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Exclusive Offer: "Web Site Maximizer" Special Reports Bundle!

Wow!  An exclusive NEW Scott Fox
"Web Site Maximizer" Special Reports Package


Would like to learn to improve your web site design and Search Engine ranking to make more money?

OK, you've already got a web site. Are you making the money you hoped?? What's holding your revenues back?

Or, are you at the idea stage?  You've got an idea and are about to build your first web site. What do you need to know?


Here are the answers you've been looking for!



You probably know Scott Fox as the Author of the worldwide best-selling book, Internet Riches. His book has repeatedly been a #1 best-seller on Amazon.com's E-Commerce and High Tech Careers best-seller lists for over two years!


Because Scott Fox tells it like it is and he doesn't charge a million dollars for his expert advice.  Web design firms and SEO consultants hate him for it but he thinks you deserve better than their technical double-talk! He specializes in helping regular folks like you improve your web sites, grow your traffic, and make sense of all the annoying (scary) technical details that are so important for e-business web site success.

In fact, he specifically wrote Internet Riches to help average people like YOU get YOUR share of the E-Business Revolution that's happening today.

Did you read Scott Fox's book, Internet Riches?

If you did, you know that he's a best-selling author because he's great at making complicated technical concepts easy to understand, even for non-technical readers. He's a leading expert at PLAIN ENGLISH explanations of web site design, Internet marketing technologies, and all the tools that you need to make more money online.

For the first time since Internet Riches, Scott Fox is sharing his expertise with you in an exclusive downloadable package of Special Reports - (and at a FRACTION of what this information would cost you at his normal, high-priced consulting rates!)

These Special Reports are the critical NEXT STEP in building your online business empire!

Here's what you get in this amazing bundled offer:


Special Report 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Critical Basics


Special Report 2: Keys to Profitable Web Site Design


Plus, Special Report 3: E-Business Strategy Basics

And Free Bonus!

Scott Fox's "Web Site Startup Check List"!

These are Scott Fox's FIRST public products since the publication of his worldwide best-seller, Internet Riches!

If you liked Internet Riches, you'll want to check them out - these Special Reports are full of practical, detailed strategies that can help you grow your business online!

And he's not going to hide the ball on the price either.  How is this for a great price? 

These reports normally retail for over $100 but today the special bundle price is only [$49.95](http://1.cbk008.pay.clickbank.net/)!

(This offer won't last long!  In fact, he's limiting the offer to only 1,000 copies worldwide so they don't hurt sales of his books - so get in while you can!) 



Here's what you get:

Special Report 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Critical Basics

[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a38834010535fafe88970b-pi) This exclusive 50+ page PDF Special Report download will save you LOTS of money.

It answers dozens of your most important SEO questions. In it Scott Fox details the critical steps your web site must make for Search Engine Optimization - most of which you can do yourself without hiring high-priced SEO consultants! It includes definitions, techniques, and benefits in plain English.

This transcript of Scott Fox's exclusive private class covers important profit-enhancing topics like:
Search engine submission Link exchanges Optimal Web site structure Meta tags optimization User Interface design Allowing and attracting search engine robots from Google, Yahoo, and MSN Keyword strategies and keyword density Black hat vs white hat SEO techniques and more...
You can download these printable PDF Special Reports INSTANTLY upon payment!

"Thanks for a great seminar with very valuable information. Sure could have used some of it when I started my website three years ago! Learning about the free traffic estimator tools alone made it worth it." - Ron N.

"Your e-book helps to answer many questions I had. The important information you provided will keep me from making costly mistakes, and it will make my site more productive. Thank you for sharing this with us." - Sharon R.


SPECIAL REPORT 2: Keys to Profitable Web Site Design

[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a38834010535faff33970b-pi)Today your web site IS your product! Is your site "maximized" for success?

Learn the web site design factors critical to e-commerce success in this exclusive PDF download of Scott Fox's most popular lecture.

This informative 35 page PDF seminar transcript document will answer dozens of your most important web site design questions because they were asked by REAL PEOPLE just like you!

This Special Report concisely teaches you how to use inexpensive web site design techniques to encourage visitor sales conversion. It includes definitions, technique explanations, and benefits all in "plain English" for non-technical readers.

Scott Fox demystifies the details of important money-making factors including:
Critical Site Design Do's and Dont's Information Architecture & how it can help you Correct use of JPG and GIF images and Flash movies The importance of compelling copy and keywords Allowing and attracting search engine robots Keyword strategies and keyword density The most common mistakes in web design and how to avoid them! and more...
"Thanks for this seminar! It provided some invaluable cost effective strategies for developing my online business. Very concise and to the point!" - Elliot F.

You can download these printable Special Reports instantly upon payment!



PLUS:  Special Report 3: E-Business Strategy Basics

[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a3883401053602bf66970c-pi) This informative teleseminar covered dozens of reader questions about the best strategies for starting a new online business web site.

You'll get 25+ pages of e-commerce expert Scott Fox responding live to topics including:

* web site hosting
* online advertising
* domain name registrations
* marketing strategies
* customer service issues
* affiliate programs
and more...

"Critical Basics provides an excellent starting point for SEO success!" - John G.

You can download these printable Special Report PDFs instantly
upon payment!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sale of this exclusive Special Reports bundle is limited to only 1000 copies! (Scott Fox will take them off the market SOON so they don't hurt sales of his next book!)



Free Bonus!

Scott Fox's "Web Site Startup Check List"!

[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a38834010535fb07bb970b-pi) [](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a3883401053602c0d0970c-pi) This free Bonus Report details the critical set-up steps you need to take to get your web site positioned for maximum revenue. In just 8 pages, Scott Fox lays out the very same "12 Step Program" he uses himself when setting up a new web site!

These small but critical technical details can make all the difference to ensure your web site attracts the visitors (and customers) you need to make money online!


How much is this package of Special Reports again?

With all 3 of the Special Reports PLUS the Free Bonus Report?

[ONLY $49.95???  WOW!](http://1.cbk008.pay.clickbank.net/)


[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a38834010535fb066b970b-pi)  [](http://1.cbk008.pay.clickbank.net/) 



[](http://scott-fox-blogs.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5500f82a38834010535fb052b970b-pi)These Special Reports are GUARANTEED to save you TONS of money AND make you a smarter online marketer. 

If you're not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just email us within 60 days of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price!



Your Special Reports will be available IMMEDIATELY by download!




P.S. Don't forget - your purchase here today is likely tax deductible as a business expense, too!


PLEASE NOTE:  Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM, our sales partner for this special offer.


[Order now](http://1.cbk008.pay.clickbank.net) and you can be sharpening your SEO and
web site monetization skills within MINUTES!

[p.s. Sorry for the hard sell.  As usual, I'm testing different approaches as research for my next book.  This is still a really great deal, though.  Don't wait - it won't last long!] 

Questions? Contact us at "cs @ scottfox.com"

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