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Sick and tired of dealing with nagging Candida symptoms...

"How Would You Like To Be Completely Free From Candida
And Still Eat All Of The Fruit You've Ever Craved?"

Discover in this page how to heal yourself without any special products or toxic therapies... and enjoy all of the luscious sweets you've been craving!"

By Johanna Zee, RN,Ph.D.

Are you ready to end the confusion? You too can flush out Candida naturally with NO products and feel great! Candida albicans overgrowth is becoming more prevalent, creating an internal imbalance with symptoms ranging from annoying digestive ailments to chronic fatigue to debilitating diseases. It is even linked to life-threatening illnesses. 

My symptoms started several years ago:  the unpleasant digestive issues, moodiness, fatigue, cravings, and general multi-system degeneration. I was falling apart at the seams!! Lots of tests (and money!) later, the answers were still not clear.  The MD wanted to put me on medication to “rule out” IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  No thank you.

Alternative medicine helped point me in the right direction, but focusing only on symptoms, they were limited in finding the true cause.  Numerous food intolerances were diagnosed, but although eliminating them alleviated some issues, it was clear I was dealing with a Candida albicans overgrowth. I was a classic case.  My score with the self-test was off the charts. 

As a registered nurse, with extensive experience in various modalities, I had a good understanding of what was going on with my body.  I was put on herbs, pills, creams, teas, and powders. I went back every couple of weeks to check my progress which was non-existent and put on more supplements and therapies.  My stomach and intestines cramped so bad, and my nausea was overwhelming.  The signals from my body were clear: this is not working! After months of going that route, I finally listened to those signals and stopped the alternative treatments.

Could My Body Heal Itself?

All this time though, my inner guide was telling me my body can heal itself.  But how??  I felt that alternative medicine was based on the same model as conventional medicine, and with it came limitations. It was just a different arsenal.

I’ve spoken to many people who have also tried numerous supplements, therapies, cleanses, and “the no-fruit diet.”  They too had spent more money than they want to admit to, only to be told there is a better product they should try.  Everyone has advice but no one had seemed to self-heal naturally and for good.

Your body screams for a piece of fruit and you’ve been convinced that fruit is your number one enemy. Does this sound familiar? And now, your adrenals are shot and your energy is beyond low at times. I was right there with you.  In desperation, I searched endlessly for a “cure.”

However, deep within, I still knew my body could heal itself and I persevered.  After trials and tribulations, and EXTENSIVE RESEARCH I have developed and refined a system that works. I hold a doctorate in Nutritional Health and Healing and my extensive education has given me the tools I needed to bring this information to you. 

After learning specifically what foods and lifestyle habits were keeping my body in a weakened state, I was able to implement changes immediately.  Wow, was I surprised when the abdominal pain went away, my BM’s were normal, the cravings were dissipating, and I had more energy! My moods not only leveled out, but melancholy, which I thought was normal, lifted and I felt inspired, motivated, and more alive than ever before. 

Every Body System Improved

Throughout this time, every system in my body improved. All because of making changes in my life and NOT taking any drugs, therapies or supplements, which I learned were keeping my body from healing itself naturally!  I had finally understood that I needed to get the heck out of the way and give my body what it wanted!

It’s years later, and I still feel super!  This program, with 11 steps, that when followed, will bring you to an optimal state of health, free of Candida and all its challenging symptoms. 

This new program I am excited to now release is called:

11 Step Program For
Self-Healing Candida

In this program, you will learn:
Why conventional and alternative therapies do not work long-term How to naturally flush out a Candida albicans excess How to safely bring your body back into balance  The FASTEST way to rid yourself of a Candida overgrowth Why its not fruit, but fatty-foods, which caused this problem in the first place Why Candida is actually a protective mechanism Why products not only slow the healing process but are HARMFUL to your body in the long-run How to self-heal any damage done to bring you health and vitality That self-healing from Candida will have profound effects on other hormone related issues, including chronic fatigue, depression and hypo-thyroidism You can do all of this with NO products whatsoever; no pills, no powders, no needles, no kidding
5 Reasons Why This Program is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

If you’re wondering what makes this program on self-healing Candida overgrowth different than other programs you’ve seen on the subject, consider this:
Difference #1: I have NO products to sell you, only information that will empower you to be free from Candida overgrowth. Difference #2: You can eat your natural diet and enjoy the luscious fruit you have been craving. Difference #3: The results LAST. Once you’ve made the decision to self-heal, and follow the guidelines, your vibrant health will endure. Difference #4: Using this system, your body will let go of other symptoms, and feel lighter; you will have fewer colds, and other hormonally related issues, including improved mental clarity and a more balanced emotional state. Difference #5: You can heal very quickly (in 1 to 4 weeks!) or take the slower path- it’s your choice- I will clearly explain both ways. 
I've just updated the eBook to include a special bonus, "Easy 7 Day Candida Detox Plan" It'll jumpstart your healing program! Quick tips, shopping lists and professional advice will help keep you focused.

This 2nd edition also has an added "Maintenance Diet Plan." Follow the plan's guidelines to optimal health!

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