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From: Mandivamba Rukuni, Afrikan Thought Leader

Date: Tuesday, 11:24 a.m.

Dear Future Afrikan Hero,

Can you change your diet? Yes?

Have you got a few basic life skills, like keeping track of
birthdays and visiting friends? Yes?

Then I can confidently assure you that you've got all the basic
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‘Being Afrikan’.

How can I be so sure?

Because I've already helped countless regular people just like YOU
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that have improved their experience of life and their success as human
beings with simple traditional Afrikan approaches to life they
absolutely LOVE to get up and work on every day!

And I Want To Make Starting Your Own Successful

Life as an Afrikan Hero FOOLPROOF For You:

I don't care if you have NO idea about Afrikan wisdom or tradition

I don't care if you have NO clue about rebuilding your life.

I don't care if you have almost NEVER read any books.

... Because if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and give me at
least 1 hour a day of your time, I'm going to give you access to
amazing Afrikan wisdom that will create a new passion in your life, by
ELIMINATING all of the confusion and hurdles that have been blocking
your path to success in your life, your family and your community
until now!

In fact, you'll NEVER be alone again!

Because I'll be walking you, step by step, through each decision and
each action, until your new YOU is "live", enabling you to make
LIFE-CHANGING decisions and lay the foundation of an Afrikan dynasty
that will overcome any challenges for generations to come!

I'm going to show you...

* How you can rediscover Afrika’s Forgotten Treasure and use it to
dramatically improve your own life!

* How to KNOW where you come from ... And KNOW where you are going!
I don't care what the level of your education is, I'll share with you
all the knowledge that you need to build a life that works!

* Which steps you need to take (in 10 EASY Lessons!) that you can
start changing your life for the better NOW -- PLUS, how to help your
family, your community AND your country to create a BETTER FUTURE now!

* 100s of SECRETS and lifestyle tools, resources, and ideas that you
can use to reshape your future (and can save you from repeating the
same old mistakes)!

* How to get #1 results in your own life and help EVERYONE you care
about to achieve the same in theirs!

* Secrets to build better relationships that can increase your
chances of happiness by 100% (or MORE)!

* How to make a difference in your community, as well as how to
contribute to a ... BETTER WORLD!

... And that's just the beginning!

You Get The ONLY #1 Rated Wisdom That's Been

Creating Strong Afrikan Families For 1000s of years...

At this point, you may be skeptical... and I respect that. After
all, who am I to be giving YOU advice about running your life?

And, more important, how can you trust what I’m telling you?

These are critical questions ...

So to help you feel confident that I'm not just some "flash in the
pan", let me tell you about some of the incredible responses I've
received in the real world -- sharing the SAME knowledge I'm about to
teach you:

“The ideas expressed [in this book] offer solutions and answers to
the problems we face as Afrikans –This book will become recognized
as a clarion call to Afrikanism in the tradition of the best of its

– Professor Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Centre of Advanced Afrikan Studies,

“This is the one book every single Afrikan across the world should

- Happy Nkhoma, Transformation Specialist, SOUTH AFRICA

“Mandivamba Rukuni is the clearest voice showing the way towards a
better way of life in the 21st Century, not just for Afrikans, but
reminds people of all cultures what it means, in fact, to be human!
– Reinhild Niebuhr, Author: “YOUNG AFRICA - Policy Blueprint For A
Continent Of Youth”, SOUTH AFRICA

In addition to these testimonials, which I humbly receive,

I have been offered a regular weekly radio program slot to share
this traditional Afrikan knowledge and insights, featured by SAfm, the
largest English-language radio station , in South Africa.

When I host seminars, the audience is typically inspired in such a
way that I spend almost as much time talking to people after my
presentations, as during my presentations. This may sound cocky, but I
am simply amazed at how hungry everyone is to learn more, once they
get a taste!

While I have been working all my life in the field of academics,
rural development and agriculture, also consulting to international
institutions such as the World Bank, I realized that the TRUE SECRET
to Afrikan Revival lies in the wisdom our ancestors have left for us.

These are just some of the examples of the feedback I have been
receiving since first launching this book!

Now Let Me Be Clear Right Out Of The Gate...

Just in case you've been "fooled" or "taken" by life-changing
schemes that promise riches and never deliver, let me quickly tell you
what my BOOK is NOT:

* It is NOT ---

a rehash of other self-help books, rooted in a Western mind-set

* It is NOT ---

an empty, feel-good motivational candy speech

* It is NOT ---

a heavy, chest-thumping, ‘why me?’ victim lament

* It is NOT ---

a verbose, linguistic nightmare that you have to struggle to read

* It does NOT ---

involve any cheap talk of ‘going back to your roots’ by giving
up modern lifestyle or technology

* It does NOT ---

require any special education or experience

* It does NOT ---

require any money to get started!

In fact, you can even HATE READING and still let this book pump up
your excitement to rebuild your life the ancient Afrikan way!

It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced Afrikanist, or
you're completely new to thinking about your heritage, people just
like you have PROVEN this wisdom works -- provided you're willing to
make a few changes to your mental picture of what life is about.

And what’s more...

You can read this book one chapter a day or in one sitting... And
since the wisdom in it makes so much sense and is so easy to apply,
it's possible you could see your first results in rebuilding your life
within one week!

