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Imagine Being a Domain Name Seller With Insider Information
That Will Help You Quit Your Day Job and Live a Life of Luxury...

One of the Fastest, Easiest, Least Expensive Ways to Make Money in the Entire World...

is at Your Fingertips

The Rewards of This Business Could Put Millions Of Dollars in Your Bank Account!

And All it Will Cost You to Get Started is to Purchase a Domain Name...

What we are about to share with you is "insider information" that very few people  even know exists. It's a look at over 12,000 domain names that have been successfully sold over the past four years! Just one of these sold for $14,000,000! Many of these 12,000 domain names sold for at least $10,000.00!

Do you understand the power you will have when you see 12,000 sold domain names and how much they were sold for? This is a goldmine of information!

You'll also get a close-up look at the top-21 domain name sellers on ebay. Together, they earned $146,668.00 in 30-days! You'll see what domain names they sold and how much they sold them for.  This information is not available anywhere except in this report.

This is where your journey into the financially rewarding world of buying and selling domain names begins.  Where it ends is up to you.

This course will reduce your learning curve and get you started in the domain name flipping business as soon as you finish it, or as soon as you understand the types of domains that you must be buying to resell. Then you buy your first domain and then you sell it. This is simple to do, inexpensive to start and the results are fast!

Imagine This Simple Scenario:

You Read a Report That Shows You 600 Domain Names That Were Recently Sold on eBay.com
You Check Out the Additional Links That Lead You to Another 1,500 Listings of Domain Names That Have Sold For at Least $10,000 Each Between 2004 and Now You Realize What Types of Domain Names Are Eagerly Being Bought-Up by Buyers You Get a Ton of Brilliant Ideas For Domain Names, Buy them, and Then Sell Them Wherever Domain Names Are Sold You're Thrilled, Excited, Ecstatic, and You're Laughing All the Way to the Bank!!
You Just Flipped a $9.00 Domain Name For $100, $500, $1,000, $10,000, or Even $1,000,000!!!

Now You're Hooked, Now You're Addicted,Now You're a Domain Name Flipper!

Now, STOP Imagining Because
This Can Be Your Reality!

I've loved Shawn's products for a long time...probably because he is a fellow research nut, like me

This package definitely does not disappoint. I've dabbled in selling domain names on eBay and I wasn't very successful. My problem? It definitely wasn't that there is no money to be made in domain flipping, it was that I didn't take the time to research names! I just bought what I thought sounded good. Duh! I was pretty stupid for doing that.

Shawn has eliminated that problem from the equation. You get awesome historical data and analysis (from the man himself) that show you exactly how the people making THOUSANDS on eBay are doing it. Amazing, stuff. I don't see how you can lose when the facts of this WSO are staring you in the face. I can't say enough good things about this WSO...and I have no doubt it's going to help me massively.

Thanks for putting this together Shawn!

Jenn Dize



From the Office of: Shawn Romo
Location:  Oregon, USA
Subject: Are you ready to create Cash on Demand?

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

As a fellow online entrepreneur with over six years of internet marketing experience, I know the difference between a short-term internet “fad”, and a long-term, respectable, online business.

Buying and selling domain names is an excellent example of a long-term, respectable, online strategy to make money as a self-employed, work-at-home entrepreneur.

As long as there are people wanting to make money from a website, there will be a need for good domain names for them. Your "job" will be to buy and sell high-quality domain names.

I've been monitoring a site that tracks and displays domain name sales from sites all over the internet and I am amazed by what I have been seeing! Domain name sales are as strong as ever and I've seen them selling for up to $14,000,000!

Do you know why selling domain names is such a great online business to be in?

It's because most people who know anything about making money on the internet know that they have to have their own domain name and website to be successful. Most of those folks don't know how to pick or buy a great domain name and would rather just buy one from you!

When you know how to choose red-hot domain names, your domains will be in high demand!

Business owners and those wanting to start a business are one of the best target markets to sell to. Why? Because they have money to spend on their business!

This is where you come in by offering domain names to this hungry market seeking their own online business. Think about it: They're building a business so they can make money and they want their new business to succeed. They want the best domain name that money can buy!

