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Have you ever wished there was a detailed course of action which would enable you to achieve more personal and financial freedom and to live the sort of life you've always dreamed of?

I certainly could have used such information 10 years ago, when I had to sell my house, move in with a friend, and face up to my miserable debt-ridden life. 

The worst part was that it was entirely my own fault. I had gone from having sold a successful 8 year old business for a good price, to virtual bankruptcy in the space of just two years - all as a result of ill-conceived business ideas and false optimism. 

I remember all too well the despair I experienced as I contemplated filing for bankruptcy. But when I looked into the process I was filled with fear and loathing - because I could see that in order to gain relief from my creditors I'd have to literally hand over my whole life to the courts. And I can tell you, that scared the living daylights out of me! 

It was then that I made a decision and had an inspirational idea. In the fog of self-pity and sleepless nights, something stirred within me and prevented me from following the well-worn path to debtor's servitude. Call it divine intervention if you will, or call it the reassertion of my dormant survival instinct.

What came to my mind that day was to set me on a path of unlimited possibilities and freedom - a path I never knew existed. And I have to say, it was because of one book I read. I literally maxed out my already overloaded credit card buying that book - which set me back $100. But it was the best investment I ever made. Why? Because within its pages I found a blueprint for my own future - a way out of my financial quagmire, and a way forward to the sort of life I really wanted to live. It was the turning point.

That was back in 1996. Since then I have had a ball. I have created an online business that is unique. I have built up a 100% online income I could have only dreamed of before, and I have created a lifestyle I can only describe as the ultimate in independence and freedom. 

I work exclusively from my laptop computer, from anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection. I call all the shots and am beholden to no one. I have literally cracked the money code when it comes to being able to generate cash at will. And I've discovered the secret. No, not "The Secret" you probably have already heard plenty about - but the secret to creating money out of "thin air".

And the question I get asked most often, by those who know me, is simply this: "How can I do what you are doing - making that sort of money online and living as and where I want?". 

That's a fair enough question, but until now I haven't had a useful or meaningful answer. Why? Because although I have been building my own world of freedom and wealth, and learning as I go, I have previously been unable to provide any sort of duplicable template which others could follow. I guess my only excuse is I've been too busy learning the "how" myself - and honing my own skills in this revolutionary ever-changing marketplace.

But that's all changed. Over the last few months I've been contemplating the previously unthinkable: "What if I were to put together a workable strategy that would allow any seriously motivated person to follow in my footsteps and create a lifestyle to envy - a life of personal and financial freedom?"

I had no sooner raised the question in my mind when I came up with all the possible obstacles. "Yes, but other people are different from me. They think differently. They act differently. Their motivation and goals are different." 

That's true of course. But I was forgetting one vitally important point. It was not necessary to find clones of me, but rather find clones of the various success systems and strategies I use in my own life and business - the things I've learned over the years, by my own trial and error. The things that work. People may not be duplicable, but systems certainly are.

And that's when it hit me. I realised I already had access to a number of effective financial freedom strategies and successful systems in my own business - proven strategies that rake in money day after day. I know these work. I see the results turn up in my bank account. And what's more, I know they work for anyone who uses them. But let me get one thing straight. I'm no guru. I can't boast of making $1 million or $5 million a year online. I'm not famous or well known. I'm just a private guy who has quietly been working on my own success, with no particular fanfare. But I know what works and what doesn't. And I know how to turn on the money tap.

Sometimes I'm stunned by my own good fortune - until I realise I've worked hard and long for it. But it surely brings a smile to my face when I open my email in the morning to see I've earned another $600 or $900 since I went to bed - not just in one day, but virtually every day! And no, that's not BS - but "fair dinkum" as the Aussies would say.

Anyway, enough rant. To cut a long story short (a story many years in the making!), I want to offer you my distilled knowledge; my personal and financial success strategies; my moneymaking ideas and tools; my marketing smarts - and my offbeat perspective. And I want to do this in a very profitable (for you) way. 

