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Convert Your Car Into A Hydrogen Hybrid



Get The Best HHO Plans Available!


This package includes MULTIPLE plans for:


HHO Generators / Hydrogen Fuel Cells

EFIE O2 Sensor Enhancers

MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancers

PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) Plans

18 Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

IRS Tax Rebate Forms 

+ 9 FREE Bonus Guides


This is the LARGEST set of HHO instructions available!



Don't spend money on some single set of plans. It would cost you over $400 to purchase this information seperatly!


Look At All You Get:


             12 Different Hydrogen Generator Designs!                               

            18 Step-by-Step HHO Booster Instruction Videos

           2  MAP/MAF Sensor Adjustor Plans

           5  E.F.I.E. Oxygen Sensor Adjustor Plans

           2 Pulse Width Modulator Plans

           + 9 FREE Bonus Guides
How To Maximize Your Fuel Savings 100% Water Car Plans Basic Electronics Tutorial Soldering Tutorial How To Read A Circuit Diagram How To Make Biodiesel How To Make A Solar Panel How To Make A Wind Turbine IRS Tax Rebate Forms



A Total of 12 Different HHO Generator Designs!

This Hydroxy Booster very easy to make and the parts only cost about $50. The material can be found at any hardware store.

The technical performance of the unit is very good as it produces 1.7 litres of Hydroxy gas per minute, with a current draw of just 20 amps.

This is not rocket science, and this HHO Booster can be built by anybody. A clever extra feature is the very compact transparent bubbler attached to the side, which shows the gas flow traveling from the HHO booster. 

The main PVC pipe height can be adjusted to suit the available space under the hood of your vehicle.  


The "HHO Power Tower" is another simple design which uses readily available parts and materials. This sleek and slender model produces an average amount of HHO gas while drawing 8-10 amps of electricity.

A great feature is the clear housing that allows you to actually see the electrolyzer in action and easily check the water level in your device so you know when to refill.

Due to the low current draw, you can easily join two cells like this together and increase your mileage gains to get the most from your investment.

This particular design is also featured in our HHO video instruciton series.



The Hydro-Cell is known as a "Dry Cell" because it uses a small amount of electrolyte mix sandwiched between a series of stainless steel plates and plastic sheets.

Dry Cells are VERY efficient, capable of producing an impressive amount of HHO gas while drawing as little as 15 amps of battery power. You can also customize the amount of individual cells within the unit itself.

Many HHO enthusiasts have switched over to using the Dry Cell design because they produce a large amount of HHO Gas without taking up so much space under the hood of your vehicle.   

We consider this to be an advanced design, which should only be attempted after you are familiar with building our other, more simple HHO Generator models. 


The design that started it all, these "Mason Jar" type kits are the easiest and cheapest to build. They produce about 250ml of HHO gas per minute and draw only 2 to 5 amps of battery power.

These units are perfect for smaller engines like riding lawnmowers and home generators. The low current draw allows you to join up to 6 cells together for maximum production and efficiency.

Perfect for showing your friends how a simple  electrolyzer works or demonstrating this new fuel saving technology to a classroom audiance.

The Water4Gas website sells this design by itself for $97, so your getting a great deal when you buy our multi-package.


This is a very neat and simple booster which the designer claims to have raised his average MPG from 18 to 27 (50% increse) on his 5-litre 1992 Chevy Caprice.

It can produce 400ml of Hydroxy gas using only 10 amps of current draw. 400ml may not seem like much, however, it does not follow that the greatest gains are produced by the largest gas flow rate.


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