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Confessions Of An Invisible Illuminati

“Ambassador To The Elite” Exposes Assimilation Road Map Into The New World Order Survival System

Eli Rook
Jan 20th,2009
12:01 PM

My name is Eli Rook, and I'm about to let you peer inside a secretive world very few others have had the chance to see...

I strongly urge you to read and re-read every last word on this page, as I intend to offer you the same opportunity offered to me more than a decade ago (which is not something to be taken lightly...)
Will it be your responsibility to keep your family safe and well fed as the world plunges into the worst depression in history? When the police state is enacted to counter the riots, would it benefit you to be able to stay off their radar? Would you like to experience a comfortable lifestyle (or even mild excess) during those dark years? Or would you even want to begin acquiring assets for pennies on the dollar as your neighbors experience increased difficulty finding work or purchasing necessities? How many people would you be able to help if you had wealth to spread around and the right connections to resources so the children won't have to suffer?
You have a limited opportunity to obtain one of the few documents publicly offered from our society.

The document available for download from this website is designed to help you ascend in to your new life under the new code - the code under which I have been living for well over a decade; the code under which ALL of humanity will soon be living sometime after 2012.

It's crucial for you to FOCUS and pay very close attention to the words on this page – because...

The New World Order
has officially arrived.

As the secrecy behind our various organizations patently dissolves, I am one of the few who will step out of the shadows to release specific details concerning the transition you'll experience between now and 2012.

Our influence on the future is unstoppable.

You may have seen the recent documentary on public television shedding light on how the economic collapse was orchestrated, or the programs on cable television illustrating the planned future of human evolution.

Perhaps you've followed the recent rumors that were "leaked" from various councils and commissions. If you've been following, you're probably already aware of the warnings that have been issued.

I've calmly waited in the shadows for years, planning intensely and working methodically to see progress unfold to the point where this message could safely “go public”.

Today, on January 20th, 2009, we have finally reached a new dawn...

I'm happy to now say a milestone has been set with the inauguration of President Barrack Obama.

In conjunction with this monumental event, I've been shown the green light to come forward and not only blately explain the mechanisms within our new world order, but show you our extended hand of friendship.

In the coming months and years leading up to 2012, select individuals will have the honor of joining one of the international semi-secret illuminati societies, prepared to begin accepting an increase of new members.

These societies will offer important life advantages, while the ill-informed public may experience uncontrollable changes regarding their quality of life.

You may have heard rumors of collapsing currencies, food shortages, rolling blackouts, forced inoculations, and increasingly fascist initiatives continuing to escalate around the world during the next four years.
Do these things alarm you?

If not, you need to begin paying attention...

The true fallout from the global collapse will be many times greater than any media personality would ever admit.

Since accepting the responsibility to spearhead this project, I've put forth additional resources to ensure I reach qualified candidates, who were previously restricted from accessing certain information & benefits available only to members of the “elite”.

By design, those rejecting the parasitic leaders who have plundered the wealth of their country's citizenry will now enjoy increased personal liberties as the new code unfolds.

Due to my role in attracting bright hopefuls to the inner circle, I'll be giving much personal attention in seeing my project continues to yield qualified applicants who would be a value to our society. (I've already been approached by hundreds of others via my Facebook account)
The veil is being lifted slightly...

For the first time, any young revolutionary can peer inside. You'll finally begin to understand the true nature of the new world order (which you are not fully aware of, despite your hours of research).

Through this website, I continue to quietly initiate visitor after visitor - just as I am initiating you.

Those who have not been awakened will simply leave this website, calling it a fringe / conspiracy theory / 419-type scam. It's my illuminati power to remain invisible in plain sight.

Thousands of others have already participated in the unveiling of this project.

Since January 1st, 2009, on a separate website, I've been testing a scientifically engineered neurological deprogramming system, "The New World Order Countdown Game", which was designed to subliminally communicate the true meaning behind this new world order.

I'll continue to send hundreds more through the system each week (thousands more will follow during the remainder of this year).

If you haven't played my game, then I don't know how you arrived at this website, but it's purpose is to open your eyes to the most profitable knowledge you'll come across between now and 2012.
Scoff at my sincerity with caution...

What is the purpose of
“Assimilation Campaign”?

