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Tired of Not Hitting Your Drives Far Enough? Wouldn't you Love to be
Hitting It Another 20 to 50 Yards Farther off the Tee?


_World Long Drive Champion and PGA Professional ERIC JONES"_

We all want that sweet feeling of catching a drive dead center and
sending a rocket down the middle of the fairway...

We all want bragging rights when we walk into the clubhouse and
start talking about who hit the longest drives ...

If we've done it once, we all secretly think we should be able to do
it every time ...

We all hate hitting the shortest drive off the tee ...




... had a round fall to pieces because your driver went on holiday?

... abandoned hope and resigned yourself to living with shorter

... wondered why you can't get the distance you KNOW you should be

... felt the frustration of watching other people out-drive you when
you know you can hit it better?

... swung so hard you practically came out of your shoes, but the
ball STILL didn't go anywhere?

... bought a new driver that was supposed to "fix it all" only to
find that it stopped working before it was even paid for?

... tried a Quick Fix Tip that wasn't quick and didn't fix anything?

... lost your cool because you were unable to hit your drives with
any accuracy or consistency .. to the point where drove your foursome
crazy with your self-denigration and your obsessive swing analysis?
And then did you beat yourself up because you had no idea where to
even begin to fix the problem (and the worst part is that you
continued to beat yourself up for hours or days after the round)?


If you're like most amateur golfers then you've been in one or more
similar situations ... probably many times.

And what's the worst part about going through these experiences?

The most painful part is knowing that it's YOU making the errors. No
one else is advancing the ball toward the hole (or not), except you.

It's not the driver.
It's not the golf course.
It's not the foursome.
It's not the weather.

It's not anything but an incomplete understanding of the things
that really matter when it comes to hitting the ball long and

It's not anything else but habits you've engrained by focusing on
the wrong things in the wrong sequence.

It's not anything else but the fact that you have not yet maximized
your own natural athletic abilities because you don't yet understand
the proper fundamentals and the sequence in which they all work


In this e-video book you'll learn the FUNDAMENTAL POSITIONS AND
SEQUENCE you need to use to maximize your own, natural athleticism to
GET MORE DISTANCE. You haven't seen it all put together in a way that
makes complete sense.
Until now.

In this e-video book you'll learn the SIMPLE biomechanics you can
use to enhance your own, natural athleticism to DRIVE IT 20 YARDS


Why is it so hard to deal with the tee shot - the shot that often
sets the tone for how each hole is played and how each round is
played? Why is it so hard to drive the ball with distance and

As a World Long Drive Champion and a PGA Professional with a
Master's degree in Sport Psychology I've spent the last 6 years
developing the answer to these questions.


The "answer" I'm about to tell you is simple, but it took me a LONG
time to figure it out how to do it. This is hard-earned wisdom - from
one golfer to another.

When I started working on increasing my own distance I would always
focus on the problem itself: How to hit the ball harder.

That makes sense, right?

But what I found is that when it comes to the golf swing, you can't
overcome the laws of physics OR the fundamental realities of
biomechanics. You have to work with them.

Taking a swing that isn't built for distance and intensifying that
swing will not lead to more distance. It only leads to tension, and
tension kills swing speed.

The real "ah-ha!" moment came for me when I had a simple


I realized that I would get FAR better results and FAR more distance
if I focused on speed, not strength.

That one simple shift in thinking - not harder, but faster --
changed my focus, took me in a brand new direction, and ultimately had
a major effect on my long-term success as a competitive golfer, Long
Drive Professioinal, and PGA Professional.

I realized that I would get far better results by developing an
effortless, speed-friendly swing, so I wouldn't have to swing so hard
in the first place.

I have figured out how to get the club head through the ball a lot
faster, and I leaned that it's actually an easy "fix" once you know
the keys.

Now you know the answer: IT'S ABOUT SPEED.

Bur knowing that speed is the answer is not enough. You need to know
_HOW_ to generate speed every time you tee it up.