What's so Great About Domain Name Flipping?

The potential to earn an incredibly huge return on investment!

Business 2.0 magazine talks about one domain investor who makes over $2,000,000 a year and another investor who makes a staggering $20,000,000 in passive income from their domains.

How about this:
You don't have to build a blog You don't have to build a website You don't need a shopping cart You don't have to buy hosting You don't have to drive traffic You don't have to build a list You don't have to write any articles, reports or ebooks You don't have to learn Pay Per Click advertising You don't have to do any affiliate marketing You don't have to do any online surveys You don't have to be a Mystery Shopper You don't have to etc., etc., etc...
You do need about $9.00 to buy a domain name You do need to know the best types of domain names that are selling You do need to know how to brainstorm ideas of domain names that you can buy You do need to be able to register a domain name You do need to be able to sell a domain name  You do need to be able to transfer a domain name to the new owner

That's all there is to it. Domain name flipping is quite possibly the fastest, easiest, safest, most inexpensive way to make money online that there is!

What's The Most Important Thing You Need To Know Before You Buy A Domain Name?

You have to know, or at least be reasonably certain, that you will be able to resell that domain name. You want to make good investments, just like in the stock market or the real estate market. To be able to do this with domain names, you have to know what a good domain name looks like, which ones are actually selling and how much they're selling for.

You do not want to go out and buy just any old domain name. The object is to buy domain names that will sell. That's why knowing which domain names have sold in the past is so important. That's why I'm going to give you access to over 12,000 actual domain names that have successfully sold in the past four years.

I created this package of reports and videos to help you learn through actual historical evidence, exactly which names have successfully sold and for how much. By knowing these two facts, you will have a very good idea of great domain names to buy and how much your domain name could be worth.

You buy a domain name based on what you'll learn, then you sell that domain name. Got it?

Yes, there's some speculation involved. Speculation means to engage in a possibly risky venture on the chance of making huge profits.

However, the only thing you're going to be risking is the $9.00 you paid to register that domain name.

Can you live with that?

Fortunately, there's a huge positive side to risking that $9.00:
You could come up with the next “Million Dollar Domain Name”.

Just take a look at some of the top-selling domain names of all time:

- 2006 -
- 1999 -
-  2006 -
- 2003 -
-  2002 -
- 1999 -
-  2005 -
- 1996 -
-  1999 -
- ? -
- 1999 -
- 1999 -
- 1999 -
- 2004 -
-  ? -
-  ? -
- ? -
- ? -
- ? -
-  ? -













You'll see all these "mystery" domain names in my report.

Even though some people say all the best domain names are already taken...

Look at some of the top-sellers of 2007:

**********.com -     $9,500,000 - sold on 5/29/07
Seniors.com -              $1,800,000 - sold on 7/3/07
**********.com -     $1,500,000 - sold on 2/13/07
**********.com -     $1,180,000 - sold on 6/5/07
**********.com -     $1,120,000 - sold on 7/24/07
**********.com -     $1,000,000 - sold on 3/13/07
**********.de -       $957,937 -   sold on 7/17/07
**********.com -     $650,000 -  sold on 7/10/07
**********.com -     $550,000 -  sold on 8/7/07
**********.com -     $520,000 - sold on 3/13/07

Those were flipped just in the last two years! You'll also see the 300 highest-priced domain names sold in 2008. They range in price between $100,000 and $9,999,950!

You'll also get links to several lists of about 1,500 of the highest-priced worldwide domain name sales since 2004.

The lowest-priced DN on this list sold for $10,000!

You will see unquestionable, irrefutable proof of these statistics in this report!

The model of "buy a DN today & flip it tomorrow" is alive and working very well!

Check this out:

There are new "Trend-Related" DN's being registered and flipped everyday. For example, take the new 3G Apple iPhone trend. This is a new trend. This particular cellular phone was released for sale on July 12, 2008. The niche is red-hot and DN's are being sold on eBay in this niche.

