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FROM: The Rich Neighbor

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my website! Like tens of thousands of others who come to
this very page each day I have been expecting you!

Unfortunately most people who visit this page will not read the
information I have below, but for those of you who desire to have a
better life, and want to learn the _EASIEST_ way to become a
millionaire in the 20th century I urge you to keep reading! It will
only take you a few minutes to read through this entire page and I
know that the information you learn can change your life forever or at
least put a LOT more money in your pocket at the end of each day!
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I decided to make this website because I constantly have people
asking me what I do for a living and how I manage to have so many
expensive things while seemingly having a ton of free time to do as I
choose. The truth is I do have a lot of free time to do what I like
but only because I have worked extremely hard the last 7 years to
discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to online
businesses and making money on the internet. When most people are
sleeping I am up at 4am everyday managing my internet businesses. By
the time most people arrive at work I have already nearly finished my
work for the day and I can do whatever I choose from then on. I
learned the hard way and have tried making money just about every
single way possible online. Please do yourself a favor and read the
rest of what I have to say. You will be able to save yourself many
years of the trial and error I had to go through! Even if you aren't
interested in making money off the internet please read what I have to
say. As simple as this website may seem my program is just as easy and
simple to use. You do not need ANY prior knowledge of the internet to
make money the ways I do. All you need is some time and the
willingness to become successful!


I created this website because I am completely confident I can show
anyone who has a general knowledge of the internet how to make a HUGE
amount of money with very little time and a very small initial
investment. Unlike many "get rich quick" plans offering ebooks on
various types of marketing, affiliate programs, and other "CRAP" my
system will show you how to develop hundreds or possibly thousands of
income streams that will provide you with a RESIDUAL INCOME STREAM
that will grow larger and larger over time. To get started the only
thing you need is a little bit of startup capital (a credit card or a
bit of cash in the bank) and a few hours of time each week to manage
your business. This business is as solid an investment as physical
real estate and is much more liquid, easier to manage, and will give
you the opportunity to grow MUCH quicker in a very short period of
time. As a matter of fact I got started investing in domain names less
than two years ago and was making over $100,000/year within months.

First off I'm going to tell you straight out that you won't become a
millionaire your first month, unless of course you have a lot of
credit to get started or you come across some domains at great prices.
What you should know is that your income will grow quickly over time
and will soon be the top income stream you have in your life! Have you
ever heard the phrase it takes money to make money? On the internet in
my business this couldn't be more from the truth! You will need to
spend money making purchases with my system but most of the money you
spend will be from money you have already made from your original
investments, simply rolling your profits back into new purchases so
you can grow larger and larger with each day that goes by. There is
nothing complicated for you to learn, NOTHING FOR YOU TO SELL, and you
don't need to spend even a penny on advertising or marketing! So what
exactly will you be doing? That is simple, I have laid out an exact
blueprint of what I do each day to make money and increase my residual
income investing in internet domain names. Basically I buy expired
domain names, generic domain names, and domain typo's that have
existing traffic. I then simply park the domains and serve ads from
major search companies like Google and Yahoo. I make money anytime
someone clicks on the links shown on my domains. To get a clearer
picture type the following domain into your browsers address bar:
HTTP://CREDITREPORTCHECKED.COM . As you can see you are simply taken
to a webpage filled with ads relevant to the domain. When a visitor
clicks through to an advertisers page I make money! On the domain
above I average between $3.00 - $12.00 for every single click!
Multiply that by thousands of domains receiving millions of visitors
monthly and you can begin to get an idea of the money that can be made
in this business!


All you will need is about 30 minutes to 1 hour of free time each
day and you can replicate my own exact results and be on your way to
making more money than you ever dreamed possible! There really is no
possibility of error, unlike many other investments where you can win
or lose with my course the investment knowledge you will have is so
solid that it is literally impossible to fail! This is not like a
traditional online business where you have to build a website, market
a product, and basically find people to buy your product. It is
extremely simple, you buy domains that have traffic, park them, renew
them once per year and make money from them every single day. I have
single domains that make me over $500 each per day and they are no
harder to find than domains that only make a few dollars a day.

