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WARNING: Read This Carefully And Diligently, and I Promise You'll Be About To Embark On A Journey Which Will Beat The Credit Crunch Into Submission and Give You More Money In Your Pocket Every Week...

"Finally, a way to smash your way out of debt, learn how to budget your income and put money in your pocket – the Credit Crunch Slayer!"



From: James Johnson




Dear Credit Crunch Sufferer,


Here it is – the step-by-step program and information you’ve been looking for – the proven techniques and steps to take that will help you shred your debt while finally learning how to manage – and save - your money!


Are you drowning in debt? Has the economic meltdown finally hit you where it hurts – in a way you never expected? Have you hit the wall with nowhere to go – and nowhere to turn?

STOP! It’s time to change things around – and I’m going to show you how!

Credit Crunch Slayer can change your life - for the better. It can help you and your family turn around the constant struggle to meet your credit card debts – and finally start living the way you want to live – the way you always dreamed of living!


It can help you deal with the credit card companies, the banks, the department stores – and take your life back! Stop the harassment! Stop the annoying phone calls! Stop living paycheck to paycheck – with no money left over for savings! It’s time to take charge of that credit monster – and Credit Crunch Slayer can help you do it!


You’ll find page after page of valuable information that will explain why bankruptcy may not be the right answer for you – despite what you may think. After all, you’ll be stuck with a big “B” branded on your credit report for the next 10 years – a “brand” that will force you to pay higher interest rates, prevent you from getting credit or borrowing – even prevent you from purchasing a home or a new car.


While bankruptcy may seem like a good idea to erase your debt, it’s certainly not an ideal situation. Plus, the laws have changed significantly – and it’s harder than ever to use bankruptcy as a “way out!” Remember – bankruptcy is your last resort.


Credit Crunch Slayer will show you alternative ways to deal with your debt – from contacting credit card companies to working on ways to pay down your existing debt. But the key is to help you get on track by understanding how you got into this situation in the first place – and learning to manage your money so you won’t repeat the mistakes again!

With Credit Crunch Slayer you’ll learn not just how to manage the debt and credit crunch you’re in now – but more importantly, you’ll learn how to budget your money – how to save your money for a better life. Can you just imagine what that will be worth to you weeks, months – even years from now? Of course you can! And only the Credit Crunch Slayer can help you turn this around – for good.

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Every technique in this program is proven to work! Every secret we’ll share with you has helped others. Every tip, suggestion and recommendation you’ll find in Credit Crunch Slayer works – period! No second-guessing!


No wondering if you should – or shouldn’t – try what you’ll find in our program! Because everything works to help you beat that credit crunch!


No gimmicks! No worthless tools or techniques! Absolutely no information that can’t help you turn things around - 180 degrees! These are all proven techniques  - and you can make them work for you now. Normally, the first thing people do is panic. But you won’t have to – because you’ll have viable, real options to work with that can help you – NOW. So great ready for a fresh start!


From the very first chapter Credit Crunch Slayer shows you your guide to financial freedom – by helping you develop a budget that you can live with. In fact, you’ll find a sample budget prepared for you – all you’ll need to do is copy it, fill in your expenses – line by line, category by category – to see where your money is going every month – and how much money you’ll have left over. If you’ve never worked with a budget before – this is the place to start.


Believe or not – it’s that simple! By putting together a budget you’ll be able to manage your money in ways you’ve never dreamed possible!

You’ll see on paper – step-by-step – where the cash goes. You may want to do this once a month, every two weeks – or every time you get paid. You decide. But we give you the tools to work with! Listen, we didn’t say it was going to be easy – because budgeting means using willpower and making sacrifices that you probably haven’t had to make before.

Take a look at what some of our Credit Crunch Slayers customers have said...


"Credit Crunch Slayer Saved My Family's Life!"

Peter Cummings

London, UK

"Dear James,

Credit Crunch Slayer saved my family's life!

My wife and I were over $50,000 in debt, and our debt was growing by an average of $2000 a month... but thanks to your proven methods we are now just $38,000 in debt, and are slashing our debt by $1500 a month now, which is an incredible turn around! 

We are right on track, and are living a more enjoyable life now because of your help and guidance... thank you so much."



"I'm FINALLY Out of Debt... Thank You James!"

Karen Simmons

Dallas, USA

"Hi James,

I am a low income earner and was struggling to keep up with the constant bills that kept flooding income.

A friend recommended your course so I decided to take the plunge and have never looked back.

Thanks to your guidance and easy to follow methods I'm finally out of debt... thank you James!

I have recommended your "Credit Crunch Slayer" program to 12 friends now, and they are all having success with it too."



"Your System Worked Perfectly, I'm Debt Free!"

Simon Jones

Los Angeles, USA

"Wow James! I rarely buy things online, and I must admit I was very skeptical about your Credit Crunch Slayer system.

BUT your program sounded exactly what I needed, so I gave it a shot... and it has been without any doubt the best financial decision I have ever made!

After following your steps I became debt free within just 3 months... your system worked perfectly, I'm now debt free!

Thank you James!"


But the good news is that we’re going to put you on the road to financial freedom. And Credit Crunch Slayer is your roadmap – a roadmap to success. Page after page, chapter after chapter will show you all the techniques, secrets and reasons why you CAN get out from under your debt. You’ll learn things like,


Why using cash or an ATM is much better for you and your future than swiping that plastic credit card when making a purchase


Why you should avoid getting another loan – to pay off the ones you already have


Why you should avoid – AT ALL COSTS – those “payday” loans you see on almost every street corner


Why setting up a budget is crucial – if you’re going to be successful in managing your money


Why you might consider consolidating all of your debts into one loan – and when to do it


Credit Crunch Slayer will show you why it’s important to pay down your credit cards the right way – so it doesn’t adversely affect your credit report. Your credit report is critical in how much interest you pay on loans, including your mortgage, whether you’ll even get a loan, and you must work diligently to ensure that your credit report isn’t affected by the moves you make.


