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Save 30% - 40% - Even 50% or More on Groceries!

- Do you ever run out of cash between paychecks and wonder how
you're going to make it through?

- Have you ever had to buy groceries on a credit card because your
income isn't keeping up with your family's needs?

- Do you sometimes wonder how a double-income household like yours
could _possibly_ have trouble making ends meet?

Well friend, you are not alone! EVERYONE is struggling these
days, and that is why I want to share with you my 101 secrets - the
tested and proven system that can not only cut your expenses but leave
you with PLENTY of cash at the end of the month.


How You Can Use My 101 Tested and Proven Ways
To Cut Your Grocery Costs by 30% - 40% - even
50% or More Every Week.

Most people think they're pretty well-off. "I'm not poor!" they
insist, as if they have all the money in the world. And if you truly
are rich beyond all means - if you honestly could NOT use an extra
$1,500 - $2,000 or more per year - stop right here.

If you tip more than that to the valet parker at your country club
or light your cigars with $100 bills - quit reading now and go pop a
bottle of expensive champagne.

If you are the equal of the guy in the 'Monopoly" game with the
monocle and bow tie - shut down your web browser immediately, go into
your vault, and start counting your gold coins; you've made it, big
guy - go celebrate!

We're Not All Millionaires.

- If you're NOT one of the ultra-wealthy people who aren't affected
by this recession...

- If you are doing 'alright' but find that your money is buying you
less and less each week (like the other 95% of us who have to _WORK_
for a living...)

- If the recent changes in our economy have led you to say "no" to
the quality or quantity of food you purchase...

- If you've had to cut back on the variety and volume of food that
you serve your family...

- If you've had to say "NO" to your family's request for special

- If you've had to deny yourself the treats and rewards you deserve
at the end of a hard day...



Now there is a way to change the way you shop - change the way you
cook - and lower the amount of money you pay for your groceries. And
believe it or not, you can actually IMPROVE the quality of the foods
you buy.

Think about that for a minute.

You can actually buy BETTER FOOD for LESS CASH.

If you suddenly found an extra windfall of cash in your checking
account, you could make changes for the better in your life: take the
family on a vacation, buy new furniture, whittle down your credit card
bill, or pay for college tuition for yourself or a child. The good
thing is that this will be FOUND MONEY - not a loan, not more debt.

If this kind of money - the kind that comes TOTALLY FREE to you -
could benefit your family, I urge you to read on...

Picture the smiles on your children's faces when they discover that
they see that you are giving them back the foods they love. Imagine
their joy at seeing the treats they crave returning to your food
pantry. And picture your satisfaction at knowing that you are helping
to improve your family's health by purchasing higher quality foods
that are more nutritious and tasty.

This is not a pipe dream, a joke or a scam. It's a tested and
proven system.

What's more, you will discover that my book is the REAL THING. I
know, you've been burned before by people who promised you the moon
and then delivered a dud. And then they won't give you your money back
like they promised. It happened to me when I was doing research for
this book.

One clown out there promised grocery savings of 70% or more. Her
whole approach was to write dozens of complaint letters every week to
the food companies, so you can get refunds on everything you buy.
That's just not practical, and it's not ethical either! So that's NOT
what you'll find in my book.

What you WILL find in my book is 154 pages chock-full of advice,
tips, techniques, plus 101 tried they're not illegal, immoral or just
wrong; they're actually VERY VERY RIGHT, and the store manager and
cashiers will look up to you for having insider knowledge and shopping
savvy. Everyone loves a winner, and that's what you'll be when you buy
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Now, many of you will be quick to notice that my savings were NOT
50% or more - and I'll tell you why. It's because these are REAL
shopping, my mission is to buy the foods and products that my family
wants and needs for the coming week. It's NOT to show a huge total
savings at any cost. It's NOT to buy just the things that are on sale
or off-name brands and products that my family doesn't need or won't
consume. I only buy what my family ACTUALLY WANTS AND NEEDS, things
they'll actually consume and appreciate.

If you do REAL SHOPPING for your family, you know that the things
you need are NOT always on sale. You WON'T always have a coupon for
ever item you need. And while you will find items that are tremendous
bargains, chances are good that they'll just go to waste because your
family _SIMPLY WON'T EAT THAT STUFF_! So what good is saving money if
the items will eventually go into the trash or the garbage disposal?


Other systems require that you limit your purchases to items that
are either on sale, on rebate, or that you have a coupon for. With
those "bad" systems, you're not allowed to buy the products that your
family knows and loves. And that's simply not realistic when you're
providing for a diverse family.

So as you can see by these actual receipts, my typical savings here
"only" 37% to 43% per week. But everything I purchased was something
my family wanted or needed in each of these weeks - things that a real
family needs to function effectively in the typical week. The net
result: my family got the products they wanted, and I saved REAL CASH:

- Over $80 in example one.
- Over $84 in example two.
- Over $99 in example three.

DO THE MATH: that's an average of more than $87 PER WEEK. If you
shop 52 weeks out of the year like I do, that's over $4,500 IN

IS THAT "CHUMP CHANGE" TO YOU? Is that amount so trivial it's
laughable? Or are you like the 'other 95%' of us who could use that
money to make a car payment - to pay the electric bill - or to help
pay the mortgage?

My System is Real.
It's Not a Scam.
It's Not a Rip-Off.
it can WORK FOR YOU.

How can it work for you? IT'S EASY. Even if you are 'mathematically
challenged', even if you hate to cook, even if you don't have a lot of
patience or hate to follow the rules, my system can work for you. All
it takes is the smallest amount of effort, and it can whittle your
grocery budget down more and more every week. All you have to do is
read the book, understand the concepts, and follow some simple
organizational steps every week.

