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The Adventure Builder
The Ultimate Travel Planning Tool


This Guide Does Not Offer Just a
It Offers An Experience

It’s a new way of researching and planning, your
options are consolidated; your task is streamlined.

Now, the power has shifted: from the travel agency to
you! In your hands will be the tools that their safes lock
tight, that their employees use everyday.

Introducing, a new travel formula!
Anyone, anywhere, can easily plan, and pull off ANY TYPE of
trip, vacation, or adventure with the
Revolutionary eBook: The Adventure Builder
and its live-linked, few hundred, perfectly organized, and
Delicately selected, travel websites,
Hand-placed into the logical flow of travel-planning.

Imagine the places you’ll go,
The breath-taking photo albums you’ll fill and show to others.
Send you and yours on a relaxing weekend get-away,
or the adventure of a lifetime.
In this amazing guide the tools are laid out for you; the steps
for success are clear.

Take a Look Inside!
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This Travel Guide:

Is an up to date, organized and portable map for researching,
booking, and carrying-out the trip of your dreams.  

From international adventures by train to weekend road trips in an RV

go with your significant other, a pet, even the whole family.

Finally: the BEST money-saving airline search sites with only the cheapest and most
convenient flights!

Make airport experiences headache-free by using the guide’s resources to ship luggage, find
and secure parking spaces, and with less effort than you'd think, book transportation and
accommodation in advance.

Forget about security hassle; know the specifics of your airport’s security or bypass it

No-hassle, fun construction, of your own personalized itinerary.

Educate yourself before you go, with destination-specific health and safety information, get travel
insurance, exchange money, and buy or rent the travel gear and technology the trip calls for.

Discover how-to information on traveling with every member of the family, get your passport or
visa, rent a cell phone in another country; even find a sitter for your pet.

Know the language, anticipate the weather; find a hotel, hostel, or rental property that
accommodates your desires; find a villa, even swap your house!

Transportation: go by bus, train, or subway; find rentals cars, RV’s, the best maps, avoid
traffic, even zero in on the nearest rest areas.

Find restaurants, tours, day trips, and shows.

The beauty of The Adventure Builder is that
you don’t have to be going for the trip of the
lifetime to find it indispensable.

Use The Adventure Builder on a Saturday
morning to find the closest beach or theme park
in your area.

Your “itinerary” might be Sunday morning’s
workout: find a fitness center, a swimming site, a
running route, maybe even a workout routine; it
even has resources for weight loss!

What about a stressful week on the job? Find
relaxation; pull up The Adventure Builder and
locate spas and yoga centers closest to you.

Its convenience reduces the time you must invest in planning

its organization shrinks the effort you'll be required to put forth

its comprehensiveness equips you with countless options

Its independence frees you from others and saves you cash

It’s the ultimate resource because it's the one and only travel guide with them all!

AND unlike paying someone else to do everything for you the process becomes
FUN, rewarding, and amazingly satisfying, because YOU are the creator, YOU are
the author of your own adventure!

What’s So Powerful About The Adventure Builder?
Why is it a Breakthrough?

The secret is this: planning a trip to your desires is really only a matter of understanding the trip’s “big
picture” and then organizing the right resources to make it happen.

You probably know why we all go to travel agencies.

Simply: for the convenience of having everything done for you. Everyone knows, it cost a little more, but it’s

Some do it themselves, but why don’t we all?
Because it takes your time, your effort,
and your resourcefulness to pull it off.
Questions usually abound: where do you start, who do you call, how do you book?
You say, what is a few bucks if I can have someone else shoulder the burden?

That's Where The Adventure Builder Comes In:

Be Inspired and Entertained

By the guide's beautiful images and perspective-changing
Bring your wildest dreams to life; Raise your travel IQ
and become an overnight expert.


So How’s It Work? Let’s Be More Specific:

The Adventure Builder is a simple and tremendously useful compilation of travel-
related websites.

Right now:

There are countless books, magazine articles, and television shows highlighting what The
Adventure Builder delivers. So why get it?

How often do we remember or write down the websites we see or hear?
In The Adventure Builder:

The websites are recorded

The websites are consolidated

They flow in the order you'd plan a trip

And there’s way over 200 of them!

Its Absolutely Perfect
for Portable Electronic Devices

Not at home, on the go?
Pull up The Adventure Builder up on your laptop, cell phone, or wireless reader.

From searching for cheap airfare,
to doing a quick search for gas stations with the lowest gas prices,
to knowing where to buy the best portable travel kits.   

Whether for business or pleasure,
with this packed, all-in-one guide
The path to preparing a trip with the power and ease of the Internet is only a few clicks away.

Here’s What You Can Expect From
The Adventure Builder:

With the prearranged 245 websites explode onto the Internet and build your next adventure with
direction and purpose.

From the first step out the door to the sharing of your stories with friends and family there are no holes in
The Adventure Builder, anything you need, all that you could want is here, organized, and
extremely easy to use.

Jump onto sites of interest through the guide’s hyperlinks while planning a trip, or print it out and carry it
with you while enjoying one! Either way The Adventure Builder is useful for researching, planning and
doing; all stages of the travel experience.

Not Looking For an Adventure? A Trip Isn’t in The Works?
Vacation Days Used Up?
Don't Have The Money to Travel?

About the Author

My name is Dustin Grinnell and it is a great passion of mine to travel. I flew across the world, to New Zealand to
study abroad; I backpacked through the British Isle, journeyed to Spain and the African wilds, came face to
face with the exotic and the unreal, and trekked to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Last summer I drove
across the USA; now I’m in graduate school, studying Physiology.

The Adventure Builder began as a personal quest to simplify my own trips and adventure-planning. As it
evolved I realized the benefit it would have for anyone who wanted to truly take control of their travels. It is my
gift to anyone with a dream to tackle, the inner drive to fulfill it and the courage to live it.  


From backpackers and mountaineers to island-hoppers and beach-goers, never has a travel guide
been so fit for all, so comprehensive, so user-friendly and simple; with it, anyone can orchestrate their own
personal, authentic travel experience.


The Adventure Builder is ONLY $14.95!

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[Copyright](http://www.copyrightauthority.com/copyright-symbol) &nbsp2009 Dustin Grinnell - All Rights Reserved

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