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Top flight Australian personal trainer takes everything you've been told about fat loss, throws it in the trash, then reveals the true secrets to stripping every last ounce of unwanted fat from your body!

Dear Friend,

Are you pulling your hair out in frustration because your weight loss efforts repeatedly end in failure?

Are you sick of diet books that promise you 'effortless' weight loss, but leave you just as fat as ever?
Do you cringe when you think about the hundreds of dollars you've wasted on useless weight loss supplements?
Well, you're not alone, because...

Most people who attempt to lose weight fail miserably!
It's true!

A recent review published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that Americans who lost weight gained back almost 80% of that weight within 5 years!

At that point, the average initial weight loss of 14 kilograms had plummeted to only 3 kilograms! Imagine having so little to show for your efforts after 5 years!

Those who hand over their hard-earned money to join famous weight loss programs don't fare much better either! A research trial involving Weight Watchers participants found they lost a measly average of 5.3% of their initial bodyweight at 26 weeks, and after 2 years they maintained a weight loss of only 3.2%! Let's put that in better perspective: If you weigh 100 kg and need to lose 25 kg, then you'll be left with a miniscule 3.2 kg weight loss after 2 years! Needless to say...that's dismal!

And don't expect a registered dietitian to solve your fat loss problems! In the same study, those who visited a dietitian twice a week lost, on average, only 1.5% of their initial bodyweight at 6 months. After 2 years, the amount of weight they kept off amounted to ... 0%!
What about the popular diets promoted by famous weight loss 'gurus'? How do they stack up when put to the clinical test?
The answer is...not very well!
Recently, the Journal of The American Medical Association published the 12-month weight loss results of obese people who followed either the Atkins (low-carb), Zone (moderate carb), Ornish (low-fat) or LEARN (low-fat) diets. On all these diets, weight loss peaked between 2 - 6 months before changing direction and creeping back towards the initial starting point. After a full year, the average weight loss results were only 1.6 kg, 2.2 kg, 2.6 kg, and 4.7 kg for the Zone, Ornish, LEARN, and Atkins groups, respectively. Atkins supporters embraced these results as 'proof' of their diet's 'superiority', but the results were nothing to brag about - they were merely the best of a bad bunch. Heck, I'd immediately fire any trainer who could only achieve a piddling 4.7 kg weight loss in his clients after a full year!

None of the diets altered the 'obese' BMI status of each group. The average body mass index of the subjects at the start of the study was 32 (a BMI of 30 and above classifies you as obese)...to get down to a normal weight BMI, the subjects needed to lose 19 kg! So even the so-called 'superior' results of the Atkins diet left the subjects far short of achieving a healthy weight! The bottom line is that the average participant started the study obese...and finished the study obese!
These studies clearly demonstrate that if you follow typical fat loss methods, then you will get typical results. In other words, you'll experience little to no lasting weight loss!
As the old saying goes, "insanity is when you keep doing the same things expecting different results". Do you honestly think you're going to successfully lose weight using methods that have already shown themselves to be long term failures?!?

Of course not!
Thankfully, you don't need to keep fumbling around with the same old ineffective approaches and settling for the same old lack of results, because...
There's a Better Way to Lose Weight...and I'm Going to Reveal it to You!
Have you ever wished you could once and for all crack the 'secret code' to fat loss, and finally have the body you've always dreamed about? The kind of body that attracts admiring glances and gushing compliments everywhere you go? The kind that turns heads and makes jaws drop every time you hit the beach?
Well, stop dreaming, because the true 'secrets' of successful fat loss are about to be revealed!
I'm going to tell you exactly why most fat loss programs fail dismally to deliver on their promises! And when I'm done doing that, I'll show you how to get a body that's leaner, hotter, and sexier than you ever thought possible!

But before I do any of that, let me answer something you're probably wondering right about now...

Who Am I... and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Anthony Colpo, and I'm a certified personal fitness trainer from Melbourne, Australia. Ever since 1991, I've been helping people from all walks of life lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives. I've established a reputation as a no-nonsense trainer who "knows his stuff" and gets striking results for his clients.
Here's the reason why: After years of researching and experimenting, I developed a system which, when correctly applied, virtually guarantees staggering fat loss. I don't care whether you're an overweight housewife, an overworked executive, or an aspiring bodybuilder...if you follow my program, you will get leaner than you've ever been before!
Here's what people who've used my cutting-edge methods have to say:

Anthony Colpo performing an impromptu
ab shot in the middle of winter. No
special lighting, no fake tan...just low
body fat and rock hard abs!
Learn how you can pull your shirt up
any day of the year to reveal a set of
razor sharp abs!

