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Brent J. Sweet
Search Engine Optimization Expert

 Getting to the top of Google in the fewest steps!  

 Limited Time Offer for those serious about SEO 

"There is a market for anything, but unless you rank on the first page of Google, you are losing customers to your competitors!

I have a simple solution, to get you ranking higher Google, you start today and the rankings come naturally.

Content is King, doorway pages, SEO guru's, ebooks on SEO, all the things you have bought that don't work. I can show you the way, if you keep reading, to build a long term ranking strategy. No matter what Google does in the future, your business will be at the top.
For this service I do a lot of manual work. I can't, therefore, continue to offer it forever. This is a very limited offer, only available for a very limited time. Once I have too many requests I have to quit, or I won't be able to serve customers. Not only am I about to show you how to take steps to rank high in the search engines, I am offering you all the assistance I can give.


Dear Business Owner, 

   You have probably either spent a lot of time creating a website, or a lot of money having it built for you. The fact is, however, if people can't find it, it is worthless. The number one way to move to the top of the search engines is one way links. I am about to reveal how you can get people linking to you over and over with very little work on your part.

   Article Submission is the number one way to get those links, but there are pitfalls, here is a list:

The Amount of Time Involved  How long would it take you to submit an artile to 100 directories, how about 1000, how about 10,000? How long would it take you to submit two, three or four articles?.

Duplicate Content Filters Did you know that Google does not count links and can actually punish you if you submit thousands of the same article to many sites? It's called the duplicate content filter.

Link Building that is Not Natural Hurts you  If you were able to submit 1000 articles per day, this would actually hurt your site. This is not natural, the only way to do this would be to cheat Google, and Google is good and punishes cheaters. 

Expensive Submission Services  Most companies charge hundreds of dollars per article, submitting duplicate content over and over, not telling you where they are submitting, and never getting you results.  

   In summary, Current services out there charge a fortune to save you time and punish your site.

   Article-Submission-Express provides a similar service, though our few differences are the difference between helping and hurting your site.

What you need is 1000s of Unique Content Articles submitted to 1000s of directories, and you need it done at an affordable price!
Save Time - The only thing we don't do is write an article for you. Once you write it, however, we will take over submitting thousands of unique articles to thousands of sites..
  Each Article is Unique Content - Google is smart, they are starting not to count links that are not from relevant, unique content. Our service takes care of this, we submit only unique articles, and we do it in a new way. We don't use word replacement, or a keyword replacement strategy, because these are old tactics, and likely to be discovered.
   Natural Link Building - Timing is everything, why bother writing an article, if you can't maximize your use? The key is to do submissions in a manner that appear natural to the search engines. This way each article gives a relevant, counted, one-way link to your site.
  Affordable and Unlimited - We charge one fee. We don't break it down to be a small amount per directory which turns out to be a fourtune. We also don't limit the number of articles you submit!  
What I Do For Your Website

   With a little help from you, I literally manually take your article and submit it, with the help of my unique software. This is not the article submission software you have seen before. I have designed a unique software that compiles unique articles, and submits them to a limited number of directories per day, giving you exactly what you need: One-way links from unique, relevant content, that are counted!  

   Most people fail to have a strategy to rank in the search engines. Others give up before they would even rank normally, as it does take time. How would you like to take steps today to ranking in the future, and the things you do to day, permananetly improve your rankings?

   It is important to use many different strategies, but is is important that you know:
Search engine optimization is is not easy. There is a lot of competition, you need leverage to be more effective than the competition. 
One way, relevant, text links are the only way to really boost your rankings, but link building by yourself is tedious. You need to put your link building on auto-pilot. to g.
Article Submission with our process is the best way to auto-pilot your link building campaign.

    I literally believe I have developed the best software to help people build links. The only drawback to it, is that I have some manual work to do for each person's article. Therefore I cannot accept more than a few clients at a time.

   Even the smallest sites can compete with the big boys. You just have to create what I call leverage, a way to do things just a little better than them. How many of the big boys do you think are submitting articles, becoming trusted experts in their field, and at the same time making site after site link to them?

    We will help you promote your site, and make linking material that people want to link to your site.

We submit articles to 7622 directories!

[Click Here to see the list.](dirlist.html)

Website publishers are constanly looking for unique content to help their rankings.

    Our system allows these publishers to find your unique content and easily add it to their site. They can even download a unique version to put on their website. When they do this, they have to link to you, or they can't use the content.

    This is how your link building is on auto pilot. Years from now a publisher of a website may want your copy on their website, they get a unique article, post it and you get a link from their site. This never stops working, it is viral marketing at it's best.  

Now is the time to start promoting, whether your site is new or old. Finished or unfinished. 

What's Included With Our Service

   You get unlimited article submissions. We will submit as many articles as you can write to all of our directory partners.

   You get daily statistic updates. As long as we are still submitting your article we will update you with whom it has been submitted to, and how many of your articles are indexed on Google and Yahoo!

I give this to you at a price lower than most competitors charge for one submission to a few hundred directories. 

So what is the charge?

    Well, considering that my competitors charge up to $300 bucks to submit one article to 300 directories.

   Plus they probably just use some software to submit your article over and over again.

   I could probably get away with charging about $500 per month for unlimited article submissions to this many directories. For up to 50 clients,  however, I'm offering to do submit every article you can write to over 7500 directories and provide you stats for just


Your initial charge will be $45.00. You will then be charged $45.00/month for each subsequent month. 99 months after your initial charge has been made, unless cancelled.

    Why so low?  because I know what it is like to start a business. It sucks finding software and reading these pages, and then looking at your budget and deciding you can't afford it. Some tools sound so great, but they are so expensive that they lose their luster.

I am not kidding though, don't delay, there are only a few spots left. I can't have a huge client base, because I have to do work on each article, I can't have a bunch of people submitting articles.
  To your success,
  Brent J. Sweet
P.S.  If you have though about any ebook, site promotion software, video tutorial or anything, I urge you to reconsider. Link building is the place to start, and with Google getting smarter, today is the day to start building links the right way.


Click here to sign up, and rank #1 on Google ASAP!

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