Honestly, I am such a regular person, I don't work much harder than
a normal person and I definitely did not have a huge nest egg of cash
or credit to get started. I simply spent the last 7 years online
learning the WRONG ways of making money and finally found that the
best way to make money is also probably the easiest and least time
consuming! Trust me I have built hundreds of my own website's trying
to sell products and services, I have tried advertising other peoples
products for commissions, and I have even tried selling my time to
help other people build and market their websites. Now I look back and
see that my own learning curve took WAY too much time than was
necessary. I am here now because I want to help you make money the
quickest way possible without having to experience this same struggle
I went through.

To clarify things for you a little better, I can guarantee that if
you say yes to each of the following statements I can help you
drastically increase your income:

1) Do you have 30 minutes to 1 hour of time to devote each day to
this new business?
2) Do you have access to cash or credit equivalent to $500 or more?
3) Do you have an internet connection you can use each day?
4) Do you have an email account?
5) Are you ready to learn the easiest way to make a massive amount
of money off the internet?

Hopefully most of you have answered "YES" to each of the statements
above. If you did then I am completely confident I can help you make
much more money than you are making right now! I dont care if you are
a minimum wage earner or corporate exec making millions. The fact is I
can help ANYONE make a much more substantial income. The more money or
credit you have the quicker you will experience results. But keep one
thing in mind. You do NOT need a lot of money to succeed. I started
with only $25 in the bank and within one year was making more than
$700,000 per year of RESIDUAL income. Into my second year my income
has grown so substantial that I will easily pass my goal of $2 million
per year in pure profit. Next year I am completely confident I can
pass my goal of $5 million per year! If you are a person who dreams
big like me then you owe it to yourself to stop wasting time working
for someone else and earning a mediocre income. All you need to do is
read and implement the techniques in my course and you can achieve the
same results I have.


My daily commute involves withdrawing huge amounts of cash from my
Paypal account!

I was able to buy my favorite vehicle after just 3 months of
investing in domain names.

How soon will you be making money? The sooner you commit to learning
my techniques the sooner you will be making more money! Its as simple
as that! Most people will begin developing new income streams within
days of learning my methods and many will start making a substantial
income within a few months.


So how much do I charge to reveal my methods that can easily make
you a millionaire on the internet in very little time? And more
importantly how much is this information actually worth? Well let me
make it easy for you, the amount I charge for the course is the
MINIMUM amount I am willing to accept in order to reveal my method of
making money! I wont ever offer discounts, special offers, or special
sales because this is the minimal amount I want to pocket from each
person I help. Remember, you are not buying an ebook here that you
will end up throwing away in a few days, you are purchasing a complete
course that will outline EXACTLY what you need to do to make your
income streams. I will show you exactly how to find, purchase,
monetize, and even sell your domain names. All you will need to be
successful is an internet connection, and email account, and a credit
card to make your purchases with. You really need NOTHING else to
succeed in this business!

Unlike most of the other programs or ebooks you may have read on
making money I am always here to help my customers. If you have any
questions at anytime you can ask me and I WILL ANSWER your questions
directly, not an employee of mine, not an associate, but me
personally! I won't promise to be available every single day, but if
you do need me I will always be willing to help. Remember I WANT to
see you succeed. That's why I developed this website after all!


Below are some of the things you will learn from taking the Rich
Neighbor Course.

STREAMS - This is a no brainer folks, residual income is by far the
best type of income you can make because it will keep producing
revenue for you day after day, month after month, and year after year
with no additional work from you. If you re-invest your profits back
into new purchases you will see just how fast you can grow!

2) MY PERSONAL BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS - I will basically take you by
the hand as if you were right beside me and show you the _EXACT_ steps
to develop your first income streams. From that point on you simply
need to repeat the results over and over again. Within your first
month you could easily have multiple income streams working for you
and producing income 24 hours per day.

Learn from a professional domain investor and save yourself years of
time learning on your own. I will show you exactly which domains
produce the largest incomes and how to find them. I will also take you
through the day-to-day life of a domain investor showing you all of
the best tools you can use to guarantee each purchase you make will be

4) MY PERSONAL SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE - If it anytime during my course
you need some help or tips or just some extra advice I will be here to
answer your questions for you. Not too many people online in my
position are willing to give this type of advice away for free but as
a customer of mine I want to see you succeed!

other investment that is as profitable as investing in internet domain
names. The worlds largest businesses even invest in domain names
because they know how extremely valuable they are. Type in the
following domains in your browser address bar and see where you are

- books.com - Redirects to Barnes and Noble who also owns book.com
- mortgage.com - Redirects to Citibank
- loans.com - Redirects to Bank of America

As you may be aware the above domains are extremely valuable, I'm
not assuming you will have enough capital to purchase domains like the
ones above when you first get started but I listed the names just so
you could see that even some of the largest corporations understand
how valuable domain names are. Each of the above names would easily
make millions of dollars per year as parked domains.

