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  Our Constant Monitoring Service Is Your Solution For:
Checking to see if someone is copying your entire website.
Checking to see if someone is copying parts of your website.

Checking to see if that content you have purchased is really original, or if it has been plagiarized from somewhere else on the internet. Is that freelance writer really producing unique content?

If you are a writer we'll constantly check to make certain no one is copying your content.

Checking to see if you have duplicate content issues within you website.

Checking to see if a students term paper or report has been plagiarized from the internet.

Checking to see if your images are being stolen and used on other websites.

These are important because Google, Yahoo and MSN dislike duplicate content.

The Service That Protects Your Website/Content From Plagiarists and Copy Duplicators ------

We exist to help you protect your website from the ever increasing hoard of thieves who steal website content and claim it as their own.
THE PROBLEM: Plagiarism Detective is a groundbreaking service providing website owners with protection from digital plagiarism and copyright infringement originating from the world wide web. Every day the amount of information on the internet is growing by thousands of terabytes. Unfortunately, this vast amount of information on the web comes with problems for website owners - AND THAT IS PLAGIARISM.

The problem is that many, many people faced with the creation of content for their websites are stealing it from other websites, rather than creating their own unique content. This has become a huge problem!

The problem of plagiarism, and copy-paste content thievery is that it can end up with the search engines penalizing your website for the illegal activities of others.


The Plagiarism Detective uses cutting edge software and resources to monitor the World Wide Web for any plagiarism attempts directed towards your website. We help you trace and identify the culprits involved in any unauthorized stealing or copy-pasting of material taken from your website.

Our service not only helps detect website plagiarism violations, but can also verify student test papers and essays, inter-site duplicate content, stolen images, and much more!

We come as close as possible to searching every single site on the Internet in order to detect plagiarism. We do this by employing the most advanced searching tools and tactics available. The thieves are out there and we can find them.


1. They may be using your copy to inflate their own search engine rankings, thus costing you traffic and customers.

2. They could be causing the search engines to penalize your website.

3. Copyright infringement is a crime! Obviously, no one likes someone stealing their ideas and claiming them as their own. It is to everyone's benefit to stop them.



1. Become a member of our service and we'll start monitoring your website, on a regular basis, to look for other sites that may be copying your material, or even your entire website. In most cases, we will be able to detect this in real time as it hits the internet.
2. Our service will save you hours and hours of the tedious work you'd normally employ in finding out by yourself if your content has been plagiarized on the web.

3. We will immediately email you any alerts of new plagiarism attempts directed at your site, and tell you exactly who they are. In addition you'll receive a weekly report of our activities on your behalf and point out any suspected websites you need to check for possible violations.

4. We will provide you with our protection emblem, like the one shown below, that you can add to the bottom of your home page (or other pages) to warn thieves that your website is being monitored.

5. We provide service to website owners, authors, teachers, lawyers and others with a need to find and trace content thieves.

6. You will also be granted access to our Members Only area that is full of additional tools, resources and information to help you prevent the theft of your content. This is MUST HAVE INFORMATION!!



1. Sign up for our service and we'll immediately start monitoring your website to detect any duplicate content found on other websites on the internet.
2. After we recieve your initial payment, you'll be directed to a page that gives you access to the Members Area and includes a form for you to fill out with information about your website so we can start the monitoring process.

The monthly fee for monitoring one website is $29.95 and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Once your credit card is approved, you will be immediately directed to a special members page where you'll find all the information to get started.

Purchase Online with a Credit Card or PayPal by Secure Server


Only $29.95 - Limited Time Only

Of course, we fully guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If you are not fully satisfied we will refund your money with no hassles and no questions asked.

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