Fear grips the citizens of every free nation... Materialism has depleted the souls of millions... Corruption within institutions of power has reached an apex.

Dishonesty and irrationality are, and have always been, the root causes of our world's problems – and they continue to strangle and suffocate the innocents of our civilization.

The purpose of our order is, and always has been, to shine light throughout the cave in which our cultures have been held hostage for 2300 years. Inauguration day marks a significant point in history where humanity has finally entered “The Great Transition”.

We are reprogramming humanity to now ascend beyond authoritarianism and superstition so that this world may be transformed into a sovereign paradise of liberty, justice, honesty, and rationality; ensuring the survival of every last individual in existence.

This is your birthright.

It is your destiny.

The coming evolution of consciousness and subsequent revolution of freedom washing over this planet between now and 2012 is but a mere choice - awaiting deep within your soul.

This is indeed an exciting time in your life if you are willing to inherit the responsibility of ensuring our transition into this new world.

I understand if you are one of the many individuals who has been distrated and confused by propaganda from our media outlets and educational institutions.

The powers used to awaken your mind to its limitless potential and prepare you for the "quantum leap" you are about to experience has nullified years of disinformation.

I'm proud to see you have stepped forth, volunteering to rise from the cave... to "unplug".

But before I reveal the following coveted knowledge to you, I must present you with a sincere question designed to make you think...
How Does It Taste?

All those late nights...

Following that white rabbit...

Eyes glued to those conspiracy videos... Listening to those truthers teaching you "secrets" about the new world order...

"Awakening" you...

They promised you all the answers while they spun you around in their mystical little web.

You never really questioned the possibility you've been looking down the wrong rabbit hole all along.

Before you read another word, I want you to take a deep breath, look away from the screen, and ask yourself...

"How do I know it wasn't all an illusion?"

The information you access between now and 2012 has been held in our society for many years; long before the revolution began.

You may have already learned how we've used information to influence people's thoughts.
It's recently been referred
to as the “zeitgeist”.

Except for the consciousness-activating bits and pieces planted through the media, or the deviations that slowly began to creep out of the publishing world during the last 3 decades, you have never come across this knowledge.

You probably never stopped to think about how the Ron Paul campaign became such a massive movement in such a short period of time.

Like everyone else, you probably thought it was the power of the people, coming together, joining hands as proud Americans to achieve a common goal. Of course, that was the result...
But what was the reason?

Upon contemplation, you might come to the conclusion that a secret society, comprised of many multi-millionaires and several billionaires, would aim to gain immeasurable profits by operating their businesses under Dr. Paul's policies of honest money and free competition; which would systematically nullify the parasitic class responsible for taxing away as much as 50% of the consumer's disposable income.

Would that be something foolish to believe?

Are you still stuck in the world of conspiracy theories put out by the "truth" leaders and their internet videos?

When we began pulling equity out of the markets in January of 2008, while the primaries took place, did it dawn on you there was a reason Ron Paul was stonewalled by the media - while Americans were BEGGING to hear thoughts from the candidates about the economy and the war?

And then later in the fall, when economic bailouts became the lead story, did it dawn on you that there was a reason Ron Paul suddenly became the darling of Fox News, CNN, and a host of other media institutions you so passionately hate?

There's an entire world you are completely unaware of. And if you are willing to trust me, I can slowly begin showing you a glimpse of what you've been looking for all along...
Although it comes
with a clear warning.

If you do not intend to take the measures required to fulfill your role as a positive asset in this new world order, and participate in creating a better world for those around you, you will not get very far.

Today, we've reached a pinnacle moment where I'm finally permitted to “open the flood gates” and deliver a preview of the first manuscript planned for released.

The manuscript will encapsulate a “time line” of events the general “controlled” population will be clueless about as we edge closer to 2012.

Portions have been extracted and laid out in a 56 page "Dossier", which will prepare you for the coming tidal wave of knowledge you'll begin receiving about the true nature of the new world order.

Without this inside knowledge, you'll remain under the spell of disinformation and continue experiencing difficultly understanding what's real.
But this may not be for you...

Many who are exposed to the contents of this Dossier will immediately reject the knowledge, and some will even launch attacks on me and then recede back into their comfortable slumber.

Others will have quite the opposite experience...

