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Self Confidence Building Course by email

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"I'll Show you How to Build your Self Esteem and Confidence, and
Feel Good About Yourself in Less Than 30 days..."

Are you FRUSTRATED AND UPSET that low self esteem and lack of
confidence are holding you back?

I know you're disappointed with your life as it is. Every new
challenge FILLS YOU WITH FEAR and you WORRY about your ability to
perform. You LACK CONFIDENCE to deal with others effectively.

You deserve to FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF and BELIEVE in your power
to succeed, especially in your personal life and relationships...

Have you tried to build your confidence and self esteem before but

Has everything you've attempted merely resulted in a temporary
change that hasn't lasted? It's fine when you read an inspiring book
but _after a short time you're back to square one_...

Most of the things you've read or listened to haven't helped. You
need to change the way you think about self esteem to make a
long-lasting impact in your life...

But how?...


I can show you how to feel good about yourself and have COMPLETE
CONFIDENCE that you are up to any challenge that comes your way?


to relax in social situations and MAKE NEW FRIENDS EASILY?

to _have the confidence to speak in front of an audience and enjoy

_With a high level of self esteem you can achieve every dream or
goal you set yourself and relish every challenge before you..._

If you've visited this website before you'll know the QUALITY OF MY
ADVICE is extremely helpful...I'M KARL PERERA author of many articles
and the pages on this website are written from my experience...I've
already helped many to improve their self esteem...

As you sit there reading this, I'm sure you'll agree you need to
_get this book now!_

How much would you give to have sky high confidence and self
esteem? You can have that all for the price of a nice meal out or two
tickets to the movies...

You're worth that aren't you?

Invest in yourself now and _buy "Self Esteem Secrets" _while you
can still get this low price...

I've only got a limited number available with the FREE gifts at
this price so _hurry_!

With "Self esteem Secrets" you'll:

Understand exactly what self esteem is. Arm yourself with this
knowledge to transform your life.

Learn why you suffer from low self esteem and what you can do to
break free.

Discover simple tactics to skyrocket your self esteem

Find out how to maintain high self esteem long-term

Improve your relationships

Feel good about yourself

Value your job more

Make ambition work for you

Break free from negative messages

Get easy-to-follow steps to boost your self esteem and

But that's not all! Hang on to your horses...!

_Order now _and you'll get two unbelievable FREE gifts...

1. Self esteem quotations collection - An amazing collection of
self esteem quotes that will inspire you to recreate yourself. (worth

2. How to make great choices that boost your self esteem - An
exclusive 1,000 word report. (worth $7.50)

PLUS - I'll set up a special page for owners of this e-book. I'll
make any updates available from this page and answer your questions
here...how's that for service?

... and you'll get a special LOW LOW PRICE:


NOW ONLY $29.95 (SAVE $10)

If you're not 100% satisfied I'll give your money back and you can
keep the bonuses, so there is absolutely no risk to you! 60 days to
try out everything in the book

Karl Perera


Be sure you don't miss out, buy "Self Esteem Secrets" now before it
sells out!


Take a look at what others say about "Self Esteem Secrets:

_ "I am reading your e-book and just want you to know how much I AM
ENJOYING IT. Your writing style is so HONEST, warm and direct!! You
are GOING TO HELP SO MANY PEOPLE with this. Congratulations!"_

Dr Ingrid Schweiger, Psychotherapist and Author, NYC

"I just wanted to thank you for the e-book you send me on
Self-Esteem! What I found there is REALLY GREAT!!! And I think that as
a woman we need more of these tips to feel good about ourselves! I've
been a victim of rape and I can assure you that THIS VALUABLE ADVICE
really help! Keep the GOOD JOB you're doing..."

...I will RECOMMEND anyone to read the book! "

Mirella, Mauritius

_ "I like the questions asked, short and simple, yet they really
make you think! I really LIKED THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN, the Tips, the
Exercises, and the way you answer questions that we may be asking.
Most of the time i never want to do the exercises in self-help bokks,
but yours are short and FUN AND POSITIVE. _

I found the sections on aging, relationships, and procrastinating
ESPECIALLY HELPFUL. I really found the tips and suggestions VERY

Karen Lewis

_ "I want to say that the book is FULL OF QUALITY PRACTICAL IDEAS to
improve self-esteem._ _I would definitely recommend it." _

Innocent Matepo, Pretoria, South Africa

YES! I want Self Esteem Secrets now and:

* Self Esteem Quotations Collection Bonus
* How to Make Great Choices that Boost Self Esteem
* 100% 60 day Risk - Free Guarantee
* Enjoy Updates and get your questions answered
* Secure ordering at Paypal.com
* Low price of $29.95

This offer is not going to last for long so...

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