Anyone can do it, from anywhere. Just follow the 10 Traditional
Pathways. There’s nothing to worry about. I give you everything you
need and you can use as much or as little as you feel comfortable
with. Then, as your confidence grows (and you start seeing results),
you can implement more of the suggestions.

You’ll look forward to “getting started.” That’s because
you’ll be doing something you love. Plus, with so many great ideas,
your brain will be buzzing to get you on your road to rebuilding your
life the way your ancestors wished it upon you.

It’s safe. No one will think you’ve gone crazy, because suddenly
you have adopted a ‘way out’ traditional Afrikan lifestyle! This
age-old Afrikan wisdom can be successfully integrated into even the
most ‘with-it’, modern life. It fact, it can actually increase
your ‘cool’ factor!

You can STOP worrying about not having enough time to achieve
everything you want to, thanks to learning how Afrikan ancestors
created time! The beauty of the Traditional Pathways is that you can
achieve a 100 things at the same time, while simply focusing on one!
-- so in many cases it can take you less time to achieve your goals
that you would never have thought possible!

You control the outcome! Since you'll be calling the shots, you
decide how you want to reshape your life... Whether you want to
rebuild your whole life, or simply help your family to have better
relationships, it's completely up to you!

... I've seen again and again that ANYONE can start a new and more
fulfilling, successful life using the wisdom in this book.

It's Everything You Need To Get Started Right Away...

This book has earned its title as "The Must-Have Book For Every
Afrikan" because of its ongoing success of helping put more people
into real positions to change their life successfully than any other
book about Afrikan culture.

The Secrets To Finding Afrika’s Forgotten Treasure!

(Imagine having the knowledge necessary to rebuild a strong,
successful Afrikan culture

... Or Creating a Modern, Afrikan Way of Life!)

While I started asking some questions as a young Afrikan boy, it is
only as a professional and in my career that I started realizing how
wrong I was in underrating my culture!

This came as a shock to me, because I had believed up to that time
that my Afrikan culture was ‘backward’ compared to the West,
because of their seemingly superior knowledge...

* By the time I started realizing my misunderstanding I had already
published more than half a dozen books and maybe a hundred articles,
all repeating my gullibility in this regard!
* I was a world-renowned expert in three areas: food security issues
in Afrika, economics of small-scale irrigation in Afrika, and on
issues of land tenure. I firmly believed that we had to convert
Afrikan systems into Western-style systems, because the traditional
Afrikan systems were dysfunctional. I only realized later in life how
wrong I was in my thinking!
* I felt that the professorship which had been conferred upon me was
almost fake!
* I had been operating with a pattern of principles and ideas that
was totally irrelevant to the reality on the ground!
* Discover the #1 Pathways to rebuild your life according Afrikan
traditional wisdom... and avoid repeating the same mistakes you and
your parents and grandparents have been forced to make because of the
pressure to conform to Western principles and ideas!
* Become an "Afrikan Hero" and earn the respect of yourself, your
family, your community and your country -- without needing to give up
a modern way of life or modern technology!

No matter what level of change you choose, "Being Afrikan" offers
valuable guidance on how to create a better life with maximum positive
impact for you!

Creating A Solid Foundation For the Success

Of Yourself, Your Family and Your Community!

(Including Revolutionary Thinking About Helping Afrika Itself!)

... This is where most people get stuck.

Building a Successful Family in a modern-day environment sounds

Creating a Caring Community from your current environment sounds
nearly impossible if you're not a politician, policeman or priest.

And then, contributing to an Afrika free of poverty, HIV/AIDS,
orphans and wars sounds like an Impossible Dream...

... Well that just sounds like the stuff of fairy tales, right?

It doesn't have to be...

And in "Being Afrikan," I'll show you...

* The fastest, easiest, way to build the Foundation of Success for
any Afrikan... in the USA, the Diaspora and in Afrika!
* How the Afrikan traditional approach to relationships is the most
important glue at all levels of society!
* How to change your mindset to instantly increase your chances of
being successful as an Afrikan, no matter where you are in the world!

... Plus much more than I have room to discuss here!

Firstly though, I'd like to show you how, with "Being Afrikan", I'll
help you start taking the simple steps that will take you on the Road
to Success!

Little-Known Afrikan Secrets You Can Use

To Have A Much More Satisfying Experience of Life!

Once you have covered the introductory chapters of the book, it'll
be time to start learning about the small steps that will make a giant
difference to your life...

This will be a really exciting time for you, as you eagerly follow
each of the ten lessons!

Making choices about how to live your life can be really

Everywhere you look on the bookshelves, on television or on the web,
another guru is peddling a "revolutionary new life strategy". And this
can make it really confusing for you to figure out what strategies you
should focus on FIRST?!?!

That's why, with "Being Afrikan",I'll be introducing you to the 10
Traditional Pathways that our Afrikan ancestors used to thrive for
thousands of years:

* Know where you come from
* Know where you are going
* Manage your Attitude
* Invest your Passion
* Give Generously, Receive with Gratitude
* Love to Learn
* Celebrate & Respect God’s Creations
* Laugh, Play and have Fun
* Talk with and Listen to Others
* Live according to the Unhu-Ubuntu-Botho spirit

... In addition, you will learn how we can collectively REBUILD
AFRIKA making FIVE crystal-clear recommendations to set all Afrikans
and the Continent of Afrika on the right track, based on our
ancestors’ wisdom!

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