This book represents the distillation of everything I have learned:
the swing mechanics, the physics, the biomechanics, the mental
approach, the practice routines, the drills, and even the learning
process. Everything that I use myself and everything I teach my
students. The lessons I've learned the hard way are now being used by
my students with remarkable results. That's why I know they'll work
for you.


In 2003 I competed in my first local Long Drive qualifying event. It
started out as a lark and a way to get good prices on equipment. I am
a competitive golfer - after all, I had played college golf at
Stanford University and I'd been a ranked amateur player. When I won
that first local Long Drive event I began to think I had a shot at
winning the World Championship title.

But to be honest my initial strategy was no more complicated than
"grip it and rip it." It wasn't until I squeaked through the Regional
qualifier that I realized I had to learn to swing a whole lot faster.

I am competitive by nature so when I am in the finals of anything I
get serious. When I qualified for the World Long Drive Championship
finals I knew I had to learn how to generate a lot more clubhead
speed, and do it in a hurry. So I set out to find out how to gear up
my swing speed.

I got serious about hitting it longer. In fact, I got downright

I studied. I experimented. I tweaked. I tinkered. I spent a lot of
time on the launch monitor at The Golf Lab in Menlo Park, CA, and
measured the results of what I was learning.

And then I took these lessons back to the range. I worked hard.

In six weeks, I increased my swing speed from around 120 mph to more
than 140 mph, without sacrificing my accuracy.

That increase added more than 50 yards to my drives.

What I learned during that period of intensive training helped me
win the 2003 RE/MAX WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP held each year in
Mesquite, Nevada. You may have seen the broadcast, which airs on ESPN
each holiday season.

What I continued to learn over the following year helped me to win
the 2004 LDA Long Drive Tour Rookie of the Year honors, multiple long
drive challenges, and The Players Tour Long Drive Championship, where
in 2006 I became the first - and only - Long Drive competitor to ever
win both the Open and Senior Division Titles at the same event.

What you need to know is that I am far from being one of the biggest
and strongest players. In fact, at 6'0 I'm one of the smaller guys on
the Long Drive circuit.


It wasn't strength that got me the results.

Like you, I knew I could hit it farther. But every time I tried to
get more distance all I got was disastrous results. And the harder I
tried, the worse it got.

Like you, I also knew there had to be an answer - I just didn't
understand where to go to get it. It's almost as though someone is
keeping it secret. I had to piece the puzzle together on my own.


When I started learning to hit the ball farther I tried every tip
and piece of advice I could find. I was looking for that special move
- the one magic key - that would be the answer. It's an easy trap to
fall into.

Our golf culture is focused on instant cures and quick tips. Some of
these quick tips are good, some not so good, and some of them even
work. But even the tips that do work don't seem to stick for long. And
there is a very good reason whey they don't.

They only deal with one component of the swing.

Without "context" - understanding how the tip or advice fits into
the full swing and how it affects other aspects of the swing - the
advice breaks down. Changing one aspect of your swing always changes
other aspects of your swing. If you don't understand how the parts fit
together you wind up making your swing worse. That's why seeing the
whole picture - the context - is so important.

The other problem is that you end up with a mish-mash of ideas
running through your head.

Research shows that you probably know hundreds of swing thoughts.

That's a lot of mental chatter, especially when it is going on in
the middle of your swing.

The worst part of having so many swing thoughts is that it creates
uncertainly and a lack of confidence.

The avalanche of tips creates so much mental activity that it's
almost impossible to know what's right and what's wrong. You don't
even know which swing thoughts treat causes and which treat only

Even more important, you don't know how to whittle down your
thoughts and prioritize them.

Your goal should be to get your mental dialogue down to one single,
focused thought -- so the right thought can reinforce the right action
at the right time in your swing.

The golf swing is a single, fluid action, not a series of discrete
movements. If you can't create a fluid, athletic action you will never
get the distance or consistency you want. For this reason chopping the
swing up into little tips is completely counterproductive.

But there's good news. That athletic, powerful swing is right under
your nose.


Have you heard the Acres of Diamonds story? It was told by Russell
Conwell, who is best remembered as the founder and president of Temple
University. Conwell delivered his speech over 6,000 times around the

It's a story about an African man who wanted to find diamonds so
badly that he sold his property and went off to search far and wide
for them. He never found his diamonds.

