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Can Two Simple Words Change Your Fortunes?

2 Word Strategy Report

Discover the 2 words that can catapult you from mediocrity to stupendous success.

This short and sweet 22 page report by Ankesh Kothari shows you a smarter, faster, easier way to succeed.

"I would pay a business consultant hundreds of dollars for this kind of inside information." - Skellie Wag

"This report is at once a business plan and a how to ebook." - George Wright

"No fluff just kickass content... the exact thing the doctor ordered. With only 20 pages you sure deliver bro." - David Thompson

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What's the difference between people who are earning $10,000 a month online vs those earning just $300-400 a month online?

"The folks who earn
more than $10,000 online
know about _______ and _______"

If you study the most successful internet marketers and bloggers, you'll find that they:

Only implement the new
ideas, tools and tactics if it
complements their main strategy.

Whereas, people who struggle to make money online are the ones who wander from one new idea to the next. Just as a ship gets lost in the vast oceans without a guiding compass, many internet marketers get lost in the hype-y online world without a viable strategy.

True Story: About 2 and a half years ago, a guy - let's call him Dave - called me up. Dave had maxed out his credit cards buying internet marketing products. He owned 16 different websites. Yet he just made $400-500 a month.

I checked out all his 16 websites and found that all of them lacked one or both of the two essential ingredients that a business should have.

You see, there are only two concepts one needs to know to become extremely successful - either online or offline. Once you know these two concepts, you can start earning $10,000-20,000-30,000 a month.

These two concepts are not hard to understand. Neither are they a "secret". You can look up to any extremely successful company and you'll find these two concepts working for them.

I called Dave back and explained the two main ingredients of a good strategy to him over phone. And forgot all about it. After a month, I received a surprise in my mail - a $1000 cheque from him!

Can The 10 Minute Advice Change Your Fortunes Too?

I've written down the advice I gave to Dave in a short report. The entire report is just 22 pages long and is called "Two Word Strategy: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way To Succeed Online." It reveals the two concepts of a good strategy. And I've also added 7 success models to the report - 7 websites whose strategies you can copy and adapt for your own purposes.

What Else Does The Report Teach You?
How to master business mathematics and set your internet marketing goals
The psychology behind how people make their decisions to purchase
Easy product packaging tricks that you can use to command higher prices for your products
Tricks you can use to weaken people's resistance to buy from you
The product pricing strategy that will help take you from zero to six figures
The 4 step process to make your subscribers intensely loyal to you (with case studies)
[]How much does 2 Word Strategy cost?

[The price of this report is $19.95 $12.95. ](http://1.ankesh.pay.clickbank.net)

"Bought it - downloaded it - Read it immediately - Awesome report - and yes - by page 2 - I had my moneys worth." - Jack Zenert

kind regards,
Ankesh Kothari


"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu


Who Is Ankesh Kothari? And why should you even listen to him?
Before After

Ankesh Kothari is a serial entrepreneur who has had a slew of successes (with a few failures along the way too.)
He built his first website without any money by bartering his way through the finish line... while still in high school. And grew that website to 500+ members within its first 3 weeks.

He published a paid marketing newsletter for 4 years which received some rave reviews

He owns several successful websites and blogs. He is also the editor for the blog NonToxin.com

You can read more about him at AnkeshKothari.com

Copyright © . All right reserved. 2 Word Strategy is a report by [Ankesh Kothari.](http://www.ankeshkothari.com) 44 Brijkutir, Nepeansea Road, Mumbai 400006, India.

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