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Play Homebrew, Backup and Import Games on your Wii Without Voiding the Warranty

HomebreWare is software that enables your Nintendo Wii Console to run Homebrew Applications, more over it enables the ability of your Wii Console to play DVD movies, and finally run Import and Backup Games.

Certain homebrew applications called emulators which come bundled with HomebreWare will give you an opportunity to play classic games from retro consoles such as N64, SNES, Sega Genesis and many more.

The most extraordinary feature that comes from HomebreWare is the ability to play backup and imported games without mod chip or anything else that might void your warranty.

Play Backup Games.
Play Homebrew Applications.
Play N64, GameCube, SNES and Sega Genesis Games, as well as games from other consoles.
Access to over 2000 Free Games that you can play using the HomebreWare Bundle
Play Region Locked Games, this means you can finally play Imported Games.
Play DVD Movies and Mp3 Songs.



I was looking for a way to unlock my Wii so I can play backup games,I was looking into several methods to do this, the devices that allowed me to do this were priced over 100$, and were hard to install, there was also the risk that the warranty would be voided and my wii would be damaged in the process.


HomebreWare solved all my problems, with the simple software I was able to unlock my WII in less than 15 minutes, without even touching any hardware components.




Promotional Discount

HomebreWare is currently on a special promotional 40% discount

While this special promotional offer lasts, you can get HomebreWare for almost half the price, Originally priced at $55, HomebreWare can be purchased for a limited time for only $29.

That's nothing compared to amount that you will save by being able to play backup and homebrew games. Don't miss out on this limited offer because it won't last long.



The HomebreWare Team

For any inquiries contact: admin(at)homebreWare.com


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