Heck, I even summarized the key points into 101 bullet points that
I've placed at the end of each chapter. So if you hate to read, you
can just breeze through the bullet points and get the big concepts in

You'll find that my system is SO EASY that once you understand and
follow it, it will become second nature to you:

* You DON'T have to invest a lot of time or effort to learn it.
* You DON'T have to study or take notes.
* You DON'T have to buy any special tools or materials.
* You DON'T have to change stores or drive miles out of your way to

After learning the system you'll know how to:

a. CUT the amount of time you spend at the grocery store
b. MAKE BETTER SELECTIONS and eat healthier food
c. PAY LESS CASH and take home more groceries
d. ENJOY 'BULK SHOPPING PRICES' even if you're buying for 1
e. IMPROVE YOUR DIET without buying expensive selections

The best part of my system is that the more you use it, the better
you will get at saving money. Your savings will increase, and your
family's satisfaction with the quality, diversity and amount of food
you bring home will increase as well. And best of all, you truly CAN
AND WILL save money by reading and implementing my 101 money-saving

Now, what is the HUGE cost of this book? The book that is so
chock-full of insider tips and techniques it could:

* Save you $4,500 or more per year...
* Keep $50 - $60 - $70 or more in your purse or wallet EVERY WEEK...
* Improve the quality of food that you serve your family...
* Increase the amount of food you buy with your budget...
* Please your family in countless ways every single day...


That's it. A one-time payment of $9.95. For less than the cost of
one delivered pizza, less than the cost of a single trip to the
movies, less than the cost of 1/10th of the food items in an average
weekly shopping cart, you can download and learn my system today.

This very same book is selling on Amazon.com today for $14.95
plus shipping and handling. Don't believe me? Click the link at right
to buy it today and pay close to $20 including shipping. Hundreds of
people are doing that every day. BUT BECAUSE YOU FOUND THIS PAGE, you
can get your copy today for just $9.95. It's delivered electronically,
so you won't have to wait, and you can start learning these
money-saving tips right away.

To get your copy today and learn my system for just $9.95, click
the button below.

When you order, you can pay by credit card or PayPal and you will
immediately receive an email with your download link. Within a few
short minutes, you'll be learning the techniques that I have developed
over many, many years. If you are sincerely ready to "stop the
madness" and start saving real money every time you go grocery
shopping, simply click the green button and take the next step. Do it
now. You'll be glad you did - and so will your family.


Randall Putala

P.S. As a special reward for my customers, you will enjoy the
ability to purchase unlimited quantities of my printed edition -
currently selling on Amazon.com for $14.95 + shipping - for just $9.95
per copy.

P.P.S. If you are STILL not convinced that buying my book is one
of the smartest decisions you could ever make, I don't know what else
to say. I've made this system SO COMPLETE, SO POWERFUL and SO
AFFORDABLE, anyone can afford it - on any budget. That's because you
will EASILY save 3 - 4 - even 5 times the purchase price on your VERY
FIRST SHOPPING TRIP. Does that make sense to you? It should.

Look at your grocery receipt from last week's shopping trip. Does it
show a 30% or 40% savings at the bottom? Your receipt from this week
can easily show a savings of $30 or $40 if you learn the techniques
found in my book. And as you learn more and apply more of my tested
and proven 101 ways to save on groceries, your savings could climb to
$50 - $60 or more per week. And you're having second thoughts about
spending less than $10 to learn these insider secrets? Think about the
return on your investment, and make the right choice. Click the order
button below and start your savings TODAY.

P.P.P.S. Okay now, only the most die-hard penny-pincher would
ever get down this far and still have doubts. Do you honestly think
you couldn't save $10 over the course of the next year by reading my
book? Are you honestly convinced that you are already saving ALL THE
MONEY YOU COULD POSSIBLY SAVE on groceries? _Do the savings figures at
the bottom of your receipts genuinely look like mine???_

I can assure you, I've met other "coupon clippers" that believed
they couldn't learn ANYTHING from ANYBODY because they were experts at
the game. And within 5 minutes of showing them just 2 or 3 of my
tested and proven 101 ways to save, they were amazed. These were some
of the most hard-core cheapskates that have ever crossed my path - the
kind of shoppers that will mow you over to get to a bargain. You know
the type. They didn't believe a single word I said - until I said it.

When you can show an experienced shopper a thing or two that they
can apply immediately to lower their costs even more, you know you're
on to something. And I've experienced this over and over again. In
fact, one of them said that I should "go on the road" to teach
seminars on saving money. She said that people would GLADLY pay $50,
$100 or more for the information I've gathered in this book. But I'm
not going to do that. I would rather teach EVERYBODY my skills, and
make it affordable for them to do so.

I want everyone to learn my secrets. And I want them to pay just
$9.95 to do so.

You see, I'm not out to 'gouge' the world. I'm not trying to sell
you a bill of goods. I'm trying to help you out in these challenging
times. And I'm a real person. Once you buy the book and start to learn
the system, I'll be there for you. You'll enjoy FREE access to my
grocery-savings web site. You'll receive FREE weekly newsletters and
additional information. You'll receive FREE customer support and email
advice to answer your specialized needs.

I TRULY WILL be there for you - and I will make 100% CERTAIN that
you stay on budget and SAVE MONEY each and every week. But you have to
take the first step. You have to invest $9.95 and learn the system.
ACT NOW, and start reaping the rewards of Better Food for Less Cash.

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