The new owner of the property, however, discovered there was a rich
diamond mine right there on the property.

Why is this important to your golf swing and why am I telling you
the story about a guy who wandered all over the place to find what he
already had?

Because that's EXACTLY what most golfers are going through when they
search all over the map for the newest, hottest distance tips.

The truth is a golf tip only gives you part of the information you
need, and you're trying to make your swing work on that alone.

It's the same mistake I made when I first began trying to learn how
to get more distance.

And I see it with my students all the time. They're looking far and
wide outside the speed and distance fundamentals of their own swing
and trying to solve their problems with tips they're gathering from
their buddies, well meaning golf instructors, magazines, The Golf
Channel, and everywhere else.

From firsthand experience and from teaching others I've learned that
a tip will almost never work for someone who doesn't have the balance,
leverage, and speed fundamentals of his or her own swing already

You've got what you need under your own feet and in your own,
natural athletic ability, if you can master the 5 Keys to Distance.

And master them LITERALLY in the natural sequence of your own swing.

In fact, once you master the 5 Keys to Distance, you'll be able to
generate your own long distance diamonds - over and over.


Maybe the biggest challenge is that you know you need to focus on
some of the fundamentals of your swing. You want to focus on those
things, but you just don't know where to turn to get real help - help
that will make a lasting difference.

You need to fix what really matters first. When you're having a
problem with your driver, the problem takes over your awareness and
often impacts your whole game.

Well, there's good news.

I'm going to share with you the keys to getting that distance - and
keeping it - and how my many years of work with some cutting edge
concepts can help YOU hit it longer.


I'm going to tell you something you _already know_.

I think you KNOW that the problem isn't swinging harder with the
swing you have.

You have that part down.

I think you also realize you need a swing that works for you: a
swing that's easier and more efficient. A swing that generates
effortless power and speed.

You know you can do it, because you've done it before. It's that
solid, effortless sweet shot that keeps us all coming back.

I also think you know that if and when you do tackle the
fundamentals in your swing and get to the "other side" of what causes
short, erratic drives, you will achieve success with your driver - the
success you really want.

And I think you realize by now it isn't going to happen by doing the
same old things you've always done ...

Recently a golfer was on the range trying to work with the latest
hot swing tip right out of the magazine. After hours of frustration,
he introduced himself to me to ask about instruction. He was upset
because he got a tip to work for awhile, but now he was back to his
old weak slice.

The problem was bigger than the tip.

In fact, having the tip only made things worse for him because now
he had what he THOUGHT he needed, but it STILL didn't work. He only
became more frustrated and depressed. And now he had too many swing
thoughts in his mental game and zero confidence in his own abilities.

The game is complex enough without feeling bad about ourselves.


The secret is integrating the 5 Keys to Distance into your swing and
understanding how they work together and reinforce each other.

B = Balance
L = Leverage
A = Arc of your swing
S = Speed of your hips
T = Target extension

The breakthrough will come for you when you master these 5 Keys in a
specific order.

When you have that simple mastery, you'll have the athletic,
powerful swing you want.

And you'll be able to use a single swing thought to bring that swing
to the tee every time.

And bring the swing back quickly when it slips a little out of sync.

That's because you'll have a single-motion, fluid swing that's built
to take advantage of your own core balance, leverage and speed.

Who in their right mind wants a swing that only works when it's all
clicking perfectly?

What you want is a swing designed to be compact, fluid, solid and
consistent. Right?

The BLAST keys will get you there. And I guarantee it.


And here's the real boon: The sequence follows the natural sequence
of your own swing - so you can develop the swing thought and the
mechanics that achieve that fluid, athletic swing without feeling
constantly overwhelmed and frustrated.

You start in balance. You maintain your leverage. You widen your
swing arc. You speed up your hips through impact. And you extend to
the target. It all works together, seamlessly, to give you the
distance you want.

In this e-video book I'll break it down step-by-step, so you can
create a swing that's honed for an extra 20 to 50 yards or more, and
you'll never have to think about swinging harder again. Before you
know it you'll have all your buddies wondering how you did it.


