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Corporate Direct Credit Services

Corporate Direct Credit Written by Corporation Credit   
Corporate Direct Credit Services is a leading source and provider of USA corporations with credit, shelf corporations with credit or aged corporations with credit.  We offer credit building systems for those who wish to build their own corporations with credit.  Our credit growth systems are designed for quickly creating highly reported multi-functional lines of credit and credit lines.

With a fully documented library of our proprietary development resources that allows the customization of every aspect of a corporations credit and its future credit potential.   All with out personal gurantess or personal credit checks.  We use our extensive twenty years of corporation credit knowledge for the presentation, layout, administration, and the submission of applications for rapid integration with both corporate and private lenders internationally.  Let us take you from the ordinary to pink sheet trading or develop international financial relationships to enhance your companies profile.

Corporate Direct Credit Services has a rich heritage and has been crowned "Corporation Credit King" many times over by our exclusive list of clients.  Now with more cutting edge credit development tools, we are shifting corporations in to high gear while making the development or purchase experience all the more friendly.  For those who always wanted increased credit lines, multi-million dollar funding, credit cards and access to the cutting edge lending.... we can make it happen.  We have all our techniques and strategies for sale for those how wish to learn the insider secrets to corporate credit.  Also take advantage of our online credit card applications for no credit check, no credit, bad credit applicants.

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Our financial analysts started a totally new credit funding framework, ground-up refactoring of credit acquisition and high yield reporting, and a highly-active credit development team brings the excitement of 'The Next Generation of Corporations with Credit' to your fingertips.   Whether you are a business owner, financial systems architect or a complete novice regarding corporate credit,  BVB can take you to the next level of corporate credit and asset protection.  

 'We are More than a Corporate Credit Sales Site' is something we have been playing with as a catch cry because the new accelerated formula we use to create corporate credit lines with full financials, this is a complete system approved by our legal and accounting professionals. 

Our Credit Cultured Corporations have such incredible financial power and flexibility, you are free to take whatever direction your creative mind takes you in seeking more credit and lending yet maintaining total asset protection! Both personal and corporate asset protection.  We can help you get there so much more easily than ever before.

Our background extends from 20 years working with private high value clients to develop domestic corporate strategies and now we have joined the internet to avail our unique services to more high value clients that require such services. 

So by now you are thinking, Why take a chance with other companies with less experience in such delicate and strategic matters?

Thinking Corporations with Credit and Corporate Funding?    Think Only Corporate Direct Services!  Why? Because you are a discriminating client who prefers a preferred retained business relationship with a firm with indepth knowledge in the area of corporation credit development and asset protection! 


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  Deposit Loans Written by Deposit Loan Credit   
Increase your credit worthiness.
Increase your cash reserves on your balance sheet.

DEVELOP or reinforce a strong record of payment.
IMPROVE or preserve your corporate balance sheet.

Deposit Loans are a simple way to establish your business as a viable client to lenders and banks. We create loans secured by deposit accounts or investment shares approved by the lender. With BVB Corporate Services, we will lend you the funds to hold on deposit in your name, as our security.

You pay only 4.9% interest on the loan.
You may pay additional amounts to reduce your loan balance.
If you prefer, you may liquidate the deposit or investment account to pay off the loan.

[ Read more...](/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=45:deposit-loans&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=57)   Corporation Credit Building Options Written by Credit Building   
Choose from several options for creating corporation credit:

1.  Our affordably priced CD Courses- highly recommended even for those purchasing a corporation with credit or prior to attending a seminar.

2.  Our Seminars $995

3.  Deposit Loans- Great Reporting Loans

4. Certificates of Deposit placed at your bank for lending
[ Read more...](/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=44:corporate-credit-building&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=93)  

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