Today, requesting the New World Order Assimilation Dossier shows me you might consider what our society has to offer you.
    Something BIG has been brewing for the last 2 years. You've felt it deep within and it's driven you to search for the answers.
It brought you here.

You've crossed paths with many brothers and sisters who felt the same thing you did, but you only found "theories" about the "truth".

Your understanding of the history of our planet and your feelings about the future have been radically changed.

The influence of our world view is not only upon you - it is now a part of you. You're beginning to understand that your awakening was planned and executed.

And this is a test as to whether or not you will accept reality, or choose to remain clueless with the rest of the livestock.

You found your way here in the fallout of an esoteric information explosion strategically propagated throughout a series of "marketing" programs.

You weren't thinking you just stumbled upon the knowledge you hold, were you?

We've amassed great quantities of wealth and power, as well as advanced technology that allows us to control the lens through which an individual observes the outside world.

Now, with mainstream media going by the wayside, and the rise of the social web, we've become more powerful than ever.

By understanding the mechanisms that are perpetuating the revolution, you are suddenly becoming one with the movement, and becoming involved in the ultimate goal: a one world government ruled by the laws of nature.
This is the last piece of the puzzle...

Whether or not you truly understand how far our presence reaches into global affairs, and how these world events effect your own life, you acknowledge that something has been pulling you in... something activating a sense of urgency inside you.

By fully understanding the manufactured security enjoyed by the rest of the world as they gleefully cheer for the Obama puppet show - you feel it more than ever. []

Click Here For Instant Download Access To
The New World Order Assimilation Dossier](http://1.elirook.pay.clickbank.net)

    Download The New World Order Assimilation Dossier in PDF format at the introductory fee of $50.00 (price scheduled to double soon).
Upon completing payment, you automatically redirect to a page allowing instant download access.

Follow the instructions to receive updates as the contents are periodically expanded. (The current version as of February 1st, 2009 is 1.02)
56 DAY, Honest-Illuminati
Money Back Guarantee

If you've been exposed to the various New World Order propaganda on the internet (Zeitgeist, Endgame, The Gold Ring, The Big Picture, etc.), this knowledge will seem highly contradictory to almost EVERYTHING you've learned. There is a strong chance you may not accept the things I share with you.

So, take 56 days (8 weeks) to review The New World Order Assimilation Dossier and research the contents contained inside. Decide for yourself whether or not you're willing to accept this earth-shaking new paradigm.

If you decide for any reason (or for no reason at all) that the fee isn't justified, simply email support@jointhenewworldorder requesting a full refund and the complete removal of your information from my database.

Your request will be completed within 3 business days, and you will never hear from me again. (No hard feelings - I get plenty of refund requests, most of them accusing me of being satan's lapdog =)

As a gesture of good faith - keep your copy of the Dossier, even if you request a refund.

ClickBank, the world renown internet marketplace which offers thousands of other information products, will be enforcing this unconditional money back guarantee, and fulfilling your transaction.
[Click Here For Instant Download Access](http://1.elirook.pay.clickbank.net)

I deeply, sincerely, and compassionately, desire to see you rise above by using the knowledge which we are finally leasing to public.

It is my honorable DUTY to ensure that this project profoundly touches you and helps you make sense of our new world order.

But you have to meet me half way. You will have to extend your hand of trust, just as I am extending mine; so we can walk down that road together.

If you intend to escape from an out-of-control world filled with poverty, crime, and death... a world which we refer to as collapse hell... To enter a new world filled with wealth, privilege, and happiness – Your ticket awaits you.

As you act quickly on what I reveal to you inside this initial document, and the future documents planned for release over the next four years, you will no longer need to be concerned about what will happen in the world between now and 2012.

The world will be yours.

To The Ascent,

P.S. There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have, and you will not find this information anywhere else outside our society.

The well anticipated assault on this website and the flying accusations from militant resistors is publicity we could not possibly manufacture. Skepticism is our friend as it weeds out the cynical, hateful and delusional individuals who would offer zero value to our society.

If this is your first time meeting me, and you are curious to find out whether or not this is for real, I encourage you to play The New World Order Countdown Game, which will give you an integrated vision of what to expect in the [New World Order Assimilation Dossier](#register).

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