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Tuesday, 9:33 AM

Dear Friend,

This technique purely depends on concentration on breath.

You know how to make an artificial magnet with a steel rod. We are know that steel rod contains full of electrons. When we put those electrons in one way with an original magnet then it will act like a original magnet. What happens when this technique applies to human beings?

In the same way if you form atoms (electrons) of your body in a perfect way you will become a real magnate .i.e.; healthy, attractive and intelligent.

My technique reveals how to become a human magnet or a master mind.

In the universe human body is the best body .Human beings are the best living ones. He is the great from all the animals and spirits.The original meaning of this technique is about spiritual mediation and concentration.

An ancient guru named Patangali had done some experiments with this technique. He also invited us to do with him and enjoy the power of this technique. It takes you to good health and great concentration. Once you get it you will increase your life period.

In this technique first you will get good concentration. And this concentration leads you to get more and more knowledge. If you concentrate on chemistry you will become a good chemist or scientist. If you concentrate on astrology you will become an astrologer. All depends upon your concentration. Same way if you concentrate on God he will be very close to you. He watches you and he will be with you always. When I concentrate on my words I know what I am telling to you. If you concentrate on my words you will better understand what I am saying or trying to say.

In daily life if you take more butter and ghee you will become fatter and fatter. While in this technique if you take butter and ghee you will become thinner and thinner and thinner. That is the quality of this technique. So many people are going to some gyms and massage parlors for their fitness. In this technique you need not go any where. Your health becomes good. Your voice will be very sweet. Your knowledge is like library. You will listen some very strange sounds like bells. You will be as fair & handsome as rose.

So many people think that energy or a person is there after this universe. They thought that he rules the universe from there. They do prayers to him. Somehow it is true. This technique also  takes you to reach the God.

Now I am going to my main topic. People and animals that are having the spinal cord are eligible for using this technique. But animals don't have that much knowledge to follow the rules and regulations, so we are the only living things eligible to use this technique.


My Techniques teaches you....

How to get sweet Voice & How to rectify voice disaffects!  


How to get Concentration and become a mastermind!  

How to loose fat & Weight!  

How to avoid diseases!  


How to become a dare devil!  

How to increase life Period!  

How to be happy in your life!  

Because by learning and using my technique, you could get past your fitness troubles, and you are NEVER going to get fitness troubles ever again.

Listen to me; it's time to get out of any health troubles. It's time you throw fitness problems.
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Note: It is very hard to give thousands of people daily advices with our limited experts on this technique. 

If you angry or excited you will take fast breath. If you are sleeping you will take slow breath. Here you observe that in rest your breath is slow and gap between one breath and the other breath is wide.

What you must observe here if you increase the gap between breaths you will feel more relief and rest. So if you control your breath you will be fit and relaxed. My technique explains how to control your breaths for better results. [Grab my technique and be ](http://1.be32rich4u.pay.clickbank.net)relaxed.


Take Care,

Ramesh Kanukollu


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