"All I can say is...damn!! Your program works like crazy! I probably should be angry about all the years I've wasted following the dumb advice of other fat loss 'experts', but I'm way too busy enjoying my new six-pack abs!"
Jason Reynolds, Brisbane, Australia.

"Your program is a godsend! I used to be the stereotypical fat loss failure. I was a sucker for every new diet scam, and I wasted thousands of dollars on useless books, pills, gadgets, and weight loss programs. But the results were always the same. I'd lose a small amount of weight, then progess would inexplicably stop, and I'd give up in sheer frustration. To add insult to injury, I'd eventually gain back all the lost weight and then some! After reading your instructions, everything finally made perfect sense. You've explained basically everything I need to know to lose weight! In six months, I've lost 47 pounds. This is unheard of for me!! I look so much slimmer and firmer, and I'm getting lots of favorable comments from my co-workers. They all want to know what I'm doing. It feels great, the more success I have the more motivated I get! On any other program, I would have burnt out long ago from poor results and total frustration. Thanks so much for sharing your methods!"
Amy Jensen, Phoenix, Arizona.
"I used to think a single digit bodyfat percentage was something reserved only for the genetically gifted. When you said that I could get my bodyfat under 10%, I must confess I didn't really believe you. It just sounded too good to be true. Well, it looks like I owe you an apology for doubting you. I just had my bodyfat measured and it came in at 8.5%!! You have no idea how good I feel right now!"
Roger Bickford, Lancaster, UK.
"Anthony, I can't thank you enough...My weight is hovering between 185-190 and my bodyfat % is close to 7%! I'm looking a lot leaner and my 6 pack is really starting to show...I like taking my shirt off now!"
Muata Kamdibe, Irvine, California.
"Anthony, my waist has never been this small, and my butt has never been this tight and round (hope that's not too much information LOL)!! I was at St. Kilda beach the other day with a couple of girlfriends, they couldn't believe all the wolf whistles I was getting! Your methods do wonders for a girl's ego :) Thanks for everything!"
Lisa G, Melbourne, Australia.
"Hey Anthony, just had my skinfolds done at the gym...almost couldn't believe it when the instructor told me the result - 4.5% body fat!! I think he was kinda shocked too! When I pulled my shirt off, he was like, "What the ...?!" My skin looks like it's shrink wrapped over my muscles and I've got the craziest vascularity going on, it feels awesome....never in my life did I think I could ever be THIS lean! Dude, you are a whiz!"
Trent Nelson, Atlanta, Georgia.

Up until now, the only way to take advantage of my system was to personally consult with me one-on-one in person or over the internet. As a result, only a lucky few at any one time were able to enjoy the full benefits of my system. However...
That's all about to change!
For the first time ever, I am making my exclusive fat loss system available to the public! This means that you can now have full access to the same methods I've been using for years to help people get super-lean. I'm not holding anything back! Everything you need to achieve a shredded physique is laid out in a systematic, step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner!
Why Am I Finally Sharing My "Trade Secrets" With You?
I have a confession to make: I am totally sick and tired of all the absolute rubbish that is being passed off as fat loss 'wisdom' these days. Every year, hundreds of new diet books hit the shelves, all promising wonderful results, yet we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic that just keeps getting worse! It's hardly surprising, because most of what is written in these books is scientifically untenable nonsense!
Make no mistake: 99.9% of what you have read about fat loss is utter garbage.
It's no wonder most people who attempt to lose weight fail miserably. How on earth can they achieve success when they've been given false information to work with? Unless they are just plain lucky, they can't!!
The modern-day weight loss industry is a complete sham, and it really irks me. But I've never been one to just sit around and whine; when I see a problem, I like to do something about it.
So Here's What I've Done...
I've created the ultimate fat loss guide! After 2 years of intense writing and researching, I'm proud to finally release The Fat Loss Bible. This ground-breaking, no-holds-barred manual does 2 very important things:
1. It absolutely destroys the counterproductive myths that dominate modern-day weight loss advice!
2. It explains in an 'idiot-proof' manner exactly how to lose every last bit of unwanted body fat!

Never before has every key aspect of fat loss been covered in such detail. It's all here: what you must do to lose fat, and what you must not do! I guarantee you'll be blown away by what you learn in The Fat Loss Bible!

Never again will you fall prey to the hucksters who comprise such a large proportion of the weight loss industry. No matter how clever their marketing, no matter how convincing their pseudoscientific ramblings...after reading my book, you will be able to see through their B.S. every single time!

