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Finally… You Can Learn the Real Chiropractic Marketing and Business Secrets, Make Much More Money with Less Stress and Working Fewer Hours!!  

This is your opportunity to elevate your income to a new level by learning from one of the REAL Big Boys in the Chiropractic Profession.



…this book contains the “nuts and bolts” know-how to help you succeed. 

  David  Marquis, DC, CCN of Dynamic Chiropractic  


Dear Fellow Chiropractor ,  

Here I am, just past my 36th birthday, just weeks before opening the 9th clinic of my career in the 3rd state and I have absolutely


the SUCCESS of my new  clinic!  

How is that possible you may ask? Well, I get the same question over and over from struggling chiropractic colleagues of mine from all over the country.

It seems that I keep hearing the same old things: “the economy is bad,” “I can’t get on any insurance panels,” “I have too much competition,” "I hate to do chiropractic marketing" and on and on.

To be honest with you it gets kind of repetitive and, sometimes (I hate to say this) they even start sounding a little whiney.

What is it about a select few Chiropractors that makes them so successful while the rest struggle??

I don’t want to sound like I have no compassion, but I truly just don’t get it. I mean, every practice that I have bought, sold, opened or closed has had some degree of pretty phenomenal success. Really now, what’s so hard about it?

Now, before you get defensive and take me for an arrogant S.O.B. let me make a key disclaimer:

         I cannot take the credit for my success.

I owe much of it to the teachings of one man…Dr. Troy Counselman.

It is my belief that Dr. Troy is to the business of chiropractic what Donald Trump is to real estate. I don’t say that lightly, I truly mean it.

Sure Dr. Troy is a good adjuster, but I’ve had better. Sure Dr. Troy is pretty good with patient interaction, but I think I am twice as good as him at that.

What Dr. Troy brings to the Chiropractic Profession and hence my many successful practices over the years is:

a genuine and full understanding of the business principles that are absolutely essential to the success of any business, and especially the business of chiropractic.

If you don’t learn anything else reading this, at least learn that…

If you want to succeed At a High Level for Long Term in any business, including chiropractic, you MUST have a certain level of competency in the business principles that govern that business.

You will never truly have a high monetary success in your clinic by just being a good guy and a great doctor. You must treat your practice like what it really is…A Business!

Now, to put all the cards on the table Dr. Troy is seriously a modest guy. He prefers to maintain a moderate lifestyle, a humble image, he doesn’t speak publicly and he doesn’t seek to make tons of money off his knowledge.   

In addition, Dr. Troy doesn’t take much of the credit regarding his business knowledge and abilities either.

His late father (who tragically died in a plane crash in ’88) was also an enormously successful chiropractor, owning multiple clinics in several states, seeing 700 patient visits per week and living the lifestyle to prove it.

Dr. Ed (as I have learned to refer to him) was the teacher that put Dr. Troy on his path to success.

An astute business man, Dr. Ed made sure he taught his son everything he could about business and chiropractic marketing at an early age. (It is literally ingrained in this guy I tell you!).

Unfortunately Dr. Ed passed on before Troy ever entered chiropractic school; however that knowledge never faded.

It was these business principles, specifically applied to chiropractic, that would make such a huge success of Dr. Troy, and hence me (and hopefully you) as well.


                      (Just one of the many clinics we have owned, opened 3 years out of

                      school. At 10,000 square feet it was the largest MD/DC/PT clinic with

                                                      a full gym in the state!)

You see, just 3 years out of school and already running two of his own practices, Dr. Troy saw the need for more chiropractic business knowledge so he wrote:

               Success for the New Chiropractor 

This book sold thousands of copies, became required reading in many chiropractic colleges and it even received a very rare 10 out of 10 score from the reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic and it was said that… “This book is essential to the success of every chiropractor.”

However, just a couple years after that he wrote another even more wildly successful book titled:

     Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic 

(and I was fortunate enough to help him with this one).

Believe it or not, this book received an unheard of 11 out of 10 from Dynamic Chiropractic! It too sold thousands of copies in book and audio form.

Here are some of the main topics covered in Ultra Success...

·         Four simple business formulas  that, if you don’t know, you can never grow (pg. 45) 


·         Delegate or Die…Learn what to Delegate and what to Handle Yourself…The stress-free success of your business depends on it! (pg. 73) 


·         The ONE key factor to increasing the bottom line that most Chiropractors will never know. (pg. 57)


·         Avoid these 9 common pitfalls that wreak havoc on almost every practice. (pg. 59)


·         Use this 7 point checklist and hire the best staff you have ever had. (pg. 68)


·         Advanced Chiropractic Marketing Secrets that only the most successful Chiropractors really know…until now. (pg. 91) 


·         How to structure your business.  Learn the best type of corporation to set up and most importantly, how to do it! Quickly and with no hassle. (pg. 13)


·         How to tame the paperwork nightmare. Reduce the time in the office and increase time with the family. (pg. 23)


·         Billing ‘E’ssentials that are guaranteed to Get The Money in the Door. (pg. 35)  If you are not using them, then you ARE losing money each month. 


