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Get To Sleep Faster With SleepSync

Start to feel extremely relaxed within 6 minutes

Enter a state of light sleep within 15 minutes

Enter deep sleep within 30 minutes

Does it take you ages to get to sleep?

Often wake up really tired and drained of energy?

Struggle to get to sleep without sleeping pills or alcohol?

Frequently feel like you've hardly slept all night?

Before you can fall asleep, your brain and your body both need to be
ready for sleep. Instead of being able to unwind and slip into sleep
easily, your head may be a buzz with ideas, thoughts, worries,
concerns, or memories.

Or perhaps you feel like you've got a clear head, but for some
annoying reason your body is out of sync, and you just feel so
restless, and can't get comfortable in your bed, tossing and turning
...on your back, laying on your right side, then the left, flipping
the pillow trying to find the sweet spot ...whatever you try you just
can't get comfortable. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!

If you are experiencing Insomnia and sleep problems like this, your
brainwave frequencies are almost certainly out of sync when you are
trying to relax and sleep.

What you need to do is relax your brain, and get your dominant
brainwaves into a state that is ideal for sleep.

When you are in an alert state and fully awake during the day, your
dominant brainwave frequency is usually running very high in a state
known as 'Beta'.

The Beta brainwave frequencies range between 15 to 38 Hz

When you have just woken up, or are getting ready for sleep, your
dominant brainwaves are typically in a state called 'Alpha' (8 to

As you begin to really relax and enter light sleep your brainwaves
enter the Theta state (3 to 8Hz range)

Then finally, as you get into a deep sleep, you reach the state
known as 'Delta', which is in the 0.2 to 3Hz range.

It's during this deep sleep state of Delta, that your body heals,
resets and recharches itself.

Going back thousands of years, many cultures used repetitive chants
and drum beats, to get people or groups of people into a certain
mental state.

They discovered over time that by changing the volume, tone and
speed of the chanting and drum beats, different feelings or mental
conditions could be induced.

Recent scientific studies and technology advancements, have taken
this centuries old phenomena a giant step further.

We are now able to measure and see how repeating noises and beats
stimulate our brainwaves, and the resulting effects this can have on
our immediate and long term feelings, reactions and behavior.

The modern process of stimulating your brainwaves with audible beats
and pulses is known as 'brainwave entrainment'.

SleepSync uses the most advanced and effective form of audio
brainwave entrainment, which contains very specific audible pulses
called 'Isochronic Tones'.

The frequency, pitch and timescsale of the tones has been very
carefully selected and crafted, to gently but quickly guide your
brainwaves down into a state of sleep. Isochronic Tones are completely
safe to listen to, and provide a natural and effective way of getting
yourself off to sleep very quickly.

We have embedded the Isochronic Tones into carefully selected
ambient background music. The background music is very relaxing to
listen to, and would send many people off to sleep on it's own ...but
it's the Isochronic Tones that provide the true power and
effectiveness of SleepSync.

Just relax, close your eyes and listen, that's all there is to it!


NO Side Effects!

SleepSync stimulates your overactive brainwaves, and gently guides
them down through the Alpha range, Theta, and then into Delta, the
state you experience when you are in a deep, dreamless non-rem sleep.

After listening to SleepSync for 6 minutes your dominant brainwaves
will reach the 7.83hz frequency, also known as Schuman Resonance.
7.83hz is the exact frequency of the earth's vibration, also referred
to as its 'heartbeat'.

After listening for 15 minutes you will feel extremely relaxed, and
your brainwaves will now have reached a state of light sleep.
SleepSync carries on stimulating your brainwaves, guiding them down
gradually to a low Delta frequency of 1Hz, which you reach at the 30
minute mark.

By the time you reach the 30 minute mark you will be sound aslpeep.
Your brainwaves will be in the Delta frequency, which is when your
body is healing and recharging itself. The SleepSync audio continues
keep you in this deep state of Delta sleep for the next 30 minutes,
just to make sure you are in a deep sleep. It then gently fades away
in the background.

The SleepSync 'Get to Sleep Faster' audio program - supplied as an
MP3 file for instant download (length 60 minutes).

10 different background sound variations, so that you can pick a
track to suit your particular mood or preference.

A total of 10 hours of SleepSync music to help you sleep!

Full instructions and quick start guide

To enhance your SleepSync experience even further, we have included
10 different background tracks with the program. The brainwave
entrainment pattern embedded into each track is the same, I have just
changed the background sound to give you a variety to listen to each

This means you can pick and choose whichever sound suits your
particular mood, so you'll never get bored of listening to SleepSync.

To hear a 2 minute sample of each variation, click on the title of
each track and press play.

The SleepSync 'Get to Sleep Faster' audio program is supplied as an
MP3 file, which you can download immediately after your purchase.

You will need to have access to an MP3 compatible device to listen
to the SleepSync program, like an MP3 player, iPod, Windows PC/laptop,
Mac computer/laptop.

Although Sleepsync can be listened to with headphones, we recommend
that you listen to the tracks without headphones, because it's less
restricting in your bed. So if you are using a portable MP3 playing
device, we recommend that you use external speakers with it. If you
already use external speakers with your PC, they will usually do the
job fine.

Alternatively, if you have a CD recorder/burner install on your
computer, you can also burn the MP3 files to a blank CD, and play them
in any CD player. (Windows using a free CD

Use the free Windows Media player to burn CD's, so no extra money to
be spent on software etc. We provide you information on how to obtain
and use windows Media Player for free, as part of our quick start

So, it's very likely that you already own all the equipment you need
to use and listen to the SleepSync program. Even if you don't, I'm
sure you have a good friend or relative who would let you borrow their
MP3 player, while you give SleepSync a go during our money back
guarantee period. Then once you see how much SleepSync improves your
sleep, you can then buy your own MP3 player, which are very

Instant download, immedaitely after you've placed your order

$37 - One Off Payment

100% Money Back Guarantee
Your order is placed on a secure server

You Get:

The SleepSync ' Get To Sleep Faster' program in MP3 format -
download after your purcahse.

10 different background sound variations.

A total of 10 hours of music to help you sleep .

Instructions and quick start guide.

Get To Sleep Faster Guaranteed!

We are so confident that SleepSync will help you fall asleep faster,
and enjoy a better nights sleep, that we are prepared to let you try
it 'risk free' for up to 60 days.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason
whatsover, we will give you a prompt full refund.

NO special conditions, NO questions, NO abuse, just your money back
...AND you get to keep the product for Free. Does that sound fair to

$37 - One Off Payment

Remember, you can download the SleepSync program immediately after
you've purchased, just minutes from now. So you can start enjoying
better sleep, starting from tonight!.

You don't have to put up with insomnia and suffer the frustration of
sleepless nights any longer. Put an end to your sleep problems
forever, by placing your order now.

Wishing you a better nights sleep!

Jason Lewis
Creator of the SleepSync program

Still not sure?

Don't forget, you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee, so
you have nothing to lose. Try the SleepSync program yourself 'risk
free', for up to 60 days. If it doesn't work you, we will give you
your money back without hesitation, and you still get to keep the
program for free.

By not ordering today, one thing you can guarantee is that you are
probably going to have another bad nights sleep tonight. You have to
change something, otherwise you are just going to keep having the same
sleep issues over and over.

You don't have to put up with it! Do something to fix your sleep
problems once and for all, Order SleepSync now, and put your sleep
problems behind you!

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