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In the first comprehensive report on chemo brain, Dr. Hardwicke explains why everyone who takes chemotherapy needs to be concerned about restoring their brain, AND what can be done.

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Have you (or a loved one) taken chemotherapy treatment only to discover that you can’t think the way you used to?

Cancer survivor and neuro-nutritionist, Dr. Susan Hardwicke, provides professional self-help for chemo brain patients by offering this valuable report.

The Chemo Brain Report features:

1.How chemotherapy works and how it affects the brain

2.How to determine chemotherapy’s effects on you

3.How to develop your own plan for healing and recovery

4.Diet and supplement suggestions, based on research and experience.

More than 20 pages of information in a friendly, readable format, with charts and tables.

New: An important report for everyone concerned about chemotherapy and its side effects.

More details about The Chemo Brain Report:

23 pages in .pdf format, available by download for $17.95 by clicking [here](http://1.hardwicke1.pay.clickbank.net). The report contains useful information, such as a list of chemotherapies associated with chemo brain. Find out if your chemotherapy is on the list.

Easy to use: the report includes a chart with simple dietary changes that can make a great difference in your recovery, and suggested supplements and vitamins backed by years of research.

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Excerpt from: The Chemo Brain Report.



Today thousands of people will be sitting in infusion rooms in cancer centers, and receiving potentially life-saving chemotherapy. At the same time, a very large percentage will be damaging their brain cells to save their bodies. It is a high price to pay. I know, because I’m a chemotherapy survivor who experienced the disorder known as “chemo brain.”  I am still living with the damage.

Chemo brain, or chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment, results from the destruction of healthy brain cells in the same way that hair cells are often destroyed. If you have ever experienced memory loss, mental fog, mental fatigue, or confusion, then you may have had a taste of what chemo brain is like. The experience was devastating for me, since my mind has always been central to my sense of self and to my livelihood. Fortunately, I have largely recovered, and in the course of doing so, became a pioneer in “neuro-nutrition” and brain recovery.

The experience of mental problems related to cancer treatment is just now being discussed regularly in medical circles. Often, doctors are so concerned about saving or extending the patient’s life, they minimize major quality of life issues, such as chemo brain. They frequently prescribe antidepressant medications to patients, and these can actually increase mental fog or disrupt sleep, which, in turn, worsens symptoms.

Much of the literature today tells chemotherapy patients not to be concerned because, they say, the symptoms go away within two years. More recent research, however, that  goes well beyond patient complaints, indicates that some damage is permanent. And two years is a long time to wait, particularly when strategies are available to minimize damage and to speed up recovery.

Patients who continue to work during treatment become fearful of losing their jobs or not receiving promotions, and may be afraid to admit—even to themselves—that they are experiencing this life-altering side effect. Help is needed to minimize long-term damage and to accelerate recovery. Currently, the best conventional medicine has to offer is stimulant medications typically prescribed for attention disorders. Frankly, I’m very concerned about introducing more chemical agents into the brain. Everyone’s biochemistry is different, and chemotherapy alters it. When the number of drugs in a person’s body increases, so do the potential interactions of those drugs. Doctors have a difficult time understanding more than 2-drug interactions. When that number increases, so does the potential for problems.

This Chemo Brain Report is designed to help you understand the effects of various chemotherapies on the brain and mind, and how you can minimize chemo’s damaging effects.

•First, I’ll provide a very brief overview of the how cancer grows, so that you can understand why chemotherapies were developed and what they are designed to do.

•Next, I’ll list and describe the most frequently prescribed chemotherapies, and emphasize the ones that damage brain functions the most.

•The third section of this report describes what may happen in chemo brain patients, and lists symptoms reported by those suffering from it.

•Section Four presents strategies for recovery, and describes the benefits of certain dietary supplements and lifestyle strategies.


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Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D.



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