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Triquetra Trading Technique
A Recreational Investing Guide

If you made it to this page, I will assume you are probably interested in making money through Active Short-Term Trading,
sometimes referred to as Swing Trading.

I will also assume the following 3 points:

You are researching a wide variety of Short-Term Trading services, products or systems and are still trying to find
“the right one” for your needs.
You may have already tried other Short-Term Trading services, products or systems and were disappointed by them.
You are interested in short-term trading because you want to supplement your current income.

I developed Triquetra Trading Technique: A Recreational Investing Guide as an alternative to all the other stock
selection programs and services available.

If you are looking for an investing approach designed for part time, non-professional traders who want to use short-term
trading to supplement their income and have fun doing it, please read on.

Yes, Trading Should be Fun
as well as profitable!

Anyone who has been a successful trader will tell you that when you are making money, short-term trading is not just
incredibly profitable, it’s also exciting and fun.  It’s not just the economic reward you get when making a good trade, it’s
also the feeling of personal satisfaction and accomplishment you get when you “beat the market.”  

Since the mid 1990’s there has been an explosive growth in a cottage industry that caters exclusively to people who want
to benefit from active short-term trading but lack the knowledge or time to do the research.  I found that all these stock
selection programs and services have three things in common:

They are very expensive.

They boast unrealistic results (the Hype).

They have you act on “blind faith” when you select stocks to trade.

If you have been researching Short-Term Trading services, or have used them in the past,
                                        you know exactly what I am talking about!

There are 100 of stock selection programs and services available.  Some are good, some are worthless, some are
outright scams.  Most will cost you a lot of money!

$50 to $250 to buy the “original” product.

$10 to $25 to subscribe to the “real time” data feed.

$75 to $200 to upgrade to the “enhanced” version.  

I am not making this up either!  Just look at this promotional piece from a site trying to encourage people to
promote their product as an affiliate…

The Cost (Just how much will it cost you?)

…Enough said!

The Hype (Claims, Assertions and Hyperbole)

The following comments were pulled directly from sites promoting Short-Term Trading services.  
They have not been edited in any way, or taken out of context.

Had you already been a subscriber of my newsletter... You could have turned $200 into $1.2 Million!  And all
you needed to do, was place the last 7 stock trades I recommended. A combined 2 - 3 hours of "work"!

9,645 Total Trades ~ 95.9% Winners ~ 5,000% NET Profit!

Produces returns in excess of +1,600% monthly, +20,000% annually.

Produces returns in excess of +13,000% annually.

13,000% annually?  $200 into $1.2 million with just 2-3 hours?  Seriously? Do you really believe this can be true?

My question is: If you could really turn $200 into $1.2 Million with just 2-3 hours of work, why are you wasting your time
promoting and selling the system?  If I could make that much I certainly would not be clogging up my day trying to sell
subscriptions to my Short-Term Trading service.

The Reality (results I have experienced from using these programs)

I am an active Short-Term Trader and like many traders/investors, I like to try new strategies and new systems of trading
and investing.  This not only keeps me up-to-date on new trends, but sometimes I learn a few things from these strategies
and systems.  So about once every month I actually buy one of these Short-Term Trading services, products or systems.  

The following describes some of the common trends I have discovered from trying and testing countless trading systems,
products and services.

Accuracy rate of 60% to 70% (for the few services that actually worked).

Too many trades provided to act on each one.  I had to select a few stocks from a pool of many.  This actually
reduced the 60% to 70% accuracy rate to 40% or less.

I was expected to invest on “blind faith.”  The system told me what and when to buy and sell without clear
rationale.  When I asked what criteria was used to make buy/sell decisions, I was told their “system” works on
proprietary information that took “years to develop” – no concrete information.

Even with trades that made money, I didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment I get when I
personally decide on what to trade.

The Triquetra Trading Technique Alternative

Triquetra Trading Technique – A Recreational Investing Guide was designed to show non-professional traders
(aka Recreational Investors) a short-term trading process that uses FREE INFORMATION, available though
the internet, to make your own short-term trading decisions.

1)   Upfront pricing ~ The Guide only costs $37 and is 100% guaranteed – no “real time data feeds”
     no “enhanced version” or “upgrades” you need to buy ~ ever.

2)   No Hype ~ I don’t claim you will make 13000% per year, or that you will turn $200 into $1.2
     Million in 7 trades.  Triquetra Trading Technique – A Recreational Investing Guide can make
      an average of 2% to 5% every week.  That’s what I have been getting since I started using it.
     No, you wont get rich quick, but it may just help you supplement your income.

3)   You Control Your Trades ~ No more trading on “blind faith.” You know exactly what you are
     trading and why you are trading it.  You will have access to the same knowledge and tools used by
     professional Short-Term Traders ~ the folks that earn a living by trading.

