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Savvy (adj.): shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed.

In today's economy, more and more people are realizing the need to save money. We try to save money in so many different ways. Going out to eat less often; taking our lunch to work; renting movies instead of going to the movies; reading books from the library instead of buying new books. This list can go on and on. But one of the easiest ways to save money is doing it while grocery shopping.

Learn how to get the all the 'free money' waiting for you each week!

All you need to do is think of coupons as free money! That's exactly what they are . They are worth way more than the paper they're printed on! It's money we can take with us every time we go to the grocery store, and then use it to buy our groceries. Everyone gets excited about a tax rebate check coming in the mail for a few hundred dollars....but if you add up all your potential money savings from a year's worth of grocery shopping with coupons it can easily outshine any tax rebate you might get.

On average coupon redemption had fallen to less than 1% of all coupons distributed in the U.S. But with a recession looming, more and more Americans will be turning to coupon clipping as a great way to make their money stretch. According to a poll conducted by [ Select Coupon Program](http://www.selectcouponprogram.com), 61% of American consumers are using coupons now more than ever before. The past year has seen coupon redemption rise for the first time in decades!

The thought of using manufacturers' coupons when grocery shopping can seem so overwhelming unless you have the tools and the knowledge required to be successful. This is your opportunity to get all the information you need to become a MEGA-successful Coupon Chick! Take advantage of your opportunity to get in on the 'secret' that shoppers spend years figuring out. For less than the cost of breakfast out you will be armed and ready to take on coupon shopping!

This is the year it's actually going to be sexy to save money! With the Coupon Chick Code you'll learn how to be a savvy and successful shopper that can hold her head high at the front of the grocery line. Your fellow shoppers will look and listen with envy as you're told just how much money you just saved on your purchase! They will wonder what your secret is and wish that they could figure it out like you obviously did.

No forms to fill out! No receipts to copy and mail in! No rebates necessary!

Coupon shopping is simple to master, although there are several tricks of the trade that are included in my Coupon Chick Code. If you are looking for straightforward and consistent ways to save your family money while grocery shopping this year, download my Coupon Chick Code and get started with my program on your next trip to the grocery store! I guarantee that with the Coupon Chick Code you will be as prepared as you can be to cash in your grocery coupons. When you follow my Coupon Chick Code tips and tricks you will save more money just in your first Coupon Chick grocery shopping trip than the Coupon Chick Code cost you to download.

The Coupon Chick Code will save you money, time and sanity doing something that is usually not considered 'fun'. But when you learn the secret to becoming a true Coupon Chick you can actually enjoy going grocery shopping and just seeing your savings add up! Download the Coupon Chick Code today to make the most of your grocery shopping.

A program easily implemented in one weekend!

Download today and prepare to be blown away by your grocery shopping coupon savings! You too can make up to $50 an hour, OR MUCH MORE, by using the Coupon Chick Code when you grocery shop! So join the growing ranks of Coupon Chicks and download the Coupon Chick Code today.

**Yes, we've heard how some national grocery chains (i.e. Vons and Ralphs) have changed their double coupon policy. (Although I was told by an 'anonymous' checker recently that Vons may bring their original double coupon policy back sometime not too far from now.) It was a great and generous one before, but at least they still have one, it's just a little less generous. Remember how these policies come and go. Vons eliminated theirs for a time in the past couple years and ended up bringing it fully back due to pressure from competition and shoppers. So never give up hope that full double coupon policies the way we remember them will come back!



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