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Loan Modification Made Simple Entire System
* Loan Modification Made Simple. Why Pay Thousands of Dollars
When You Can Do-It-Yourself?

* Thousands of loans have been modified using this system
* It is easy for anyone to understand and utilize its contents
* You can lower your monthly payments and save your house
* This program works nationwide
* This is not just bait to later sell you on an expensive
* You do not have to be a real estate professional to get great
* You do not have to be delinquent to get a loan modification
* You will never regret this purchase



* Anyone who has a high interest rate, financially struggling or
wants relief!
* Anyone who wants to know everything there is to know about loan
* Anyone behind on their mortgage or about to become delinquent
* Any homeowner who owes more than their house is worth
* Modification Companies looking to train negotiators, sales agents
or processors


* PROVEN Step by step instruction on how to modify your own loan,
in Layman Terms
* Updates with modification results, guidelines and changes made by
each bank as they happen
* Comprehensive and reliable knowledge about your strengths and
weaknesses with modifications
* The knowledge to have the confidence to put your bank in check
* All the necessary forms to submit a modification proposal with
Free Phone Support


* Know Modifications - Thorough Industry Breakdown
* Budget analysis - how to massage your INCOME VS EXPSNSES to make
sure you qualify
* Learn what the banks do not want you to know and how to deal with
* How to STOP being afraid of your bank
* Getting the best Modification and much more


Loan Modification Made Simple was the first loan modification book
on the market. Almost every other modification book/kit/system on the
market has used our book as the template and claimed it to be their
own. While their books do offer great information, they lack the
constant industry updates our book receives, meaning that you are
getting old information. Loan modifications and loan work-outs
guidelines are constantly developing and changing. Unlike our
competition, we make sure to incorporate this in our product.

Loan Modification Made Simple was written based off information from
successful team of attorneys, real estate professionals and
negotiators with the intent to help the homeowner who could not afford
thousands of dollars for a modification service. We are using the data
and results from our negotiations for our clients ,including just
about every bank and lender out there, to provide our clients with
accurate information to base their negotiation on. This will help you
set realistic expectations for your modification, which has proven to
be vital.

Loan Modification Made Simple is a published book available at major
retailers. Other books out there for sale online (eBooks) are designed
to simply gather your information to up sell you into a loan
modification service or to sell. When looking at our competition, try
and find an ISBN or a copy for sale at another venue? Chances are good
that it is not available. Why? Because it is not a worthy product.

Loan Modification Made Simple ISBN#: 978-1-6048-1385-2

The reason that we recommend you purchase Loan Modification Made
Simple directly from us is to utilize our bonous features provided to
you at no additional cost, such as phone support, email updates, email
newsletters and updated investor results. WE ARE OFFERING A FULL
SYSTEM, NOT JUST A BOOK. Every piece of information that you need to
modify your home loan(s) can be found within this user friendly

Note: This software is delivered electronically only. To purchase the
hard copy please

Bank Modification Results and Guidelines

Know what your bank is offering before you start negotiating... We
Work With All Lenders and Investors NATIONWIDE! Loan
Modification/Loss Mitigation eForms

Everything you need in order to submit a Qualified Proposal...
Dynamic Adobe PDF and Word Loan Modification Forms Call Us So We
Can Help You

Ask us if you need clarification or any further help... FREE Loss
Mitigation Phone Support

Loan Modification Rules and Guidelines are changing rapidly. We
continually update our book and as a valued customer we will always
send you the latest version of our eBook at NO ADDITIONAL COST. We
will also provide you with phone support when needed so you can get
the best loan modification results.


Banks/Lenders modify their loans differently, producing a wide
array of results. In order to negotiate the best possible modification
with your specific lender, you need to know what the best is. Loan
Modification Made Simple has a constant pipeline of loans we are
modifying for current clients. We are recording that information and
making it available to those who request it, FREE of Charge. Tell us
who your lender is and we will tell you the results for recent

As an added bonus, we will also include a Free Sample of our book.
Mark Held
Atlanta, GA Christopher McDonald
Seattle, WA Brian Symonds
Tampa, FL Sas Walters
San Diego, CA
"Overall, the book was well written and easy to understand for just
about anyone. The part that I found to have the most value is the
comfort in knowing the foreclosure process and what the banks can and
cannot do. I stayed up many nights worrying about the bank just taking
my home. The information in Loan Modification Made Simple gave me the
peace of mind to ignore the threats and stay the course. My loan is
now modified, payment drastically reduced and brought current and I
still have all my hair."

Mark Held- Atlanta, GA
"I bought 2 different loan modification books to make sure I cover
all bases since I have my property and am considering getting into the
loan modification business. I loved your book! The other book didn't
compare. In fact, it seemed more like a lead generating tool as I got
call after call trying to charge me thousands of dollars to modify my
loan. I appreciate the fact that this book actually is designed for
educating and empowering the homeowner. I listened to your advice,
took my time, devised a game plan and got a great modification."

Christopher McDonald - Seattle, WA
"The e-book on Loan Modification Made Simple far surpassed what I had
expected. It goes into details on all the phases of loan modification,
the forms did my calculations for me and it offers negotiating
strategies. Very comprehensive instructions with great insight! I was
able to lower my payment on both my primary and investment property to
an affordable level."

Brian Symonds - Tampa, FL
"1% 30 year fixed, what else can I say? AMAZING!! After I got my
results, I called Loan Modification Made Simple to thank them from the
bottom of my heart. I actually got Yamen on the phone and he shared in
my happiness. That was almost as unexpected as the results. While he
said that my results are top notch, it is not the first time that a
reader has gotten this modification from my lender. If you have GMAC,
I strongly recommend anyone take advantage of this opportunity."

Sas Walters - San Diego, CA

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