Here's another example:
Four Domain Names, MyiPhoneSpace.com, 3GiphoneSPACE.com, APPLE3GiphoneSPACE.com and iiunes.com  (itunes misspelling) were registered on July 12, 2008 and sold at eBay.com on  July 14, 2008. They were sold together for $599.00!:

Here's another example you'll see in my report:

I show an eBay seller in my report and video that flipped 20 brand new DN's in a very hot new trend/niche for $45,000.00. He/she saw a trend emerging, bought up these DN's and flipped them as a package. Only 10 of those 20 DN's were .com DN's.


The key to being successful in domain flipping is to have an understanding of what makes a domain name desirable to buyers, then buy some based on this understanding, then sell them.

You will get this knowledge when you see the 12,000 successfully sold domain names that are in this report. It will become crystal clear, plus, I will tell you what the best ones to buy are.

There are still opportunities to be had in domain-flipping and there is still money to be made in this business. You'll see proof of this when you look through the 12,000 DN sales.

The main report in this package also proves it.

This is a report about the Top-21 domain name sellers on eBay.com. In only 30-days, between June 15, 2008 and July 15, 2008, these sellers earned a total revenue of $146,668.00.

The #1 revenue earner flipped a package of 20 domain names for $45,000 in July!
He cashed in on a big trend happening at the time. You can do this too!

Other notable flips were single domain name sales for $15,000, $10,000, $8,000, $3,438 and $2,500.

Those Top-21 domain name sellers on ebay each earned between $2,000 and $45,000 in those 30-days. I've got screenshots of all of their eBay names, how much they earned, number of Total Listings, number of Successful Listings, number of bids, number of Total Items Sold, Average Price Per Sale and Sell-Through Rate percentage.

In short, I've got undeniable proof of earnings of these Top-21 domain name flippers.

Plus, I've got screenshots of the top-400+ domain name sales on eBay in the 30-day period. They range from a high of $45,000 down to $56.75.

You'll get the URL's and the sales prices to those 400+ eBay domains and the URL's to about another 200 or so, on-eBay & off-eBay DN sales.

This list of about 600 domain names and the prices they sold for are going to wake your mind up to the almost endless amount of other possible domain names available to you.

Make sure you have a pen and paper at your side so you can write down every possible DN you think of while looking at the successfuly-sold domains.

When you see the names, you'll understand what I mean. The ideas that will come to you will blow you away!

You'll see trend DN's, niche DN's, one & two-word DN's, 1, 2, 3, & 4 letter DN's, number & letter combo DN's, .com, .net, .info, .org, .tv DN's and just about any other domain name you can (or can't) imagine.

Here's What You'll Get in This Package

You're going to get a 4-part, multi-media package of reports and videos. You'll get
my research report, my screenshots report, two videos, plus 10 Bonus reports.

Part 1: Research Report:

"How To Get Rich With Domain Name Sales:

A Guide To Fast, Easy, Low-Risk Profits!"

It's a 27-page, 9,631-word, printable, written report about:
in general, How to sell domain names on eBay and How to do it better than most of the current sellers Plus a list of about 600 domain names and How much they sold for on and off of eBay A link to a little-known resource site with 10,000 domain name sales including URL's & prices A list of 132 of the best articles I could find all related to making money in the domain name-flipping business, such as: How to choose a domain name How to sell domain names Buying a DN as an investment Things to be aware of when buying a DN How to transfer a DN Short DN's vs. long DN's Placing a value on a DN What are the most valuable DN's Domain Name parking How to choose keywords for parked DN's Selling DN's for maximum profit All about buying, selling & dangers of expiring DN's Becoming a DN reseller Avoiding the mistakes of DN selling Tips & tricks to help you with your sales
...and much, much more.

You will find more information than you will ever need on becoming a DN buyer & seller within the articles and Bonuses. Plus, the process of selling DN's on eBay is extremely simple. The listing descriptions are the shortest, no frills listings I've ever seen there and there
is really only one Domain Name Sub-Category for .com names.

