gold.   Somewhere, on this planet, people want information you have and are prepared to pay you real money for it.

Don't try to find them - they'll find you, provided you know where to start.

If you're uncertain about how to get going, [read the combined efforts of Ken Evoy and Monique Harris - two of the Web's most respected netpreneurs.](http://online-wealth.com/myks/)

Highly recommended!

How to join affiliate programs and promote unique products/services of others.
We have a core group of highly recommended affiliate programs that we promote.

One of those is from the recognized guru of Affiliate Program selection and promotion - Declan Dunn.  [Find out about the pros and cons of affiliate programs from Declan - probably no better guide on the web today.](http://online-wealth.com/wag)

This is recommended reading for all who are serious about being successful with affiliate programs.

To gain further insight into how to work affiliate programs, take advantage the the most widely praised FREE email marketing courses now available! [  Click here and send a blank e-mail  to receive The Affiliate Masters course . . .
 It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on  becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.

Revised course now available!
Special note: Please enter "MASTERS" (all capital letters,without quotes) at the beginning of the subjectline or you will not receive the course.

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