6) GUARANTEED SUCCESS - People I am _GUARANTEEING_ that when you
learn my course you WILL make money from it. I'm not going to sit here
and tell you that in your first year you will make a million dollars
because I dont know your current financial situation. Clearly someone
with thousands to invest will be able to grow quicker than a person
with a few hundred to invest. On the other hand it is very possible
that ANYONE can be generating a massive income regardless of how much
you have to invest from the beginning. Remember I started with only a
$25 original investment.


As you all might already know on the internet no product is ever
sold and no money is ever made without traffic. Traffic fuels business
on the internet and I will show you exactly how to get it with your
domain purchases. Unfortunately some people reading this want first
hand proof, well I have no problem with that at all. If you are unsure
about me, or anything I have written on this page feel free to check
the traffic rankings of this very website on or . As you will see I am
attracting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors monthly to this
very web page and I do so without paying a single penny for any of the
traffic! If I was to buy this traffic from Google it would cost me
anywhere between $0.05 to $5.00 for every single visitor. Honestly,
how many people like you and me can afford to pay $15,000+ a month for
traffic that will never return? Do yourself the favor and act today, I
guarantee I can help you make a serious amount of money on the
internet with very little effort!

When you command a large amount of traffic on the internet you have
the potential to make a huge amount of money. Below are some of my
personal traffic and revenue stats from recent monthly earnings.
Please keep in mind this is only information from one of my many
domain parking companies. I built all of the income streams shown
below in less than a years time.


So are you ready to get started? Can't wait anymore to learn how to
become a professional domain investor that can compete with the best
in the world? Please complete your order below. I recommend paying by
credit card or Paypal for the quickest delivery of my course but I can
also accept money orders, bank drafts, personal checks, and cash. Once
your payment has been verified you will immediately be able to
download a copy of my course. Once you get started with the course it
will generally take you between 2 to 7 days to learn and implement my
methods yourself and start making your own income streams. If you
follow my directions properly you should _EASILY_, and I mean _EASILY_
be able to cover the entire cost of the course your first month.
Throughout your first few weeks if you need any help at all just send
me your questions and I will answer them as quickly as I can. The
truth is my system is so simple and straightforward you will probably
never need my help again!

The cost of my course is only $49.95 USD and to be completely honest
with you if you cannot afford this amount right now then I recommend
you start saving or consider borrowing the money as quickly as

What do you have to lose? Honestly the most important thing we all
have in our lives is time.... How much more time are you going to
waste? I truly believe that it is nearly impossible to fail, and no
matter how many wrong decisions you make you will still end up making
a load of money. This is not money that comes into your pocket on a
one time basis, this is the type of money that will residually
increase month after month and NEVER stop flowing into your bank
account! How much work is involved? Hardly any, in fact I normally
spend about an hour or less a day monitoring my own domain portfolio
and making new purchases.

Still have further questions? Feel free to at anytime. I will
respond to your questions within 24 hours or as my time allows me.
Remember, you are not only investing in a _PROVEN _system you are also
investing in a relationship with me, I WANT to help each and every one
of you succeed and I will answer any questions you have on your
journey to success! Want to see just how successful people in my
business are? Read the following article and I guarantee your interest
will be sparked!

The Man who owns the Internet - Click to Read


_MY GUARANTEE_ - Order my course today and if after learning and
implementing my techniques you do not make any money simply let me
know within 60 days and I will provide you a full refund.

To order my course please select your method of payment below. After
paying you will immediately be redirected to the page where you can
download my course.

(Immediate Download After Purchase)


All Major Credit Card and Paypal Payments

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope to develop
many positive relationships with many of you in the near future! If
you have any questions about me or my program feel free to send me an
email. I normally respond to messages within 24 hours unless I am on
vacation (which is honestly quite often!).

Wishing you Success online,

The Rich Neighbor

_" Nothing makes me happier than helping hard working, decent people
make more money off the internet. If I can leave you with just one
piece of advice after visiting this page its this, DON'T EVER BE
AFFRAID to take the plunge into something new even if you are a little
nervious. People who hesitate in life lose out on many great
opportunities they may never get back!"_

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