Part 2: Screenshots Report

28-page, 1,357-word report consisting of 62 screenshots and tips See the Top-Earning 400+ domain names that sold on eBay in the past 30-days Shots of Top-20 DN flippers on July 13, 2007 & July 24, 2007 eBay Listing shots of seller of the $45,000, niche, 20-DN bundle Shots of the Completed Listing for the single DN that sold for $8,000 A .org DN that sold for $5,100 The 25 highest-priced DN's that sold between 7/18/08 and 7/24/08 (a single DN in a red-hot “trend” niche sold for $5,000 in that week) Examples of some eBay DN Descriptions that I really liked Many helpful tips + much more...

Part 3: Videos (2)

Video #1: 23-minute, 30MB Camtasia .flv video about some domain name sales on eBay.com
Highlights include a .tv DN in a great niche that was flipped for $5,005! Multiple ideas from me that you can use to capitalize on this niche A closer look at those 20 DN's that sold for $45,000 & had 1,120 Views (Only 10 of those DN's were .com names, by the way) A DN flipper that sold his DN-Flipping Training course for $3,850 He also sold 5 DN's for $998, $975, $800, $461 and $259 (you'll see those too) He earned over $13,000 in 30-days and over $17,000 in 90-days.
Video #2: A 14-minute, 40MB .flv video tour of the best site on the internet that tracks Domain Name sales from all the major DN-Selling websites.
You'll see at least 1,500 DN's of all types & extensions and how much they sold for.
There are sales going all the way back to 2004, Resource links, stories & news articles galore.


Part 4: Bonuses

The Bonuses package has been carefully hand-picked to provide extra information not contained in the main report.

All 10 Bonuses are directly related to making money with domain names, not some worthless, unrelated info.

Free Bonus #1: “Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit” (33-pages)

Here's the Table of Contents:

INTRODUCTION — WHAT IS THE DOMAIN TRADE AND WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME? ....................................................................................... 3
1.1 “Typos” — Making Money From Mistakes ............................ 5
1.2 “Type Ins” — Giving Users What They Want ....................... 7
1.3 Valuing A Domain Name .................................................. 9
2. PARKING YOUR SITE ....................................................... 12
2.1 What Is Site Parking? .................................................... 13
2.2 Keywording Your Parked Domain ...................................... 14
2.3 WhyPark.com — An Alternative To Domain Parking? ..............15
    INTO A DESIRABLE PROPERTY ..........................................17
3.1 The Right Content For A High-Value Domain Name ............ .18
3.2 Traffic — What A Buyer Really Wants To See .................... 20
3.3 Revenues — The Real Value Of Your Domain Name ............. 21
3.4 When Is The Best Time To Sell A Developed Domain? ......... .22
4.1 Get The Price You Expect From The People You Know ......... 25
4.2 Chatting — And Selling — On Domain Name Forums ..............26
4.3 Going, Going... Gone! Selling Domain Names Through Auctions ....................................................................................... 28
Conclusion .........................................................................29

Free Bonus #2: "Domaining Success Handbook-Practical Tips and Ideas for Making Money with Domain Names" (24 pages)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 ‐ The Shocking Truth about Domain Parking
Chapter 2 ‐ How I “Really” Make Money From Domain Names – You Can Too!
Chapter 3 ‐ 6 Ways Not to Go Broke Developing Domains
Chapter 4 ‐ Should You Fool Around With Your Domains
Chapter 5 ‐ An Interview I did recently
Epilogue ‐ The Unanswered Questions…

Free Bonus #3: "Expired Domain Secrets-An Insider's Guide To Expired Domains" (74-pages)

This is a fully-loaded manual on everything related to Expired Domains including the two main ways of making money with them and how to make money with them.

An expired domain name is a typical domain name, already been used by its previous
owner and that is not used currently by anyone.

