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"Who Else Wants To Discover Successful Salon Email Marketing Strategies That Will Explode Your Salon or Spa
Profits in 2009"


If YOU have a Salon or Spa Website, Then I'm Going To Reveal To YOU
Successful, Proven ONLINE Methods To Explode Your Salon or Spa Profits,
Build Your Opt In Lists and Automate Your Selling Process

Monday 8.30am
From: David Glendinning

Dear Salon / Spa Owner,

In this tough economic climate there are a very small number of Salons & Spas who are secretly making massive profits using stealth online email marketing strategies... while their competition is being left for dead working harder and longer making less money and wondering what their doing wrong!

Is your Hair Salon, Beauty Salon of Day Spa one of the clever few making these massive profits? Those who are implementing recession busting online marketing strategies to make even more profits...

Or is your Salon or Spa still languishing behind?

Well keep reading! You are about to discover every single step you need to take to effectively adapt your Salon or Spa to marketing online with email and autoresponders.

The great news is you'll be spoon fed tips you must know, strategies you must use, secret methods you must apply and lethal mistakes you must avoid.

I suggest you refrain from sending another email... even just one, until you dig deep into this valuable information... because it will make or break you!

Even if you take nothing else away from this letter, take this...

A good friend of mine once told me...

"It Takes Any Prospect You're Targeting An Average Of 7 Times Before They Finally "Tune In" To Your Sales Message... But It Can Take As Many As 13!"

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But that doesn't mean you have to generate seven times more traffic to your salon or spa website, or submit your website to seven times the amount of online directories... it simply means you have to follow up your prospects at seven more intervals for them to finally "tune in" and buy from you.

Everyone knows this of course - and if you didn't, learn it quickly. That fact alone may give you an insight into why your current marketing isn't working...

...And That's One Of The Reasons That Drove You Here In The First Place, Out Of Desperation For More Time, More Money, And More Success!

Now remember I said you need to follow up on your prospects, well that also doesn't mean chasing them down, ringing them up every night for a week, or posting them letters that get dumped anyway... well, not anymore.

Amazingly and "magically" you can now automate the whole process making your marketing loads more effective, and heaps more efficient.

Don't even think that you'll be able to continue all your salon or spa marketing manually. You know... send this letter to that client, if they don't respond send them a different letter... all painstakingly done by the hands of your staff... or even worse... done by you, the Salon or Spa Owner!

OK, that may be the cheapest way to do it, and in these tough economic times, possibly your only option. But you need to understand something... Thinking like that is...

Probably One Of The Main Reasons You Are
Suffering From LOUSY Conversion Rates...
Getting Your Website Visitor to Being A Client of your Salon or Spa!

Look, I don't mean that as judgmental. I've been there before, but harnessing the power of online autoresponders meant I was automating the persuasion to buy process... building a mega mailing list at the same time... AND not having to do a thing once I had setup the system.

Listen and think about this for just a second. You're a Salon / Spa Owner, so focus on one thing and leave the email marketing to a useful automated tool.

You're probably new to this whole thing, and that's why I am going to teach you the ins and outs of everything you will ever need to know to take advantage and profit with email marketing in your Salon.


"Email Marketing For Salons and Spas -
Email Success Strategies To Explode
Your Salon and Spa Profits"


For quite some time now I've been using email to consistently bring profits into our Day Spa... while my competitors are struggling doing the same old, same old.

There is nothing better to instantly get your clients to start spending more money on your services than email marketing. In "Email Marketing for Salons and Spas", David has described step-by-step, strategies that I use in my Day Spa to increase our Spa profits. You can't afford not to have this resource! In fact, I got at least 3 ideas that I can start using to improve what I do!
Michael Curtis, Blush Day Spa
Leederville, Western Australia


Take A Sneak Peak Of The Must-Know Secrets And Tips You'll Be Spoon-Fed... Like They Were Magically Transferred From My Brain To Yours...
Exactly How To Utilize The Power Of Autoresponders And Make Unbelievable Amounts Of Money! This Secret Alone Will Make You 10 Times Return On Your Investment... How To Write Content Like You've Just Swapped Fingers (And Knowledge) With A PRO Writer... The Lazy Way To Conduct Marketing Surveys That Will Determine Where The Real Profits Are... How To Keep Those Visitors You've Already Paid Money For... Keep Repeatedly Coming Back And Constantly Buying... How You'll Avoid And Overtake The Spam And Hype Black-Holes Most Marketers Will Fall Through... And Crash And Burn: That's Not What You Want... How A Salon & Spa Marketers Best Friend (And It's NOT What You Think) Will Send Your Sales, Leads, And Subscriptions Sky-rocketing Through The Roof... The Killer Unknown Strategies And Methods To Making Your Product Irresistible... How To Be Sure Your Email Reaches Your Prospects Inbox... Your Messages Are Probably Being Gobbled Up By Spam Filters Without You Even Knowing... How To Build Your Opt-in List By Offering Free Articles, eBook And Mini Courses... Then Converting Them Into Life-Long Customers. When People Buy From You, It Should Not Be Just A "One Night Stand Affair..."
...And Much, Much More, Laser Targeted in Detail And Depth, Including A Few Little Surprises That Will Completely Shock And Amaze You When You Open Up Your Own Copy Of Email Marketing for Salons & Spas...