·         The ‘Simple 5’…these are THE crucial steps to simplifying any office…don’t make it harder than it has to be. (pg. 97)


·         How to open and operate a MD/DC/PT practice (pg. 101). Want to increase you earning potential?...done right and this can be one of the best ways to triple your income, AND work less hours!


·         When to let a staff member go and how to do it where everyone is happy (pg. 77)


·         The ‘5 Point Foundation’ that serves as the single most important ingredient to patients who pay, stay and refer others. (pg. 82)    YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS ONE!


·         The three answers your patients really want to hear before they will stay as a patient for life (pg. 48)


·         Multi-clinic ownership secrets that will blow you away. (pg. 129).  If you have ever thought of owning multiple clinics, don’t even think about trying it without reading this first.


·         The key mistakes that virtually every CA makes that drive business away on the PHONE and IN PERSON everyday. (pg. 118)


·         How to hire the right associate to make sure they are making YOU money. (pg. 123). Don’t go at this one alone!! You’ll surely regret it.


And believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more in this book and I didn’t even touch on the topics in the first book (you get both of them, plus an invaluable BONUS)!


Finally, you can learn how to manage your clinic like a business from the ‘outside in’ rather than getting lost in the day to day routine.

PLEASE NOTE:   None of book highlights that you just read are ‘pie in the sky’ theory that Dr. Troy learned at some seminar or from a book.  

He has actually done all of this stuff...

He owned the largest MD/DC/PT practice in his state!    
He has owned and operated (as a practicing and non-practicing DC) over 8 clinics 
He has employed well over 150 employees including multiple PTs, DCs, MDs, massage therapists and many other disciplines. 
He has privately consulted with some of the nation’s top DCs. 
If he hasn’t personally done it and had success doing it himself, then it is not in his books.

Now, like I mentioned, most of Dr. Troy’s ‘Success Principles’ knowledge was ingrained in him by his amazingly successful father at an early age.

However, much of it Dr. Troy actually learned by stumbling onto his late fathers ‘hidden’ writings…and here is where the real ‘Ultra Success’ began for Dr. Troy’s chiropractic business.

The story goes that one afternoon about 6 months after graduation Dr. Troy was moving a bunch of boxes out of his uncle’s clinic (also a very successful chiropractor), when he happened upon some of his dad’s old Palmer school books from the 60’s! It was pretty cool and Dr. Troy was glad to run across something of such personal significance.

His uncle allowed him to take the box…and what he found would forever direct his future, and mine too I suppose (and maybe even yours)!

In those same boxes where his old school books came to rest, were Dr. Ed’s hand written pages, mostly in outline form, of his experiences of being in the business of chiropractic, more or less over the 20-some years he practiced up until his untimely passing.

This was no pie in the sky philosophy, but down to earth business principles, with examples of his own failures and successes that paved the way for our eventual chiropractic success, as well as served as guidelines for the two successful books later written by Dr. Troy. Pretty cool story really. I love to tell it!

And it reads so easily, like Dr. Troy modestly says in the very first paragraph of chapter 1:

   “You and I are about to sit down to have a nice casual dinner. You have a lot of questions, questions that I have taken the liberty of formulating for you in this book. You are either a new chiropractic graduate or one that has been out practicing for several years; either way, you are hungry for information. You have an idea about what it is that you want or expect out of practice and chiropractic success, but you have not yet put together all the necessary steps to get yourself there. I am by no means an expert. In fact, my credentials are rather modest. I have owned a few practices of varying types and have enjoyed some success, therefore, I have knowledge and experience that you can learn from.”

Both books read just like that, simple, to the point, and without any fluff.

I recently re-read these books as I was preparing to open another practice in Texas and after spending a couple hours going through each book I couldn’t believe I hadn’t continued to refer back to them over the years (I’ll never make that mistake again)!

I was so blown away in fact that I contacted Dr. Troy to tell him that he should consider putting these books up for sale on the internet!

That way more chiropractors would have access to this life changing information at a price that is much, much more affordable!

Since Dr. Troy didn’t have time to devote to this project I told him I would gladly undertake the effort. After all, I reminded him, you once said “Chiropractors NEED this information, period!”

With that, how could he deny the request? Obviously he didn’t.

The hard copy books are being sold at $35 for “Success for the New Chiropractor” and $100 for “Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic.”

