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* Merge Excel workbooks, CSV, and Text Files on Mac OS X Mac OS X
Software merges Excel, CSV, and Text FIles Merges Excel workbooks,
CSV, and Text Files on Mac OS X



Version 1.1 (9/3/2008)

Minimum System Requirement: Mac OS X 10.3 and newer

Member of the Apple Developer Connection


I merge customer database files to prepare for mailings. Every
month, we send out about 50,000 pieces to 20 different markets across
the country. Each of these markets has 2 CVS files of data. In the
past, we had to open 40 files in Excel and literally copy and paste.
Now, in 2 SECONDS (including the time it takes to launch the program),
all of my data is in one nice clean file that I can sort and e-mail
off to my mail house. This monthly task has gone from 20 minutes down
to just a few seconds. Mailings used to be pure drudgery and I'd put
them off due to not having that 20 minute chunk of time to prepare the
file. But now I look forward to mailings because it's painless. My
customers will never get a late mailer again! The best $12 investment
I've ever made in my business. - Jeff R., 4/29/08

I am immensely grateful for the time I saved by using your program.
It was just what i was looking for. Thank you for creating it and
charging only $12. - Adam, 10/21/08

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