And if you can’t make heads or tails out of your credit report, Credit Crunch Slayer can help – because we’ll show you what those numbers mean, what score to shoot for and when to forget about looking to borrow money.

The fact is your credit report score can actually reward you with a lower interest rate – or it can hurt you because you’ll be sure to get higher rates. It all depends on your score – and we’ll show you what to look for. We’ll show you how they arrive at their score – and what steps you can take to boost your score.

Face it; you can’t hide from your financial “report card.” So pay attention to the information in Credit Crunch Slayer about your credit report!


Here are just some of the tips inside Credit Crunch Slayer:


1. Create a budget!


2. Don’t spend more than the amount you have to pay off that bill – or spend more than you can afford to pay!


3. Don’t use credit cards and credit debt to “keep up with the Joneses!


4. Leave your credit cards at home when you shop!


5. Learn to be a thrifty shopper – instead of an impulsive one!


6. If it’s not in your budget – FORGET IT!


7. Check your credit report on a regular basis – to make sure the information contained in it is correct!


There are more – they all make sense - and they’re all designed to help you on that road to financial freedom. Once you read Credit Crunch Slayer, and start applying the information and techniques – you’ll feel good about yourself – you’ll know you’re doing what’s right for you and your family – and you won’t revert back to those old ways of spending.

There’s absolutely no reason to wait one more day – one more hour! If you take action now, you’ll be on your way to a debt free life! Aren’t you tired of being embarrassed by the harassing phone calls? Aren’t you tired of going to the mailbox only to find “Past Due” notices on every envelope? Aren’t you tired of making payment after payment – only to learn you haven’t made a dent in your debt? Of course you are!

That’s why I urge to not let one more minute go by without taking the simple steps to change your life – for the better – the steps that you’ll find in Credit Crunch Slayer!

Do it now – because every second that passes is costing you money.




"Okay, James, How Much Will This Set Me Back?"

See? I knew what you were thinking. Now for the good news.


You'd pay thousands of extra money every year without this information. Just think how much money you are losing by not using these strategies. I personally value this course at $997, given the fact that the overwhelming majority of credit crunch sufferers who put my ideas into use save well over $997 a year.


But I don't want to charge you that much, I know you are suffering from this global recession and I want to help you out. I'm going to give you financial freedom in a digital package, and you won't even pay me $197.


Instead, I'm going to ask you for $97 as a one-time payment, and you'll gladly pay it. Know why? Because you know what I've said about managing your finances properly is true. You've probably seen what poor money management has done to your finances... and you're sick and tired of it.


When you add together to education I'm giving you in the Credit Crunch Slayer, you know what I'm charging is pennies on the dollar. Just think...


If Credit Crunch Slayer gives you just one idea that works (and believe me it will be a lot more than that) you can easily make back what you paid me. And believe me, you'll see more than one successful idea turn into savings.


Don't believe me? Fine. Let me make this even easier by giving you this...


My Credit Crunch Slayer
Money Back Guarantee


Claim your guide while you still can (the doors WILL close), and try try Credit Crunch Slayer strategies with zero risk for a full 60 days.


That's sixty full days to try the methods by putting the Credit Crunch Slayer to work for you (you can start saving money today, remember).


At any point during that 60 days, if you're not happy for any reason at all, let me know and I'll refund every penny you paid me, no questions asked.



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To Your Cart For Only $97 ](http://2.creditslay.pay.clickbank.net)


Credit Crunch Slayer is what you've been looking for... so don't dawdle and miss it. I'm not going to keep this on the market forever. You need to act now while you have the chance. You could be saving money with this today, and see your pockets fatten within days or weeks. Or you can do nothing and wish you had.

What If You Had The Tool To Beat The Credit Crunch?

Sooner or later, everybody gets stuck in financial crisis. Some never get out. If you're there and can't seem to escape, put Credit Crunch Slayer to work for you and start seeing consistent savings in record time.


You can try this out and see it work with your real money within 60 days. There's absolutely no reason not to try and see whether it will work for you.


Credit Crunch Slayer could be that "missing link" you've been looking for.


You know you want the life you've dreamed about, where you kick your day job to the curb and have all the spare time you want. Isn't it time you went out and got it instead of dreaming about it and letting life pass you by?


There's only one step left to take...

Your Chance To Beat The Credit Crunch!

Download your Credit Crunch Slayer guide at the low introductory price of only $97, if you can get in while the doors are still open.

Credit Crunch Slayer gives you the opportunity to make a difference with your finances, and stack up the money in your bank account to ensure you never suffer again.

Beat the Credit Crunch while the doors are still open.

Start saving money today...

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To Your Cart For Only $97 ](http://3.creditslay.pay.clickbank.net)



Wishing you success as you beat the credit crunch,

James Johnson


"The Credit Crunch Slayer"



P.S. You need to act now, or miss out. There's zero risk to you. Lock in your spot, put the Credit Crunch Slayer to the test and see if you don't make a slay the beast with it. If you don't, you can ask for your money back and not owe me a dime. Don't miss this. [Join The Smart People Beating The Credit Crunch now!](http://1.creditslay.pay.clickbank.net)


P.P.S. If you want to solve your financial problems, and start seeing serious savings building up, you need to do things differently. You need to be bold. And you can't be afraid to let this guide help you overcome your problems. Don't settle for less. Let the Credit Crunch Slayer show you what's really possible. [Click here to order the 'Credit Crunch Slayer' right now!](http://1.creditslay.pay.clickbank.net)

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