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How To Make Small Talk

How To Make Small Talk

Small Talk Is Easy When You Know How.
Use My Effortless Strategy That I Use Every day To
Easily Start Conversations With Complete Strangers.


    This is a subject that I got interested in many
years agoand now want to share with you. I have
read many books filled with techniques, tips, and
tricks on how to make small talk, and now you don't
have to bother reading all those books yourself.

    I have distilled all the information from all
those different books down to their core essentials
and put them in this one book for you to enjoy.

    You can know in a short amount of time the
things it took me years to learn, practice, and

This is from
the book's Introduction:


    Many years ago, in my younger days, I was
one of those people who would proudly
proclaim, "I hate small talk!" The
implication was that I was too intellectual
to lower myself to discuss such mundane
topics as the weather or the latest buzz. I
wanted people to either discuss issues of
deep philosophical significance or to not
speak at all.

    However, I will share with you how I
really felt and what I was really thinking.
Deep down I was saying to myself, "I would
love to talk to you but I just do not know
what to say." You see, my arrogance was
merely a way to disguise my insecurity. I
wanted to be like those people who could talk
to anybody, but I felt as though I just did
not have "the gift", and therefore, was
doomed to those moments of awkward silence or
worse, feeling isolated even in a crowded

    The thing that I was mistaken about was
thinking that a person's brain was either
wired for small talk or it was not. Mine, I
figured, was not wired that way, and that was

This is from
the section named
"The Problem"

    This has probably happened to you before:
you are at a gathering and you do not know
anyone there. You see some people together in
small groups. Perhaps they are laughing or
seem to be having a good time sharing
stories, jokes, and small talk.    

    You would like to be a part of one of
those small groups, or even just talk to
one of the people sitting by you, and you
especially do not want to feel like people
are staring at you and wondering why you
are sitting there alone.

    But you don't know what to say to
anyone. "What do I have in common anyway?
Do they really want to hear about my boring

This is from the
section named
"The Solution"

    You must first understand the next thing
that I am going to tell you. This next thing
is very important and I want to emphasize
that you should read this carefully, and
believe it before you go on. OK? OK. Here it

Small talk is NOT a gift or

    Let me give you an analogy. Let's say
that someone asked you if you speak
Spanish. Would you reply by saying, "I'm
sorry; I'm not gifted at Spanish?" Of
course not because you know that speaking
Spanish is not a talent, it is a skill that
must be studied and learned.

    So the solution is to learn the skill.
Do not think of small talk as a gift or
talent but just as something that you have
not yet learned. The good news is that you
are about to learn this skill. 

This is from the
section named
"The Three Keys of Small Talk"

    You are traveling the countryside, and
off in the distance you see a castle. As you
get closer you see that it looks like a
fascinating place that you would love to
explore. When you come to the front of the
castle's large wall you see that there are
three locked gates and each gate leads you to
a different part of the castle.

    In your pocket are three special keys.
You know that these three special keys have
gotten you into almost every castle you
have visited. Sometimes you used only one
key. Other times you have used two. There
were even times when, just for fun, you
used all three keys and went through all
three gates just because you love exploring
and have always come out richer for it.

    The castle, of course, represents a
person you want to speak to. The person
looks fascinating but sometimes he or she
has a wall up and the gates are locked.
However, you have three keys to unlock
those gates.

Do you want to
have those key?  You can.

    What you will learn in this ebook can be used for
the rest of your life.

    Make new friends. 

    Find Love.

    Find your future spouse.  

    Get a better job.

    And more.

    Imagine being excited about meeting new

    Not only will you learn how to make new
relationships, but you will learn how to deepen the
relationships you have.

    Because of different careers I have had, I have
been able to use these techniques with many
different kinds of people. This is from my book

     I have met brilliant people who have
traveled all over the world and I have met
people who rarely travel out of their own
little town. I have had the opportunity to
spend time alone talking with millionaires
and also have enjoyed the blessing of
spending time with those who needed help
getting their next meal.

I am comfortable speaking to anyone at any level.

In Just a Few Minutes
You can know how to do this

    In "How To Make Small Talk" you will...

    Learn the art of conversation.

    Discover the three keys to unlock a

    Discover what opens people up to want
to speak to you.

    Learn the technique that will easily
and naturally make people like you and think that
you are special.

    Learn how to speak to people of any

    Be comfortable speaking to the very
rich or very poor.

    Imagine having the
confidence of being able to walk up to anyone and
carry on a conversation so interesting that people
will thank you for taking the time to talk to

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Can you relate to any of the following scenarios? 

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others, even at your own expense.

You find it hard to make
friends and keep lasting relationships.

You would go to great
lengths just to be popular.

You rely heavily on
the opinions of other people and let them decide for you. 

You’re sick and tired of
the old you.

You let negative habits
stop you from living the life you deserve.

If you answered “Yes” to any of
the above, then listen closely to what I have to say. This might be
the ONLY book you’ll ever have to read in order to end all your
frustrations, break free from a rusting self-image, and finally
attain your dream life … by reinventing your whole self.

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