Table of Contents:

1   What are Domains?                                                      3
2   Expired Domains Described                                             5
3   Expired Domain Name- Unexplained Secrets                      10
4   The Domain Name Expiry and Deletion Pattern                   22
5   Expired Domain Names- Their Values and Importance          24
6   Creating Instant Traffic using Expired Domain Names          29
7   Generating Wealth by Investing in Expired Domain Names    32
8   Laying your Hands on Expired Domain Traffic                    39
9   Tools to assist you in Buying Expired Domains                   44
10  Laying your Hands on Expired Domain Names                    46
11  FAQ on Expired Domain Names                                       55
12  Resource List on Expired Domain Names                           69

Free Bonus #4: "How To Choose A Profit-Rich Domain Name For Your Business" (7-pages)

Learn how to choose domain names that will:
Secure your business name online Contain the right keywords for your business Deliver new traffic to your website Guarantee return traffic to your website
Free Bonus #5: "Top Ten Things to Consider When Registering a Domain Name" (4-pages)

This short report contains 10 excellent must-know tips and why they are important

Free Bonus #6: "10 Steps To Creating An Awesome Domain Name Listing On eBay!" (10-pages)

This 3,616-word report has 10 very useful strategies to make better eBay listings than your competition.

Free Bonus #7: "The Insider’s Guide to Domain Transfers" (4-pages)

This is a guide  on how to Transfer a Domain Name From GoDaddy.com

Free Bonus #8: "The Domain Name Industry Brief-Volume 4 - Issue 4 - June 2007-
The VeriSign Domain Name and Pay Per Click Advertising Report" (6-pages)

This brief provides an overview of the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model and
its use in monetizing domain name registrations.

Free Bonus #9: "The Domain Name Industry Brief Volume 5 - Issue 2 - March 2008-
The VeriSign Domain Name Primer" (6-pages)

This brief provides a primer on the Domain Name System (DNS), domain names and the key players in the industry.

Free Bonus #10: "The Domain Name Industry Brief Volume 5 - Issue 5 - December 2008
The VeriSign Domain Report" (6-pages)

As a leading provider of digital infrastructure for the Internet, VeriSign provides this briefing to highlight to industry analysts, media, and businesses, important trends in domain name registration, including key performance indicators, and growth opportunities.

One Last Example of a Money-Making Flip

I have one last example of a domain name that was bought one day and flipped the very next day on eBay:

unlock-3g-iphone.com This DN was registered on 11 July 2008 and sold on 12 July 2008 for $575.00!!! It was a 1-day listing that got 1,489 Views and 42 bids!!! The seller lives in Inverigo, Italy. This type of business can be done by ANYBODY, ANYWHERE in the world. You can do this too!
Everyday people all around you are buying and selling domains like stocks in the stock market or houses in the real estate market.

But unlike investing in the stock market or real estate, investing in domain names requires very little capital and can provide you with a mind-blowing return on investment.

As long as there will be new people joining the internet goldrush, there will be a need for smart folks like you that have a skill for choosing, buying & selling great domain names.
Order Now and don't miss out on one of the greatest business opportunities ever offered you!


In short, what you're going to get is an idea generator for domain names so that you can repeat what experienced DN-sellers are doing. By combining my research, in-depth analysis and tips, you will easily be able to come up with ideas for DN's, purchase them and then sell them.



We guarantee that you'll see and learn each one of the points I have described above, and more. We further guarantee that we will quickly refund 100% of your money with no hoops to jump through, no strings attached and no hard feelings if you aren't satisfied with this package. You will have eight weeks to fully investigate and learn from this package. You will be taking absolutely no risk whatsoever when you order these reports and videos. All the risk will be on us. What more could you ask for?



What is the value to you, of a package that can turn you into an overnight millionaire?

I'll bet you said it's a LOT more than you can get this package for!

Let's first recap what you're going to get your hands on and what those components are worth:

Component #1: Research report on top-21 eBay DN sellers + links to site where you will see 1,500 more successfully sold DN's + a link to a resource site where you will see 10,000 more successfully-sold domains + 132 articles about making money with DN's +  how to research and find hot and/or new trends to buy DN's for. Value of  $47.00

Component #2: Screenshots Report showing the Top-21 eBay DN sellers and 400 DN sales that they made, plus much more. Value of $37.00

Component #3: Two videos (37-minutes total). Value of $27 + $27 = $54.00

Component #4: Ten Bonuses - All related to making money with DN's.  Valued at $97.00

The Total Value of this package is easily worth a minimum of  $235.00! 

In fact, one of my previous customers told me that I should be selling this package for
$97.00 without the Bonuses! That's how valuable he found it. You won't have to pay $97.00.

