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Our sole mission is to help protect non-custodial parents and give them the valuable
knowledge they deserve to lower and possibly eliminate unfair child support orders.

Stop letting your ex decide how to spend your money!  

If you are currently paying child support or if you foresee yourself having to pay in the
future, you owe it to yourself to protect your finances from your ex and the courts.

All of the research is done for you!  Our book
details step-by-step actions you need to take to
have your child support order reduced

Save thousands in attorney's fees by
representing yourself.

We have spent years researching the ins and
outs of the child support system and learning
from past mistakes.  In addition, we have been
through the process ourselves.  As the parent
of two children with two different mothers, I
know how overwhelming and intimidating the
child support system can be but you have the
opportunity to learn from my past experience.  I
personally used the methods revealed to you in
our book and reduced my child support order
by about 40%.  All without hiring an attorney!

If any of these apply to your situation you can benefit
from reading our "Child Support Reducer" book!

Do you currently pay child support?

Are you and your spouse separating and have children?

Do you want to protect your assets from your ex?

Are you tired of paying an unreasonable amount each month in child support?

Do you barely bring home enough of your own paycheck to live?

Are you living with friends and family just to get by?

Have you been paying child support but recently lost your job?

Have you been paying child support but recently became disabled?

Are you tired of your ex wasting your child support payments?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you definitely need to read our child support reducer
guide on how to reduce or possibly eliminate your child support.  We are going to open your eyes to the totally
legal ways to lower your child support.  

This is the information your ex and their case worker never wanted you to find.

Our guide is jam packed with information on how you can take your ex back to court without a lawyer, and have
your support order reduced to a lower amount.  You CAN get your support order reduced!!!  Don’t let another
day pass you by without learning this valuable information.  Think of the savings you would have if you reduced
your child support payment each month.  You could possibly spend more time with your child, buy that toy they
have been begging you for, and so much more!


Are you tired of being called a deadbeat?   Are you tired of never getting ahead?  Are you paying so
much in child support that you can’t even afford a car let alone go pick your child up for visitation?

With our guide we can help you to protect yourself from an unfair court system that will drain you dry if
you are not prepared.  Knowledge is the best defense for a non-custodial parent who is trying to pay
the minimal amount required by law.  Don’t you deserve to have a life yourself?  Just because you
are the non-custodial parent you should not have to live in poverty while the custodial parent spends
your child support payments to live a lavish lifestyle.

We give you the tools and knowledge on how to protect yourself and lifestyle.

Our guide includes information regarding:

How to lower your income without compromising your lifestyle.
Sample forms you can complete without an attorney to reduce your current support order.
How to stop tax refund intercept.
How child support is calculated and how to use this knowledge to your benefit.
Step-by-step instructions to have your child support order reviewed.
How to discover all of your ex's financial information to assist you in lowering your child support order.

And much, much, more …………


Thank you for the information!  I followed the advice in
your guide and used the sample forms to have my
child support lowered by over $200 each month!  I
had been laid off and was out of work for a few
months.  I got behind as was being threatened with
court action from the child support agency.  After
reading your book, I knew exactly what I needed to do
to get myself out of that situation.  I can't thank you
                                                 ~Alex R.

"Child Support Reducer" helped me find out
information my ex was hiding about her income that
saved me alot of money on my child support.  I didn't
have the money for a lawyer so I bought your book to
get more info on how to do it myself.  It has paid for
itself over and over!  Thanks for the info.
                                                 ~Carlos S.

Many other guides of this quality and magnitude are charging between $79.99 and
$129.99 for less detailed information than what's included in our guide.  But for a limited
time we are offering you a deal we know you will love. Because our guide is an instantly
downloadable e-book, we can offer our Child Support Reducer Guide for only $49.99.  
That’s up to 54% savings off the competition. Don’t wait another day for this valuable
information to help you start putting money back in your pocket every month.  We all
know that every little bit of savings counts and the price of our guide is small in relation
to the potential savings you could find by using our guide until your child is grown.

One-time Payment of

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