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A $500,000 Grant To Start Or Expand Your Business. A $50,000 Grant For You To Go Back To School. A $15,000 Grant To Help Pay For Child Care. A $10,000 Grant To Fix Up Your Home. A $1,300 Grant To Help Pay Your Mortgage. A $5,000 Grant For You To Start A Business At Home. A $9,500 Grant To Pay Any Bills. A $250,000 Grant To Work On Your Invention. Plus..Many,Many More Grants You Could Easily Receive!!
Over $2.3 Trillion Will Be Available To Fund Grants In 2009! How Much Do You Want?
 Receive a grant for almost any purpose!! Yes, you read that correctly! A staggering $2.3 TRILLION will be available to fund grants in 2009! Why not get a piece of it to do what you want? You could receive a grant for thousands of purposes including business start up or expansion, child care, repair your home, buy a home, get an invention going, pay for your groceries, pay your heating bill, it goes on and on! Best of all, it doesn't matter what your credit rating may be! You can apply for a grant even if you have bad credit, no credit or even if you have filed for bankruptcy or have been through forclosure. Many of their programs, incredible as it may seem, require you to have no money, so having bad credit helps you! The U.S. government has a heart of gold when it comes time to give money away. Believe it or not, they set no limit to the amount of money they give away. All you have to do is meet their simple requirements. Some of them are utterly ridiculous. All types of grants, loans, and in-kind services are available for you and provided by the federal government and by private foundations.

Government Grants are paid for by you and I, the taxpayers. This money is not a loan and it never has to be paid back; It's yours to keep. It is non-taxable and interest free! This is an opportunity for you to get some of your money back. Laws require the Federal Government to provide free money grants to an ever increasing array of groups. Every American citizen and some legal aliens have access to this free government money. This money is available for almost any personal or business need. The US Government and private foundations want to give you this money! All you need to do is take that first step to improve your life and the people around you!

These grant receivers took that first step & look what happened:

Tori Stewardson of Virginia, a 40-year-old claiming to suffer low self-esteem, received $15,000 to finish her college degree.

A California company called Beneficial Design received a $49,937 grant to develop a web site on hiking trails.

Linda Suydam received $216,000 to launch a fishing business in Alaska.

Brett Stern of New York City received $175,000 to work on his invention.

Wendy Schaetzel Lesko of Maryland received a $4,000 grant for her neighborhood volunteer tutoring service.

James Freericks of Washington DC received over $500,000 to travel the world.

Dorothy Heart of Texas received $40,000 to pay for her daughter's hospital bill.

Seize the Opportunity Now to Change Your Life!

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Funds Available
This Year Alone...
Business Grants
$135.5 Billion!

Personal Grants
$192.3 Billion!

Student Grants
$92.8 Billion!

Housing Grants
$124.2 Billion!

Research Grants
$91.7 Billion!

$36.3 Billion!

Grants For Women
$80 Billion!

"Your guide is very informative and easy to follow. I purchased it to apply for a small business grant. There are alot of useful resources listed. Thanks!"
- Brad W.

"Thanks for the useful guide and source listings. It is definitely worth the purchase price!"
- Sherry M.

"I wanted to start a pet grooming business but wasn't sure how to even start to apply for a grant. I will keep you updated."
- Amber T.

"Thank you for the excellent information your guide provided....It was helpful and informative..." - Alan N.

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