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- A Developer's Story

The essential guide to creating wealth through property investment and property development

By Pierre van Wyk with Monique Terrazas

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Building Wealth - A Developer's Story is a fascinating book detailing the entire process of developing property.
It is the essential, step-by-step guide to creating wealth through property []investment and property []development.

This book has now been launched, and the response has been phenomenal! [Click here](property_book_preview.html) to get a sneak preview and read the first chapter!

Building Wealth - A Developer's Story is not just an interesting story or a quick read. It covers every part of the development process and shares some excellent inside information, success secrets and tips. It is a manual you can refer to time and time again as you progress on your journey of creating and building wealth through property investment and property development.

Yet, it is an easy read, tracing the stories of four men as they create wealth by investing in and developing property. 

Building Wealth – A Developer’s Story is a must-read for every property investor and developer.

[Order your copy now](order_development_book.html), and see just why Building Wealth - A Developer's Story has taken the property market by storm! 

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