I want to give you a great deal and not try to take advantage of you. That's just how I am. I have a reputation for undercharging and overdelivering and that's what I'm going to do.
So forget about paying $235, $175.00, $97.00, $87.00 or even paying $77!

I'm going to make you a very generous, rock-bottom-price offer.

I'm offering this full package to you for only $37.00, but only for a limited time. 

I will be updating this report as often as I learn new and valuable information. You will get FREE updates to this package whenever they are available. In fact, I have already updated the main report twice, on August 31, 2008 and on January 9, 2009. This is the report you will be getting.

Every time I update the report I will be raising the price. This is the ONLY time it will be available for the rock-bottom price of $37.00.
Just think of the tiny little price of $37.00 as a risk-free investment in yourself, your own online business and your financial freedom!


Just click on the ORDER NOW button below where you will be able to safely and securely order through ClickBank's safe and secure server. ClickBank will handle the entire transaction. We will never see or have access to your personal financial information.

As soon as your transaction is complete, our fully-automated system will instantly send you to the Download page where you can grab this package, save it to your computer and get right into reading the reports and watching the videos. 

All reports are in the Adobe PDF format and can be read on a PC or a Mac. If you don't already have it on your computer, you can pick up the latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader 8.1.1 software here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html



I bought this after a very friendly and helpful exchange of emails with Shawn. The package is exactly what is presented in the sales letter above. No fluff at all, just an excellent in-depth view of the domain flipping world over at eBay, plus insights into other possibilities of doing business with domain names.

The video and print reports show proof of quite ordinary people selling their cheaply bought domains for very good profits. You get a very good idea of what sells and how to sell it.

In addition, Shawn has made conveniently available important legal and due diligence information from ICANN as well as a helpful report on how to transfer your domains once you've sold them.

Finally, there is a great resource bibliography for those who really want to deepen their knowledge. But it seems to me that you can take just what is in this WSO and go off to choose good domains and make good profits selling them.


Hey Shawn!

Thanks for this great little report.It really gets the ideas flowing!



Hi Shawn,

Your research package is simply unparalleled compared with scores of others on the topic of domain flipping that I have acquired from this forum's wsos. With the wealth of stats info you have gone to over-deliver, I can say without reservation that anyone who can just use a little inspiration coupled with the right research can undoubtedly capitalize easily with consistently reasonable or even massive gains in no time flat!

Best wishes to your continued success,



It's very very rarely that I've seen someone respond comprehensively to this kind of direct questioning in a WSO (great questions from Dan). Most of the time it shatters the veil of hype immediately. I think it shows that many people don't deeply research their WSOs. But you definitely have.

Thanks for offering a quality product.


My Review ...

If you'll actually take action and learn from the information contained in this package, you can't help but to make money. The sheer historical evidence Shawn provides with actual case studies is all the proof you need to take this product coupled with your action and make some money.
Nice Job.


As usual, Daddyoh Shawn has done it. If Mike Ambrosio wasn't Mr Overdeliver already, you certainly would be.

NOTE: If you've purchased from Shawn before, this is a NO-BRAINER; if this will be your first time - DON'T hesitate.

Rich J

I finally found a few quiet minutes to start reading, and at the risk of sounding like an echo... this is a very well researched report, along with helpful insights and tips.

You've outdone yourself on this one, which I'd happily and with 100% clear conscience recommend to anyone interested in the subject.

Keep 'em coming ;)



Hi Shawn,

Have gotten your well researched reports in the past. Just looked in my inbox and your report plus several "extras" are right there - waiting on me to download and devour this great info.

Have got quite a bunch of emerging technology dot coms - almost all have been turned into websites - and am wondering how these niches relate to the successful categories you have uncovered.

Thanks again, Shawn - I'm doing OK financially with the domain portfolio with basic monetization - but have never sold a domain/website on Ebay. With your help here, I'm ready to "kick it up a notch".

All the best!
Ted Stalets


Hey Shawn, just wanted to say thanks for the followup video on that great site you discovered. I bought an ACE domain name yesterday. Actually, its so good that I might keep it for my own uses.

