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Take back the time, energy and money
that your commute has been stealing from you
Introducing a new way to get control of your commute.
Conquer the Commute:
Tools for the Road and Life

The step-by-step formula that shows you how to
live a life worth living in spite of the commute....


Studies show that a long commute
– longer than 20 to 30 minutes...

Causes physical and emotional stress that you bring into the WORKDAY

Saps your energy

Drains time from your already busy day

Takes more and more money from you

Interferes with your WORKDAY

Intrudes on your family life

Disrupts your social life

Limits your community involvement

Leads to weight gain

Causes "Road Rage" and other aggressive behaviors

Has a negative effect, even if you use public transportation!

You began the commute because it was an opportunity to live where you want. Your community gives you everything you want...
A large house

A peaceful setting free of city problems

Room to play and grow
But these are only possibilities that won’t be realized unless you take back the energy, time and money the commute robs from you...

Don’t allow this any longer!

You needn’t live a life that is controlled by the commute.

You needn’t be on the periphery of your family and community.

You needn’t start your workday exhausted.


Conquer the Commute:
Tools for the Road and Life
shows you how to make
possibilities realities


Here is what you will learn...

How to have a better, less stressful commute

How to use the Tools that will change your commute and your life

How to have a great life in spite of the commute

Then we’ll expand into...

Developing your life map

Plans for action

What the corporation can do to get the best out of their commuters

How to help the family cope with the commute

Long term changes that can be made to the commute


"Dr. Marie Mastria's 5 step plan is such an easy way to reduce the stress of commuting, but it is her dedication and commitment to helping those in need that shine through her work. Every commuter needs to read this book. It goes well beyond commuting and the result can assist everyone whose life touches the life of a commuter. Those who stay home are just as effected as those who travel. Thanks for your work Dr. Mastria!"

— Andrea Scott Brown
Ten Minutes Just for Mom


Commuters have special needs – If those needs aren’t met they suffer greatly from the commute.

Like a flower withering on the vine, if your needs aren’t met because of the commute, you will not reach your full potential.

What to do?

Learn to Conquer the Commute by...


Limiting the stress

Stopping the drain of Time

Regaining your Energy

Stemming the tide of Money


Have time for Family

Reconnect with Friends

Be a part of your Community



"I have known Dr. Marie Mastria professionally for years. She has that uncanny ability to ask the hard questions in ways that easily leads you to discover the answers inside you that are waiting to be discovered. She not only invited you to own your expertise, but to develop pathways for expressing your gifts. Marie blends humor with sincerity as she nudges you forward on the path of excellent you desire to go with your career, your family, and your treasured relationships. She inspires you to express your gifts and to experience the joy or expressing your truer, deeper self."

— Dr. John Bellanti, CLC, PCC


Conquer the Commute:
Tools for the Road and Life
will show you how.




My name is Dr. Marie Mastria, CLC, PCC. After moving to a suburb of New York City, I saw first hand the impact of commuting on the individual and the community.

Seeing the commuter separated from family, friends and the community was shocking to me.

Why take on the burden of the commute if you can’t reap the benefits?

So I set out to do something about it.

I talked to commuters. I became aware of what services were available to them. I read the studies. I observed the communities and the families they left behind.

While I saw that rideshares and public transportation were available, there was nothing to help the commuter handle...
The stress of commuting The strain on the family, the company, the community The physical and emotional difficulties on the commuter’s life
I am a psychologist, consultant and coach who has used my training to develop this e-book, workbook and teleseminars to help
The commuter The company The family The community...
Take back what the commute has stolen.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Commuter e-book. It's so full of wonderful, useful information- could be incredibly helpful to many people. And you write clearly, concisely, to the point and kept me wanting to read more. Well done!"

— Judy Silverstein PhD



There are ways to make your life good and

Conquer the Commute:
Tools for the Road and Life
shows you how.

I am not going to offer you a bunch of bonuses you
didn’t order and don’t want. What I will offer you
are gifts to enhance you work with the e-book:


Order now and you will receive the
Companion Workbook that makes it easy to use the tools to get your life working again. (A $30.00 value.) e-Mail program based on the e-book. (A $197.00 value.) Over a 15 week period, e-mails will be sent to you with suggestions on how to use the e-book.
Sorry,  this bonus is no longer available.

In addition, for the first 10 people to order, you will get admission to the accompanying teleseminar series based on the e-book. (A $297.00 value) This is a fantastic way to quickly make the changes you need with the support of others.

Sorry,  this bonus is no longer available.

The first thirty people to order will also get a complimentary 30 minute consultation with me to discuss any aspect that will help you on your commute. (A $150.00 value)


"Dr. Mastria's book has practical ideas for making the commute more bearable, but also goes beyond it by suggesting ways to improve your life while on the road and at home. She "gets" the issue of fatigue and putting life "on hold" during time we commute. I would recommend this book to anyone who commutes as a way to begin to improve the life quality."

— J. Erikson, daily automobile commuter in the Midwest.

"The information was great. It gave me some helpful hints about driving to and from work. Thanks!"

— B.C.

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This is a $264.00 value (a $711.00 for the 10 and a $561.00 for the first 30 people), but I’m making my ebook available for only $37.00 so that more people can gain from this resource.

But you must hurry because some "thank you" gifts will expire quickly.

Your e-book will come as a download with specific and easy instructions.

Any support you need will be available with a quick e-mail to [info@Commuter-Assist.com](mailto:info@Commuter-Assist.com).

Do it Now before the additional gifts expire.

Your commute does not have to take over your life. Your commute can be conquered.

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Happy commuting,

Dr. Marie Mastria, CLC, PCC

P.S. This ebook is guaranteed for 8 weeks , so your purchase is completely risk free! [Order now!](http://1.drmmastria.pay.clickbank.net)

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