You see, I was pretty shocked when I was doing some research... to discover that most salons & spas stay clear of email marketing because they think their messages will just land in their clients and prospects spam filter box along with a hundred other "un-wanted" emails.

That is partly true, but there is a way to bypass that problem. A few secrets to add to your knowledge that will ensure more of your messages are being read, while your competitors are being dumped in the trash can.

I strongly believe in this information so much (I've used and tested it) that I would go as far as saying every time your prospects receives an email from you... he or she will stumble from their chair as if the clouds have parted and "God is talking to them."

I'm sure you are aware that just that one tactic alone... just that ONE tactic will increase your profits dramatically.

Just think... if three times the amount of people read your email, then you'll receive three times more sales.

But that's just scratching the surface, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You will be totally blown away when you instantly download your copy and dig into it.

It covers everything from creating and writing your own profit pulling emails... and building your autoresponders opt-in list and driving hoards of traffic to it!

I wasn't kidding when I said I'll teach you absolutely everything you need to know to make more profits, this year with Email Marketing, in this e-Book it's all covered in detail!

Enough Talking, Let's Cut To The Chase...

If you are smart (which you are) then by now you are beginning to understand why you need this information so badly in order to succeed in these tough economic times, and kick your competitors butt so hard you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

You Know You Are Getting Unbelievable Value And Accurate Up-To-Date Proven Secrets Tips, Tactics And Strategies That WORK!

A word of caution: This little-known information is so powerful and unique that it is not available anywhere else.

Just incase you are thinking that you've already got something like this, let me remind you that you definitely haven't got anything like this. You do not know all of these tips, step-by-step methods and techniques... because not even *I* know it all.

Even I have to keep referring back to it to brush up on my skills.

There is nothing else like this anywhere else on the net.

And in YOUR hands, as a Salon or Spa Owner, the internet will become a powerful tool and your clients will respond by coming to your Salon or Spa and buying from YOU!

There Is Absolutely No Reason For You Not To Grab Your
Copy Today... And It Is So Easy To Order!

Unless you want to be left for a sitting duck... you need to get this immediately and dramatically super-charge your business, leaving your competitors choking in the dust.

So with all objections at rest, are you ready to make the
smartest, most successful decision of your life... totally risk-free
It Is So Easy To Order, Simply Just Click The Order Button Below.


You've already made the right decision like a true Salon & Spa entrepreneur... all you've got to do is act on it, and you'll be guaranteed more success, more money, more time and more freedom this year!

I'm here to help you, and will take you through every step of the way.

Go on, go for it... you'll be glad you did. And at only $67 (USD) you can afford to do it right away.


Plus... the risk is entirely on me! Here is my 100% satisfaction guarantee...

100% Email Marketing Success
Efficiency Guarantee

No One Dares To Guarantee They Can Provide Groundbreaking Information That Leads You To
Salon or Spa Email Marketing Success … But I Do!

Whether you’re a seasoned salon / spa email marketer or just starting out I guarantee to provide fast and efficient instant information that will boost your Salon / Spa profits. And if, within the first 56 days, you are not completely satisfied, then I will refund your money in full – immediately. It’s that simple. Now I can’t be any fairer than that, can I?

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

FREE Bonus #1

You're Very Own 8 Step, 42 Day, Follow Up Your Prospect Salon & Spa Marketing "Funnel"... valued at $497

Here are 8 emails, already pre-written for you, that you can just plug straight into your Autoresponder system... that will follow up with your prospects automatically over the next 42 days, without any input from you.... to convert them from prospect to Salon or Spa Client.

That's money in the bank for YOU!

You could go and get a specialist Copywriter to write these for you... and at the very least they would charge upwards of $500.

And I've tried to write this sort of stuff before... it AIN'T easy!

But this Salon Marketing "Funnel" is yours FREE when you purchase your very own copy of “Email Marketing for Salons - Email Success Strategies to Explode Your Salon Profits ”

FREE Bonus #2

"Profit Pulling" Salon & Spa Success Emails
... valued at $147

Have you ever wondered why some Salons & Spas are more successful than others? That's easy... the best marketers will always WIN!

And those Salon / Spa Marketers who harness the awesome power of the Internet will continue to prosper... in ANY economic climate.

Here's how you can copy what some of the most successful Salons & Spas are doing in their email marketing system. In this fantastic resource, you will see the exact emails that have generated in excess of 10's of thousands of dollars in Salon sales.

And having this resource will put money in YOUR bank account!

It's valued at $147... but if you're struggling as to what to say and how to create your own profit pulling emails, then this resource is invaluable!

These bonuses are valued at $644... far more than your investment of $67!

[](http://www.websitefactor.com/ezGsecure.php?pid=2)Look at it this way -- $67.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket to catapult your Salon / Spa business online to the success you deserve, That’s why…

You Should Really Invest In...

“Email Marketing for Salons & Spas - Email Success Strategies to Explode Your Salon & Spa Profits ”

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

Click here to order right now for only $67.00 (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning).

You can download “Email Marketing for Salons & Spas - Email Success Strategies to Explode Your Salon & Spa Profits ” plus all of the bonuses immediately after purchase.


To Your Salon Success,


David Glendinning

P.S. There is no need for delay, you need to start getting the results you say you want and prove to yourself and all your family and friends that you CAN do it, and you WILL do it. That's a personal, friend-to-friend promise. Just click the order button above..

P.P.S. Remember... you are backed by my 100%, 56 day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, then I will refund your money in full.


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