The long and short of it was - even though I probably won't flip this domain, if it hadn't been for your guide I wouldn 't have placed so much value on getting a good quality domain name.

Will PM you about just what I did!


Steve Peters

Hi Shawn,

I sent you a cold one, this is the 2nd WSO I bought from you, you always offer great and solid content.


For me, Shawn's reports are no brainers. Always thorough, time saving, and informative, with no fluff or B.S.

Ive read his domain flipping report and the one with all the screenshots. Ive downloaded and watched the video. This report is definitely worth the time and investment.

Plus, Shawn is very professional and he takes the time to answer PMs and emails.

Thanks for another fine report, Shawn; and dont forget to give the heads up again on the next one. Once again, no brainer.


I've loved Shawn's products for a long time...probably because he is a fellow research nut, like me

This package definitely does not disappoint. I've dabbled in selling domain names on eBay and I wasn't very successful. My problem? It definitely wasn't that there is no money to be made in domain flipping, it was that I didn't take the time to research names! I just bought what I thought sounded good. Duh! I was pretty stupid for doing that.

Shawn has eliminated that problem from the equation. You get awesome historical data and analysis (from the man himself) that show you exactly how the people making THOUSANDS on eBay are doing it. Amazing, stuff. I don't see how you can lose when the facts of this WSO are staring you in the face. I can't say enough good things about this WSO...and I have no doubt it's going to help me massively.

Thanks for putting this together Shawn!

I got Shawn's report and read through it. Top-quality, as usual! I found it quite enlightening. If nothing else, it'll stimulate you to thinking about some different possibilities.

One thing I was curious about is how to find what .me domain names are selling for. There are lots listed here and there, but very few actually sold.

I got onto eBay and started looking through the completed sales. Most of them did NOT sell, and several of the ones that did sell went to buyers who had zero feedbacks, which raises a red-flag in my experience. (It usually means a fraudulent bid.) It sure would be nice if eBay had a way to show completed sales that SOLD. :)

Anyway, I started searching for terms related to the ones that sold and found some. Then I broadened my search and found some more. I ended up grabbing five names and posted two for sale on eBay. We'll see what happens.

(Interested parties can follow-up on my blog: Premium Domain Names Up For Auction!)

-David "TheToolWiz" Schwartz


I was very surprised at the info i recieved. I have not even finished this report and I have thought of hundreds of ways to
make some potential money. Thanks your wso is by far more than expected.Great info.



What a great and well researched package of information on domains. I've bought some of your other reports in the past, but this one really is the best. Thanks.



This is my second purchase of one of your reports and I have to say they are truly awesome. To pay such a small sum for the amount of research and information and ADVICE you throw in is just unbelievable.

The bonuses on this one will blow anybody away.

Great job and many thanks,


Hey Shawn,

You've done it again - (I thought you would!) Lots of great content here - looks like another night without sleep if I want to get through it before Saturday and hit the beach! Come on over... the water is fine :)


Hi there,

Ooooh...the curse of the well-thought-out WSO! Here is a nice fruit juice.



Dear Shawn,

Nice to know you've had great success with your WSO!

I too have found this DN WSO of yours to be of superb value, just like every one of your WSO anyway.

You've detailed everything so clearly and shown your readers all the fine points either directly by "on the scene" action, or indirectly by "behind the scene" commentary by yourself and/or other experts that you're actually leaving no stones unturned when it comes to revealing ALL the most important and essential domain flipping knowledge your readers need to process in order to succeed in this game.

I'd say now that I'm armed with this WSO I'm going into DN flipping too - no sweat at all.

Thank you once again for another job well done.

Best regards,
Dr. Kang-pang Chan


Finished my first reading of the report and found it excellent. It will take several readings to absorb everything but I picked up several ideas just from this first reading. Well worth the price.

If you have any interest in selling domain names you should read this report!


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Shawn Romo

P.S. Ask yourself this: Does the tiny little risk-free investment of $37.00 on a hard-hitting package that will help you start a Domain Name-flipping business sound like a bargain to you?

P.P.S. If it does, then Just Do It! Be the action-taker that you were meant to be. Take the first step, order this package and be reading in minutes.

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