How do the BLAST keys apply in the real world? Let me give you an

Imagine standing on the tee of a hole you could score well on if you
could just hit a great drive - like a par 5 you could hit in two.

You muscle up to try to get just that little bit of extra yardage.
The result? A nasty slice into the trees, every time.

The worst part of it is you realize you've blown an easy hole. On
the next tee you over-correct and hit a weak pop-up your grandma could
out-drive. Now you're in no-man's land. Nothing seems to work. You can
see the wheels start to come off. You've got Fear, Uncertainty and
Doubt (the FUD factor) and your confidence starts heading south.

You don't have a clue what to do next.

You can change that.

Once you have mastered the 5 BLAST fundamentals, you'll acquire the
mechanics that work with and for your own natural athletic ability.

And the truth is that you don't need a picture-perfect swing to get
more speed.

But you do need an efficient swing that transfers the most possible
speed through the ball at impact. After all, that's the whole purpose
of the golf swing, right?

The BLAST keys will also help you focus on the right things, get
your head in the clear about what to focus on and when, and give you
confidence you need to bring a fluid, athletic swing to every tee

Best of all, the 5 BLAST keys will prevent you from muscling it up
when the last thing you need is to add a tension-ridden swing to a
pressure situation.


Distance is affected by a combination of three things: Speed,
hitting the sweet spot, and club head angle of approach. You can argue
all you want with concepts and recommendations in this book, but the
laws of physics are the same for everyone on every shot.

Speed is the most important factor in developing distance, so a huge
part of this e-video book is dedicated to helping you find ways to
increase your clubhead speed.

But speed isn't the only thing. The laws of physics and aerodynamics
don't lie.

You also need to hit the ball squarely and in the middle of the club

Here are some basic numbers for you to chew on.

A 100 mph swing will drive the ball approximately 240 yards - if you
catch it square.

A hit that is 1/4 inch off-center will decrease your distance by
2-3% or 3-5 yards.

A hit that is 1/2 inch off-center will decrease distance 5%, or 12

A hit that is 3/4 inch off-center will decrease distance by 10-15%
or 25-40 yards.

You can get a feel for how off-center you are by asking your local
pro for some impact tape. Put it on your clubface and hit some balls.
Your impact pattern can be very revealing.

The BLAST Keys are going to put your club head in the right position
through the impact zone so you have a much better chance of hitting it
on the sweet spot every time.

It's simple. You'll have one word to help you remember and execute
all 5 Keys - BLAST.

B -- Balance
L -- Leverage
A -- Arc of your swing
S -- Speed of your hips
T -- Target Extension

And once you have mastered the 5 Keys, that one simple acronym will
help you start in balance, maintain your leverage, widen your swing
arc, speed up your hips through impact, and extend to the target.


I call this program "The 5 Keys to Distance."

I spent years developing these 5 Keys and testing them successfully
with thousands of students.

This book is unique.

Not only does it give you the 5 Keys, so you can literally have a
BLAST every time you are on the tee and get the distance you want. It
provides the complete explanations AND drills that help you build the
5 Keys into your own natural athletic ability so you get a dynamic,
single-motion swing that's built for speed.

You don't need a perfect golf swing in order to get distance. The
primary focus of this book is how you can develop an EFFECTIVE swing
therefore get more distance.

That means teaching you how to make maximum use of your athletic
ability to increase your club head speed through the impact zone.

The goal is to get you 20 or more yards or more off the tee, and
still find the fairway.

The result is an approach to instruction that's the very first of
its kind.

One of the things that makes it unique is that you get written
explanations of the drills as well as videos that show you how to do
them. The two media support each other.

You'll understand clearly - and at a level of detail you have not
encountered before - when you read about each of the 5 Keys. Then
you'll actually see the concepts and drills in action with the video
component of this program. This is a fantastic combination of tools
YOU can use to get more distance.

You'll get the best of both worlds so you can understand HOW to do
the drills, WHY you're doing them and WHAT to look for in the results.