Here's just a sampling of what you will learn in The Fat Loss Bible:

How most diet 'experts' tell you NOT to do the one thing that guarantees weight loss success! (This revelation alone will prove absolutely priceless!)

Why success on virtually all popular diet plans is such a hit-and-miss affair! (You'll finally understand why your friend lost weight on the Atkins/Zone/Blood-Type/Low-Fat/Mediterranean/Paleo/Vegetarian diet, while you experienced no weight loss whatsoever on the very same diet!)

Why most diet plans set you up for long-term failure, and why the creators of these same plans have absolutely no idea how to conquer this fatal flaw!

Why the low-carb 'gurus' are plain WRONG when they claim that their diets will "speed up your metabolism" (you'll be surprised just how quickly this claim disintegrates when held up to the bright light of scientific scrutiny)!

Why these same gurus are also 100% wrong when they claim that low-carb diets allow you to lose more weight at the same caloric intake!

Why the 'healthy' low-fat diet craze is responsible for creating the fattest and most diabetic population in this planet's history!

Why most diet plans cause you to lose a whole lot of precious muscle tissue along with fat! (If you've ever lost a lot of weight but wondered why you still looked soft and flabby, now you'll know exactly why!)

Why the 'experts' who tell you to eat your biggest meal at breakfast and your smallest meal at dinner to avoid fat gain have absolutely no idea what they are talking about!

Why those who tell you to eat lots of carbohydrates early in the day and avoid them at night are similarly clueless!

Why eating frequent small meals does little to help weight loss!

Why ketosis is not all it's cracked up to be!

After totally destroying the weight loss arena's most sacred cows, The Fat Loss Bible gets down to the most important task of all: Showing you exactly what you need to do to get super-lean!

Here's a mere taste of the cutting-edge, fat-blasting advice waiting for you inside The Fat Loss Bible:

How to create the most effective weight loss diet possible (It's all laid out for you in ridiculously easy steps)!

Learn how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat!

Discover the foods that will make your body run like a finely tuned Italian sports car!

Finally, learn how to accurately calculate your ideal daily calorie intake (once you have this information, you'll realize just how dumb the one-size-fits-all recommendations of certain famous weight loss authors really are)!

How to fine tune and tweak your diet for uninterrupted results!

What to do if your weight loss comes to a grinding halt (Finally, one of the biggest causes of weight loss failure - the dreaded weight loss plateau - annihilated forever!)

How to eliminate diet-destroying hunger pains and cravings!

How to avoid the 'skinny fat' look that afflicts most people who lose weight (Why settle for looking like a smaller-but-still-flabby version of your former self? Get the lean, sexy, athletic look you see in the magazines!).

Exactly what type of exercise you should do to maximize fat loss and build muscle! (Here's a clue: It does NOT involve hours and hours of boring and seemingly endless jogging or aerobics!)

I haven't held back...I've laid out in plain language everything you need to get shredded - and I've backed everything up with solid science. Rest assured, you're not getting the dubious, unverifiable opinions of some armchair expert (ever noticed how many of the biggest 'stars' of the weight loss industry actually look like they could use a little weight loss advice themselves? If their system is so great, why are they in such uninspiring shape?!). The Fat Loss Bible is fully referenced, and I encourage anyone who reads it to check the research citations for themselves.

The Fat Loss Bible is the end result of years of extensive personal experience in the fat loss 'trenches', and countless hours of scrutinizing the scientific literature. I promise that this powerful book will make the process of achieving your dream body as efficient as humanly possible.
I also promise that, unlike so many of the other 'experts' peddling their overhyped fat loss gimmicks, I won't mislead you with absurd claims and empty promises that I can't possibly fulfill. I want you to be perfectly clear about what The Fat Loss Bible won't do:

It won't promise you a ridiculously large weight loss in a ludicrously short amount of time (I won't insult your intelligence with any "Lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks!"-type nonsense)!

It won't claim that you can "eat all you want" and still lose weight!

It won't claim to make fat loss "easy" and "effortless"!

It won't try to persuade you to buy my expensive "special, proprietry blend" fat loss supplements (I don't sell any supplements)!

It won't claim that the key to losing weight is to eat some so-called 'miracle food' like coconut or soy...

It won't entice you to become a weight loss Kamikaze who risks his/her health by using potentially dangerous diet drugs!

It won't make you starve!

It won't tell you to go on a juice fast, become a vegan, use laxatives, wrap yourself in plastic and sit in a sauna, or any other such nonsense...

