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8 MBK Kites - The Complete 2-Skewer Series.



This PDF EBOOK is a collection of useful information for making and
flying 8 different kinds of medium-sized single-line kites. These
designs fly best in light to moderate wind conditions, but some cope
well with very fresh breezes also.

The eBook _can_ be read off a computer screen, but is designed to be
PRINTED OFF and put in a binding of some sort. This handy kite-making
reference would even make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a
kite-mad friend...

The term '2-Skewer' refers to the fact that the basic 'building
block' of these kites is _2 bamboo BBQ skewers,_ joined end-to-end.
Also, except for the Delta, all the designs have a wing-span equal to
the length of 2 skewers. A common size for these skewers is 29 c.m.,
or about 1 foot. This makes the kites just over half a meter (about 2
feet) across. Hence it's not hard to clear enough space on a table
somewhere to start construction.

These MBK kites require _minimal tools_: just a ruler, marking pen
and scissors!

Also, the materials are _dirt-cheap_: sticky tape, bamboo skewers,
wood glue and plastic bags!

The eBook is a selection and compilation of information from the _My
Best Kite_ website, drawn from 3 areas:

* plans and tips from the KITE PLANS pages
* detailed instructions from the HOW TO MAKE A KITE pages, complete
with all photos
* selected blog posts from the KITE FLYING BLOG, which describes
some actual flying experiences with each kite!

Get ready to have some BUILDING AND FLYING FUN!


There is a _previously unpublished PHOTO_ of each kite in flight,
and ...

For many of the kites, there is a hyperlink back to a _20 second
MOVIE_ of the kite in flight! See what your creation will actually
look like, moving about in the air.


* 92 pages of kite-making information and photos - but it's easy to
print out just 1 or 2 kites' info if you want!
* there are plans and template graphics for each kite
* there are more than 70 photos illustrating the building steps...
* as well as 9 close-up photos and 7 launch photos of these
high-performance kites in flight!
* contains a _detailed_ 3-page Table of Contents
* suits _any_ computer that has a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat
* file size is 3.9 Mb (all those photos take a bit of space)

Have fun looking over all the different designs. Then pick one,
build one, and ... in the nicest possible way of course, _go fly a
kite!_ :-)


and download it. Depending on the speed of your Internet
connection, delivery might take less than half a minute or it may take
several minutes.

The cost? Just $14.95 USD for hours of building and flying

If any questions or problems arise, feel free to

Wishing you GOOD WINDS!

Last updated: 25 Nov 2008

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