How Triquetra Trading Technique Actually Works

The Triquetra Trading Technique uses a 3-fold approach (Value, Timing, Balance) to identify stocks that will deliver
positive results in a short period of time.  Most of the trades made with this technique will be bought and sold within 1 to 10
business days.  This style of short-term trading commonly referred to as “swing trading.”  

Now you may be thinking: “That sounds great, but I don’t know how to determine VALUE, TIMING and BALANCE!”

The great news is that you don’t need to don’t know how to
determine value, timing and balance!

There are countless of FREE “stock selection” and “stock rating” services on the internet.  They offer free services as an
incentive for you to subscribe to their service.  These sites tell you if the timing is right or if the risk/reward ratio is favorable
or if a stock is well priced.

Triquetra Trading Technique – A Recreational Investing Guide shows you how to access these free sites and explains
exactly how to use them.  There are a total of 8 free sites referenced in The Guide and for each site, there is detailed
information on how to access it and how to use the information it provides.  These free sites are the same sites
professional traders use ~ they demonstrate how well they work by offering their free services to everyone.  

Free Site Example:

Action Plan Example:

Each step of the 5-step process has its own Action Plan – Just by following the plan, you will identify 2 to 3 stocks that are
ready to “take off” in the next few days.

This is just one example of a free site provided in The Guide.  There are 8 separate free sites provided and each one is
integrated in the overall Triquetra Trading Technique.  These are the very same sites that professional traders and
investors use.  This gives you, the Recreational Investor the same chance of success as the Professional Traders.

Triquetra Trading Technique ~ The Details:

One of the biggest problems with most stock selection programs is they give you:

Too many stock choices to select from.  

Now, that may sound like a great thing (the more the better) but it has one major drawback; you can not act on all the
positions recommended so you are forced to pick 2 or 3 and that GREATLY reduces your chances of success.  

For example: Let’s say you get an average of 7 stock picks every day, and you hold each position for 3 days (an average
hold time for Swing Trading) you would need at least $42,000 to invest with.  ($2000 per position X 7 trades = $14,000.  3
days X $14,000 = $42,000).  Now, if you have $42,000 to “play with” then go for it.  Most recreational investors only use
$3000 to $10,000 to trade with so realistically they can only trade 1 to 3 stocks at a time.  

By selecting 1 or 3 positions from the pool of 7, you may select the wrong ones and end up losing money – a lot of money.  

Triquetra Trading Technique automatically narrows your selection from 10 - 15 stocks to a more manageable 2 - 3 stocks
that are ready to make substantial gains in 1 to 10 days.  To do this, Triquetra Trading Technique uses the following

STEP 1:   Go to XXXXXXXXXX.com (free service) to identify 10 to 15 stocks that are potential good short-term
                  trading candidates.

STEP 2:   (TIMING)  Go to XXXXXXXXXX.com (free service) and see if the 3 technical indicators provided support
                  a “buy recommendation” for the 10  to 15 stocks selected from STEP 1.  This step will eliminate about
                  50% to 60% of the original 10 to 15 stocks you started out with.  This will give you a pool of 5 to 7 stocks
                  that are well timed.

STEP 3:   (VALUE) Go to XXXXXXXXXX.com (free service) to determine if the 5 to 7 stocks from STEP 2 are
                  undervalued or overvalued based on  P/E and PEG ratios.  This step will automatically eliminate 2 to 3
                  additional stocks that were overvalued given the current price.  From the original 10 to 15 stocks, 3 to 5
                  will remain that are well timed and undervalued.

STEP 4:   (BALANCE) Go to XXXXXXXXXX.com (free service) to determine if the profit/loss (aka risk/reward)
                  ratio is favorable for the potential stock list we now have. This step will probably further narrow your
                  selection of stocks (potential  trades) to about 2 or 3.  

       Any stock that “survived” the Triquetra selection process based on Value, Timing and Balance is a great candidate to trade.

Ready for a Short-Term Trading alternative that puts
YOU in control?

Triquetra Trading Technique is
unlike anything you have seen or used before ~ Guaranteed!

Try Triquetra Trading Technique – A Recreational Investing Guide.  If you don’t like it, or it does not work for you, I will give you a
100% refund AND you can keep The Guide as my gift just for trying it!

(I can make this guarantee because I am confident you will see value in The Guide and will think it is well worth the $37)

Once you purchase the Triquetra Trading Technique Guide, you will be given
immediate access to The Guide as an Adobe PDF download.

If you don't have Adobe PDF Reader, a free download will be provided when you download The Guide.

[ ](http://1.drquien.pay.clickbank.net)
One last note: Triquetra Trading Technique – A Recreational Investing Guide is not a huge long
                       document full of theories on investing, trading or finance.  The Guide is only 22
                       pages long and that includes a one-page worksheet.  The Guide is presented as a step
                       by step manual so you can literally read it, learn it and use it at the same time.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding Triquetra Trading Technique ~ A Recreational Investing Guide,
Please use the email address below.  


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