What The Fat Loss Bible will do is give you a research-backed, no-B.S. guide to losing all the fat you want - in a safe, healthy, sustainable manner!

I firmly believe that this is the most important, scientifically sound fat loss book ever written. I know that's a pretty bold claim, BUT - unlike most of the other famous fat loss 'gurus' - I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is!
Here's the deal:
Get your very own copy of The Fat Loss Bible ebook and keep it for up to 8 weeks. In that time, you can read it as many times as you wish and put my system to the test.

If, in that time:

You don't agree that this is the BEST fat loss book ever written;

You are not absolutely thrilled with your fat loss results;

...then you can return the book for a full refund!

That's right - I'll refund every last cent you paid for the book, with absolutely no hard feelings! I'm so confident that you will absolutely love The Fat Loss Bible that I'm more than happy to make this offer.

What's more, if you order within the next 24 hours, I'll throw in a FREE copy of The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements ebook. Those who have read advance copies tell me they'd happily pay $39.95 just for this ebook alone because the information can easily save you from wasting hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars on useless fat loss supplements.

Can dietary supplements really speed up fat loss?
What's the evidence - or lack of it - behind top-selling weight loss supplements such as hoodia, CLA, green tea, HCA, sesamin, ephedrine, and Citrus Aurantium?
Find out in this super helpful guide! Remember, if you order within the next 24 hours, The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements is yours free! And what's more, even if you decide for whatever reason to return The Fat Loss Bible, the bonus supplement ebook is yours to keep!
How to order your very own copy of The Fat Loss Bible:

Click the link below to place your order! Once your order has been processed on Clickbank's secure server, you will receive an email within 24 hours explaining where you can download both The Fat Loss Bible and The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements as .exe files. To access the ebooks, simply enter the usernames and passwords included in the email. To ensure speedy delivery of your access information, please ensure the email address you enter in the Clickbank order form is correct.

You can read both books right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your very own hard-copies and put them in a 3 ring binder!
Click Here Now to Order - Only $39.95!

YES! I'd like to claim my copy of The Fat Loss Bible, plus my FREE BONUS copy of The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements, for only $39.95! And I know there's ZERO RISK because if I'm not 100% satisfied, I can return it anytime within the next 8 weeks for a complete refund!

Please note:
These ebooks are not compatible with Apple MacIntosh or Linux systems.

PS. Just in case you're still hesitating, let me help you evaluate your options:
Option #1: You could choose to do nothing.
Some people don't have very high aspirations and are content to leave things the way they are. If you're satisfied with the slow to non-existent weight loss progress you're currently experiencing, then this option probably makes sense.
But let's face it - you probably wouldn't have read this far if you weren't motivated to achieve greater and faster fat loss now would you? So let's take a look at your other options.
Option #2: You can keep battling away on your own, trying to make sense of the never-ending barrage of weight loss fads that come hurtling in your direction. You can scratch your head in confusion as one 'expert' says you should do one thing, while another tells you to do the exact opposite. This is probably what you've already been doing up to this point and it's the reason for your current lack of results. Needless to say, if you want a hot new body you're not going to get it by repeating the same old tactics that have already failed to produce results!
Option #3: You can 'save' yourself a mere $39.95 by not buying my ebook and instead go back to wasting hundreds of dollars on gimmicky diet books and weight loss programs that, in the long run, simply do not work. This is the approach that popular diet book authors and the commercial weight loss centers want you to choose. Of course, while it makes great financial sense for them, it certainly does not make sense for you!
Option #4: You could blow a boatload of money on largely useless supplements.
This is the option that supplement manufacturers, retailers, and multi-level marketers are counting on you to choose. It puts huge sums of money in their pockets even though they know full well that 95% of what they sell sucks.
While you're tearing your hair out in frustration, they're laughing all the way to the bank!
Option #5: You can instantly purchase The Fat Loss Bible which costs less than a month's supply of useless weight loss pills. You will then immediately begin cutting through all the BS and hype and learn the scientifically proven methods that really do produce dramatic fat loss results! Everything you need to know to get super-lean will be carefully explained to you, in simple, easy-to-understand language!
Time for you to choose…
Which option makes the most sense to you?
I thought so!
P.S.S. Don't let this bonus offer pass you by!
Many people spend tens and even hundreds of times the cost of this program on supplements, gadgets, gimmicky books, and commercial weight loss programs each year! And they still won't see even a fraction of the results they'll experience using these cutting edge principles!
You have nothing to lose...except a big load of ugly fat!
Don't delay! Order now to get your free bonus e-book!

© Anthony
Colpo 2007.
All Rights Reserved.

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