I've written a 42 page e-report entitled Authority Blueprint X - which is exactly what you'd expect it to be, a detailed plan of action which will give you the information and resources you need to create your own world of freedom and wealth. But it's more than that, it's an integrated overview of what you need to understand in order to break out from where you are now to where you want to be - and it's presented in Two Parts. 

Part 1 consists of 3 Steps: 
Step 1: Free Your Mind: This deals with attitudes and habitual thinking - and identifies the 8 deadly myths that conspire to enslave you. This is important stuff because the life you are living now is the direct result of all the thinking you have done previously. If you want to change where you are going to be in the future, then you need to change what you think now.

Step 2: Free Your Imagination: This deals with the wealth revolution - and reveals the secret of creating money out of "thin air". I call this the "eureka" moment of truth. You need to experience your own "eureka" moment too!

Step 3: Free Your Life: This deals with the nitty-gritty details of my plan of action. It includes an analysis of the perfect template for dupicating my financial strategies and international focus - and presents my recommended solutions.Part 2 discloses how to build a portable global business for yourself - using what you learn in Part 1. It also presents two powerful marketing tools you can use immediately - and for instant profit (as you'll find out). I can't disclose them here, or you wouldn't need to buy my e-report. But let's just say they're ingenious. 

And in case you're wondering, no, my ideas have nothing to do with money games, ponzi schemes, HYIPs or anything you're likely to have read about. It's a serious business proposition for serious people - offering real products and services. 

And that's the reason this e-report is not free. I've learnt from experience that those who are ready to act in their own interest are also prepared to pay a fair price for the opportunity. 

How much am I charging for this e-report? A lot less than it's worth (as you'll see, further down). But just to make sure you don't feel short-changed in any way, I'm also giving you BRAND-NEW original product ideas - so that you can create your own products and you can make one or two times your money back before breakfast tomorrow, if you want. Of course you could make 10 or 20 times your money back over the next week or two - if you put your mind to it!

How does this work? It's marketing genious really. I will show you how to earn the full price on every copy of your product that you sell. Not 30%, 40% or 50% commission - but a full 100% commission. And you don't need anything to start - no website, no affiliate registration, no experience, no technical knowledge. You just use one simple link (which you get in the report) and everything else is done for you automatically. And the best part is you get paid instantly!

What Will You Get?

(One-time)Exclusive download of Authority Blueprint X and special content to get you started instantly! ($147 value!)
And what are other readers of my report saying? Here's a sample of comments from my email files:

Greetings John
I appreciate your your genuine honesty. I stayed up late after I downloaded your eye-opening e-book "Authority Blueprint X" (worth the money) and was going to set everything up but, I just had to get some sleep. I'm looking forward to this new experience. Just wanted to thank you again.
Shawn Shane
Tokyo Japan

Hello John
I have just read in its entirety your e-book and I have never, in five years online, come across so much advice and deep personal knowledge on how to make real money online. This, I hope, is the end of a long nightmare of spending and doing without a result. Again I say thank you,
Cliff Dean
United Kingdom


Thank you for a mind-opening report! You have now verified, in your report, much of what I have implicitly known to be true. The information you provide is very honest, solid and staighforward. By applying what I have learned in Authority Blueprint X I will be closer to my end goal, to be a Sovereign Individual. Thank You.

Shane Meier

Dear John
As a member of your service SovereignLife, I purchased your 'Authority Blueprint X' report, which I found excellent. It contains extremely useful information, and I am most pleased with my purchase.

John Shrigley
United Kingdom

So there you have it. The opportunity to tap into my own considerable experience. The opportunity to build your financial freedom using proven tools, resources and strategies. The opportunity to create a real, viable online and/or offline business of your own - one you can conduct from anywhere in the world - and the opportunity to realise your dream of financial freedom. But like all things in life, you have to ACT to make things happen. The vital ingredient - as always - is YOU.

Act now, click on the order button below and grab a copy of my e-report. I promise it will open your eyes to a vast new world of opportunities, and set you upon a path to greater personal and financial freedom. 

Yours in freedom

John South

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