Perhaps most important, you'll learn HOW TO PRACTICE, so you can
master the drills. It's no good having drills unless you can master
them in a way that helps you get the result.

The ideas behind the Effective Practice section are based on the
latest research about how athletes learn new skills in the fastest,
most effective way. The information comes straight from the people who
work with our US Olympic athletes. More than likely you have never
been taught how to practice effectively, so this section will be a
huge eye-opener.

It would take you 10 or more traditional one-on-one lessons with a
professional to master WHAT REALLY MATTERS to get more distance. And
even then, you might not master them because, more than likely, your
instructor can't or won't put all the puzzle pieces together for you.

This book will put the puzzle together for you.

And the puzzle actually fits together beautifully when you
understand how the 5 Keys to Distance work together and reinforce each

Also, in this program you'll learn the tools you need to be your own
personal success coach. That's important because it's all up to YOU on
the golf course.

Using the drills, you'll learn how to sync the BLAST keys into your
own natural athletic abilities.

B -- Balance
L -- Leverage
A -- Arc of your swing
S -- Speed of your hips
T -- Target Extension

If you use these 5 Keys, you will get more distance off the tee.

Here are a few other things you'll learn inside this e-video book:

* The simple, no-brainer balance set-up that will make your swing
more athletic and fluid in less than 60 seconds.
* How to free up even more of the athlete in you, so your body is
moving automatically and efficiently to put you in the best position
to hit it long ... and then do it over and over.
* The simple keys that enable you effortlessly swing faster, not
* The trick that let's you leave your mind-mush behind and develop
a single, unified swing thought.
* How and why tension in your swing KILLS distance and how the
Power X can help you eliminate it.
* What you can learn from a 2-year-old's stacking toy to get a
straight line axis of power.
* How to lose that weak slice to the right, for good!
* The practice secrets the pros know, but no one seems to want to
teach you. The truth about how you absolutely need to practice to
score better.


If you're already driving the ball as long as you KNOW you can, you
may not need this book.

If you aren't struggling to get the extra distance you KNOW you have
in you, then you may not need this book.

On the other hand, there are certain chronic problems that develop,
especially with the driver, that don't ever seem to go away unless you
get _the things that really matter_ in your swing functioning at a
more efficient, speed-friendly, tension-free level.

Read through the list below. If you realize that you have
experienced _more than one of these issues_ - issues that are almost
impossible to shake if you don't handle them in your swing - this book
can change all that for good.

* Have you ever been on the tee with the swing thought you think
you'll need to hit it long, but during your swing your thoughts and
emotions take over and make you tense? Then you screw up by doing the
one thing you absolutely don't want to do?
* You have no clue how to get your driver or yourself back on track
once a shaky round is underway?
* You thought the one "magic" tip that worked for awhile was the
answer to your problems, but now it doesn't work any more and you are
right back where you started, and maybe even a little worse off?
* You feel like you are "almost there" with being able to get the
distance you want, but you just can't quite put it completely together
for a whole round?
* You know what to do to hit it long on the range when your tension
level and anxiety levels are low, but as soon as you have a little
anxiety, you screw it up in the moment because you don't know how to
manage the chatter in your mind so your body can respond athletically
and automatically?
* You feel like nothing you do will fix the issues you face with
your swing because of physical limitations, bad habits, or age issues?
* You wish someone could just help you put it all together so you
could actually have the athletic, fluid swing you KNOW you should have
to get the distance you KNOW you should hit?
* You don't hit it long enough to reach many par-4's, and an extra
20 yards OR MORE would make a huge difference in your ability to

The bottom line is this:

I don't need to tell you whether or not you need this information in
this e-video book. If you need it, _you already know it_.

This book is not about some approach or gimmick. It's about aligning
the _fundamental things that really matter_ in your swing so you can
get the clubhead speed that leads to distance.

The laws of physics and aerodynamics don't lie.

If you work with them by using the BLAST Keys, you will swing faster
and more efficiently, and you will get the distance you want. It's
that simple. And there is absolutely no reason to make it more complex
than that.