However, Dr. Troy made me make these three promises with the downloadable product:

#1 The cost is inexpensive enough that everyone who wanted this priceless information could easily afford it.

#2 That a portion of the profits be donated to the Federation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) to help support their goal of promoting chiropractic around the world.

So what is the ‘exorbitant’ price we chose to put on this? How about


That’s it! And, available for immediate download!

Never another charge and absolutely never another sales pitch!

And it’s guaranteed! If you don’t think it lives up to everything I say you can at anytime within 60 days of purchase request a

FULL REFUND, no questions asked! 



And, if you act now, I will also include what is perhaps one of Dr. Troy's greatest masterpieces to doubling or even tripling EACH patient's visit plan (and the income that comes along with that)...it's called:

           The Psychology of the Successful ROF 

(also based on those hidden writings of Dr. Ed).

This report is an incredible 15 page step by step guide that will show you how to quickly become an expert at the ROF process. I know of one practice management group that charges upwards of $30,000 to teach methods that are very similar.

We are going to give this away to you for FREE with your purchase of the other two books.

Every chiropractor knows that the Report of Findings is where you make or break IF your patient will accept care, HOW much care they are willing to commit to and, HOW much they are willing to pay for that treatment…RIGHT??!!


This report will show you step by step the When, How and Why the commitment is really made to your treatment plan.  

I’ll give you a hint…It doesn’t even really happen during the ROF!!  

It really takes place during the Consultation and Exam.  Finally you don’t have to worry about stringing your patients along for 3 days in an effort to get them to commit to your care.

Now they will commit to treatment on the first day, virtually every time. This report alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars to your practice starting tomorrow!

I guarantee this report alone will change your practice forever, and change your life! The subtitle of this FREE reports says it all: “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Patients to Commit, Stay and Refer Others”. What could be better than that as a FREE gift!

Right now is the time to make this small $47.00 investment in your practice and in your future. But, perhaps here’s the best part:

You can try everything (bonus included) completely


If after reading the book and bonus materials you decide it just isn’t right for you and it doesn’t deliver everything I have said and more, simply request a refund within 60 days and keep the books and bonus as our gift! (I am so confident you will find such tremendous value I have little doubt this will ever occur.)


Check out what other doctors are saying about Dr. Troy’s books:

Dr. Counselman has outdone himself…many areas of this book could be used as a guide for any healthcare practitioner wanting to fine-tune their practice and succeed. He presents information in a way you feel as though you were speaking with him and he was anticipating your next question…this book contains the “nuts and bolts” know-how to help you succeed.

  David  Marquis, DC, CCN of Dynamic Chiropractic 

I didn’t even get through the first chapter before I began making changes in my practice. Your book has saved my practice. I owe you big time!

R. Weir - New Jersey

…and the best part was getting my practice protocols under control so that every patient visit became consistently awesome on every visit.

Neil – Phoenix AZ (by email)

Every Chiropractor will find this book essential to their success. I only wish I could have had this book directly out of school!

John – Wichita KS

This guide is like 10 practice building seminar rolled into one book. Thanks for the hard work doc in putting this together. Extraordinary job!

M. Jacobs – Utah

I absolutely love both books (Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic and Success for the New Chiropractor). I have only been out of school 1 year and feel so much more confident in every decision I make with your teachings to guide me.

Dr. Reilly – (by email)

The section on ‘Management by Statistics’ gave me an understanding about how to really run my clinic like a business is supposed to be run.  

That alone was worth my purchase. …Thanks Dr. Troy.  

David R. – Dallas TX


Even if you only incorporate one tiny valuable bit of practice strategy from this material (and you will many times over, believe me), it is definitely worth the small investment and easily will result in literally hundreds of thousands of extra income dollars during your career.

It is unfortunate but very true that many Chiropractors are here today and out of business a few months later.  That’s why so many Chiropractors live and practice in a constant state of stress and fear.

If you are tired of struggling day to day and wondering how you will make next months payroll OR even if you have achieved a moderate level of chiropractic success but want to learn the secrets to exploding your practice and income to a level beyond your imagination, then you must make this investment in yourself.

Sincerely Yours in Chiropractic,

Dr. Daron Stegall

Any questions? You can reach us at: [info@successfulchiro.com](mailto:info@successfulchiro.com)


P.S. - Remember that the info you get in Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic, Success for the New Chiropractor and The Psychology of the Successful ROF is designed specifically to increase patient numbers, increase income, increase free time and reduce stress! No “hoopla” in this stuff!

P.P.S – Remember, you have nothing to lose here. Download everything right now and start putting these easy to understand practice principles to work for you. If you are not completely satisfied at anytime within 60 days of purchase I will send you a prompt, no questions asked, refund. You literally can’t lose!

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