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Angelo Coaching Presents TOTAL BLISS: Stress Reduction Program


Allow STRESS & ANXIETY to go unchecked and...

STRESS will WREAK HAVOC ON YOUR LOOKS while aging you beyond your

Your metabolism will slow to a snail's pace CAUSING YOU TO GAIN

STRESS will ROB YOU OF YOUR VITAL ENERGY making even the simplest
of tasks seem insurmountable.

Sleeping Disorders such as Insomnia and Hypersomnia will set in,
not only causing health issues, but spiraling you into a deep

STRESS will manifest itself in the form of several different
diseases leaving you sick and MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO FATAL ILLNESS.


...and the painful effects of Stress go on & on.

You owe it to yourself & those who care deeply for you to eliminate
STRESS from your life once & for all.

From: Ryan Angelo


Re: Eliminating Stress & Taking Control of your Life!


You are already aware of the negative effects of Stress. It comes
from a lack of control in your life. I’m certain that you can think
of at least one person who has been losing a battle with stress. I’m
sure you can think of at least one person that feels anxious more than
they would like to. You yourself may be feeling some degree of stress
and anxiety on a daily basis.

Why? Because you feel the burden of overwhelming responsibility. In
these trying & uncertain economic times, just figuring out where the
next rent check or mortgage payment will come from is enough to send
someone over the edge.

You may have a family that you are responsible for. Perhaps you feel
that more money is going out than actually coming in. Whether it is
credit card debt or a ballooning mortgage payment, YOU know what's
causing the stress in your life.

For others, they have the added stress of family members who depend
on them. You are feeling the burden and responsibilities of life.
People look up to you, and most importantly, they depend on you. Your
co-workers need you, your spouse needs you and your children need you.
Ultimately, you feel like a rag doll being pulled and stretched in
every direction possible. And THAT can be stressful!

SOME Stress is GOOD!

How could stress ever be good for you? Some stress can act as a
catalyst when action is required of you. Whether its rushing to make a
deadline or just dodging through traffic to pick up the kids, stress
can allow you to perform in a peak state. It can allow us to change
and improve our current condition.

What Happens When Stress Goes Unchecked?

No matter the source of your stress, you may feel paralyzed in a
state of inertia. Apathy sets in and simple tasks such as getting out
of bed become serious effort. But here is the real issue: whatever the
problems in your life are, they CANNOT be solved while you are in this
stressful state. Medication may numb you, but it will never solve your

The ANSWER is in eliminating the Stress FIRST. Then you will have
the freedom and the control to live the life you chose.

I Personally Coach Clients All Over the Nation on How to Overcome
Stress & Anxiety

Why Should You be Listening to me?

My name is Ryan Angelo, and I work one-on-one with clients all over
the country to overcome the Stress & Anxiety in their lives so they
can become more Aware, have more Control, and Live Life on their
terms. I am able to radically change the lives of others, because I
was once in a perpetual state of Anxiety. From a miraculous journey
through the mind and body, I was able to finally defeat Stress and
take control of my life.

At its core, the feeling of Stress, is essentially a lack of

I’ll share my story with you…

As a child, I was extremely intuitive and sensitive to those around
me. The family I came from intended well, but was very critical of
everything. _Certainty_ was something I never felt. Built on a
particular archetypal foundation, my personality formed in a manner
that caused me to be an intensely critical perfectionist who possessed
a remarkable skill for over-analysis.

Having little money, I would go to school wearing the same outfit a
few times a week. This did not go without notice and many people
delighted in insulting me. Because of my quiet and observant nature, I
allowed myself to be the victim of many jokes. Each joke was
internalized with horrific consequences. One comment could linger in
my thoughts for days, weeks and even months.

Anxiety was a state that I actually began to think was normal.

I spent so much time with this sensation I honestly knew no
different. The prison of mind and emotion was one that I could not
escape. The physical symptoms became apparent through chronic fatigue,
depression and illness.

This internal warfare continued throughout my younger years...

It hindered my ability to focus, to study and to remember.

Each situation was a challenge because my stress-response had
become so fine tuned that any form of uncertainty, social interaction,
and athletic competition would cause MASSIVE anxiety.

Despite the unrelenting anxiety and the crippling presence of
endless stress, I was able to perform well enough in athletics that I
received a college scholarship. The perfectionist in me had great
expectations and diligently fixated on any flaw or mistake. This
intrinsic trait coupled with the harsh reality of calloused coaches
was a recipe for disaster. I could barely function in this environment
due to the anxiety and stress. My mind would never think clearly and
only found negatives and listened to crippling criticisms.

A Testimonial:
"I was impressed with Ryan's Intuition & Personal Philosophies..."

"I've only known Ryan for a short time, but from the first
conversation I had with him I have been impressed by his intuition,
personal philosophies, and coaching style. As a professional speaker &
expert business coach, I have trained countless speakers & other
business professionals in effective communication skills. EVEN EXPERT
VERY USEFUL TOOLS FOR MANAGING IT. I wholeheartedly recommend Ryan
Angelo & his work. He can help you as I know he has helped so many

- Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.

A Testimonial:
"The Stress Began to Melt Away..."

"Just after a couple of days of working with Ryan I had a huge
mind set shift! After his coaching, I put into action a few simple
things. Immediately I saw results! I started accomplishing more,
playing bigger, and having more confidence all within less than one
week! Not only did I realize I could do anything I wanted to do with
my life, but the stress began to melt away as well. Ryan has such a
calming personality and just after listening to him you feel relaxed.
If you're looking to improve your way of life, start playing BIGGER,
and get de-stressed you've come to the right place."

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