It's as straight forward as saying: if you drop a golf ball it will
eventually hit the ground. If you use the BLAST Keys you will get more


Before you decide whether this book is for you, I want to tell you
why it's different from everything else that's been created on this

#1: This book is about making it happen in the real world. I've
competed in the World Long Drive Championships for each of the last 6
straight years. I put the concepts in this book to the ultimate test
each year, and I have been highly successful.

#2: This book is written by an expert on distance. It represents
years of study, trial-and-error, testing, and refinement. It also
represents years of working with thousands of students to see and
understand what works for them. It has been my mission to put it all
together for golfers of all levels so they can enhance their own
athletic ability to hit it farther, score better, and enjoy the game

#3: I'm not going to tell you how to build the perfect swing. You
don't need it. With the technique described in this book you will be
able to understand and apply the fundamentals to YOUR swing in your
own unique way. Instead of a perfect swing, you will learn to generate
an efficient, speed-friendly swing that will help you make a
consistent, athletic, fluid strike at the ball, time after time.

#4: This book is organized to work in the sequence of your own swing
and help you develop a single, unified swing thought to refine your
club head speed and distance and keep those things on track,
permanently. You will understand the concepts AND the context in a way
that will make sense and enable you drive the ball farther.

#5: You get real-world drills created specifically to work on the
elements of the swing that will enable you to master the 5 Keys. There
is no other product that has this kind of detailed approach to the
entire sequence and the drills. And the drills themselves are uniquely
designed to get YOU the results you want.

#6: This book puts it all together so that you can see and
understand the swing and the drills in action.

#7: This program, unlike any other, tells you how to use 5 Keys to
overcome distracting mental chatter. My expertise in Sport Psychology
has given me unique insights into high-performance golf. In fact, as
part of my Master's degree thesis I conducted a research study to look
at what really works to help people learn: the learning feedback loop
and the three stages of new skill development. That mastery is built
into this book.

#8: This book is not about a quick-fix. It's about amplifying your
own natural athletic abilities to do what really matters to get
distance. When you begin practicing to make the changes you in your
swing, you will understand the "What, Why, and How", and the changes
will be permanent.

It took me years of learning, testing and hard work to fine-tune
these BLAST keys. I've spent 40 years of my life and thousands and
thousands (and thousands and thousands) of dollars to develop the
knowledge I am sharing with you.

I'm very proud of this e-video book because it's going to allow you
to accomplish the distance you want MUCH FASTER than was true for me
and at a much, much smaller investment of time and money.

I want to help you get the distance you want, and I don't want
anything to stand in the way of your achieving what you want to
achieve in your golf game. I decided to price this program very
affordably - just $47.00 for the book and the videos. And it comes
with my better-then-money-back "I'll take the risk" Guarantee.

I'm so convinced that you will benefit from the information in this
book that it comes with a no-risk, unconditional 60-day money-back

If you don't like it, just send it back within 60 days. You'll get a
full refund.


Of course it can.

I realize that a serious investment in your golf swing may stretch
your trust a bit. No one wants their golf swing to be messed with,
unless the swing is guaranteed to progress toward your goals. I'm
making that guarantee because this instruction is not about approaches
or gimmicks. It's about the fundamentals that really matter if you
want more distance.

And I know you aren't worried about the $47 dollar cost of the book
because in all likelihood that's less than half the cost of a one-hour
lesson with your local pro. In fact, you'd likely have to spend more
than $2,100.00 with your teaching pro just to get the same level of
information you could when you make a simple $47.00 investment in
yourself and your game by buying this book.

So I'd like to sweeten the deal and truly make it "an offer you'd be
crazy to refuse."



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I could not POSSIBLY make it any easier or lower-risk for you.

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you will immediately receive a link to download the e-video book, your
delivery and download time may vary depending you the type and quality
of your computer and your internet connection.)

Go through this program from beginning to end. You will see instant
results from the very first drill, and you'll notice the results in
your distance off the tee.

Use the e-video book all you want for 60 days at MY RISK.

If you decide it's not for you - for ANY REASON - just send it back
and we'll refund every dime. And you'll keep the 4 FREE bonuses.

If you'd like to keep it (and I'm betting you will AND that you'll
want to tell some folks about how transformative it is) I can be
available to you by email to help clarify any questions you may have.
By the way, this is a tool I offer ONLY to my own Golf Coach Program
students, who join my Golf Coach Program by invitation only.

I've found over the years that students feel hugely comforted by the
fact that they can call me when they have a question and get it
answered quickly. That comfort speeds up the learning process and
gives my students the confidence they need to try new things.

I truly want to help you get the distance you want. I'm passionate
about it. I get emails every day from golfers using my materials to
improve their success off the tee and on the course, and I want to
help you too.

Click on the link below and place your order now.

Armed with this knowledge, The 5 Keys to Distance, I promise you are
going to feel like a new golfer with 21 days. But you won't have to
wait that long because within days you'll see dramatic changes in:

* your balance
* the power you get from proper leverage
* your center contact and launch angle
* your hip speed
* your acceleration through the ball
* your confidence
* your enjoyment of the game

And there's one more thing you'll notice ...

I can't say when. It may happen the day you finish the program or
within the first couple of weeks, but it will happen. I guarantee it.

It's what I call ...


It will feel like magic because you'll see exciting changes
happening in your golf game, and you won't believe you are finally
reaching the potential you knew you had in you all along.

You'll smile because you'll finally have put it all together. Your
magic moment might happen when you nut one off the first tee and you
look at your foursome to discover a look of dismay-- even envy--on
their faces. Suddenly YOU'RE the one everyone wants to model their
swing after.

Or maybe you'll feel it when you've had a few bad holes because you
lost some scoring opportunities and you really need to get one down
the fairway to get the round back on track and stay competitive.

You'll know how to put a fluid, athletic, tension-free swing on the
ball. You'll walk right up to the tee with ZERO hesitation, total
confidence, and just get the job done.

Perhaps you'll find yourself toward the end of a round at your own
club tournament where IT MATTERS TO YOU that you play your best, and
as you play that last hole - knowing what you have to do to shoot the
best round of your life - you have the precise mental skills you need
to ALLOW your body to automatically execute a fluid, athletic, tension
free swing. Maybe that's when you'll know.

Maybe you'll win a long drive contest or a closest to the pin
contest at your own club tournament - something you've never even been
close to winning before.

Maybe you'll take what was once the weakest part of your game and
turn it into your strength. We all love that feeling.

I want you to experience your magic moment and turn your driving
game into the powerful, long, accurate game it can be.

And now it's up to you to make it happen.

Don't let another day go by. Make the decision right now to create a
new driving confidence for yourself and your game. Don't let anything
stop you from driving it as far as you KNOW you can.

If you follow the 5 Keys to Distance, you will hit the ball farther.

For only $47 - less than half the cost of one lesson - you get $$
thousands of dollars worth of incredibly valuable information that
will transform your game.

Heck, a new driver can run you upwards of $500.00. For one-tenth of
that price, why not learn how to hit it?

It's time.

P.S. This e-video book will give you to tools to quickly and
completely transform yourself on the tee. You'll be amazed at just how
quickly you will feel your confidence building, and as you progress,
your swing is going to feel more effortless. I know that seems like an
impossibility, but I guarantee that when you start getting the
distance you want, you will feel as if you are actually swinging
easier. Chances are this program contains EXACTY what you need to put
it all together and develop a more fluid, athletic and speed-friendly
swing that gets you those extra 20-25 yards. And I guarantee it will
work for you.

P.P.S. As always, if you have questions about this program, I'll be
available by email for 30 days. I'm here to help you get the distance
you KNOW you can hit.

If you have any doubts or questions about what you'll find in this
e-video book, here is a sample drill that you can put to use today. If
you are like most of my students, you will see an immediate
improvement in your balance at address, which will directly impact the
quality of your ball striking and your consistency. We call this drill
"Happy Toes" and it will put a happy smile on your face from the first
day you use it. to see this video

Enjoy the drill, and I'll see you down the fairway. WAAAY down the

Eric Jones, MA
World Long Drive Champion
PGA Class A Professional
Sport Psychology Consultant

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