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Thursday, 20 November 2008
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Written, Recorded and Compiled By: Anneke Riewald &
Mohammed Shiraz Qamar

Not Available in Book Stores...

Now you can improve your mind power at the comfort of your home, with “MIND Your Intellect”- A Home Study Course from Golden Inspirations.

We guarantee you that this would be the best Mind Power course you would ever go through, we are so confident about our mind power course that we are happy to give you 100% money back guarantee. That means, If you don't like our Mind Power Course (we are sure that you would love) we will ask you no question, and simply return you your full amount. We call it our Unconditional Guarantee and we are so confident about it because till date we haven't encountered even a single order who has requested for money back.

This course will change the way you look towards
yourself. This course is especially designed to help you
understand how your mind works, and how you can
unleash the hidden potential of your mind.

This Mind Power Course Includes:-
1: An Excellent book on Unleashing Mind Power.
2: Two Audio CDs with different Relaxation Exercises.

Who are we?
We are India's Leading Mind Power Training Company. We do provide various training programmes related to Unleashing the Mind Power. We believe Human Mind is very powerful and we are on a mission to create awareness and add value to people's life. You can visit us at our website: [www.goldeninspiration.com](/../) .

Read what Thousands of our satisfied customers say.


"I have researched on Mind Power courses and trainings for more than 20 years now, and also attended most of the best trainings available in in the world by traveling to different countries. But This course is simply the best self study course i have ever come across. First time I was surprised how can someone compress so much of information in this package."

Khushdeep Singh, Delhi, India
"I had a severe accident, and i was on bed for close to 6 months. I lost the desire to live. This was the time i came across this course and i practiced the meditation exercises in the CDs. within a few weeks, i was completely healed and back to my normal and healthy life. This course is miraculous. I give the credit of my re-birth to you guys. Thanks a lot!"

Uma Devi, Hyderabad, India.
"The voice and the background music is so soothing, It takes us to a different world altogether!"

Amit, Software Developer, New Delhi, India.
"Meditations are Very Effective and help a lot in relaxation & exploring yourself"

Alex, Fashion Designer, U.S.A.
"The course is Amazing! It opened my mind to new horizons"

Nandita, Manager MNC, Bangalore, India.
"I never knew our brain was capable of doing so much, Thank You for this Great Course!"

Michelle, High School Teacher, Canada.
"The Only thing i can say about this course is, ITS AMAZING!!
Hats off to you guys!"

R.V.Chandrasekaran,Owner of Sriauroma centre for inner studies & healing.
Pondicherry, India.  

Course Contents(BOOK):-

1. Introduction
This chapter will give you step by step method to extract maximum out of this amazing course and also to bring it into regular practice.
2. Memory Management
There are lots of Memory management tricks in this chapter, which can help you in following ways:
1: Help you remember names of hundreds of new people you meet.
2: Remember long and difficult numbers.
3: You have have a list of 100 different things to buy from the market? You don't need to make a paper list, because we will help you remember all of them in just a few seconds.
4: Train your mind to automatically remember everything you come across.
3. Mind Maps
Special techniques to create powerful Mind Maps, to store all the information in a amazingly organized way. Also some great diagrams to help you understand the concept quickly and easily.
4. Brainstorming
Brainstorming is a useful and popular tool that you can use to develop highly creative solutions to a problem. It is particularly helpful when you need to break out of stale, established patterns of thinking, so that you can develop new ways of looking at things. This can be when you need to develop new opportunities, where you want to improve the service that you offer, or when existing approaches just aren't giving you the results you want.
5. Relaxation
Do you get stressed out very fast? if yes! Then this chapter is specially designed for you. This chapter contains some Secret Techniques which can help you relax and become fresh in just 5 minutes as if you are just out of bed after a long & pleasant night's sleep.
6. Mind levels
This Chapter is one of the most important chapters in this book.This chapter will explain you how the human mind works and how you can use it in the most efficient way. This chapter also include the scientific explanation and easy break up of different mind levels and also how you can utilize each of them in the most Powerful way.
7. Intuitions & right decisions
Do you believe in Intuitions? well, even if you don't, they exist! We will explain you scientifically how they work, and how you can use them for your good. After this course, you will never wait for your intuitions to come to you, rather, you will get them whenever you want them! You will also learn how to use Intuitions specially for you business, your work and your personal life.
8. Concentration & Focus
Do you face problem concentrating on anything for a long time? Then don't wait to read on this chapter. This chapter has the key to unlock your hidden concentration powers. This chapter will also help you understand how concentration really work!
9. Human Emotions
Are you overpowered by your emotions? don't be surprised if you are, most of the people are not able to control there own emotions, and some of them don't even realize that they are controlled by there own emotions!! Well, then this is the time, instead of being controlled by your emotions, take charge of them and use them for your own good. We will help you with that in this chapter.
10. Create your own life
We are India's largest mind power training company, due to which we come across lots of people through personal counseling. Most of them face one single problem, They feel they don't have the life they really want to have/live. We can help you achieve you dream life in a organized step by step proven method. We will help you get the courage to Listen and Follow your dreams. Most of the people do what other people want them to do (Parents, children, family or friends) due to which, they never get chance to follow their own dreams. This Chapter is made for you!
11. How to improve exam results?
Are you a Student? Great! we believe Mind Power is the most important tool for students. But unfortunately till now we have never found one single school/college who actually teach the Mind Power Techniques! But don't worry. We will tell you The Secrets of getting around 100% results All the time. No matter what your age, your class or your subjects are. We guarantee you this course will be the best investment you will ever make for your school/college life.

Contents (CDs)

This course comes with 2 Mind Power Meditation CDs. These are not traditional meditations! These meditations are scientifically designed to help you train your mind to become most efficient. Some of the meditations below are designed to help you improve concentration, some to improve your mind efficiency and some to help you relax and heal your mind and body emotionally and physically.

We Guarantee you that these Meditations would be the Most Effective Guided Meditations you will ever hear.

CD 1(Basic)

1. Relaxation Exercise.
2. Beach Side Meditation.
3. Fruit Meditation.
4. White Light Meditation.
5. Flying Meditation.

CD 2(Advance)

6. Journey Of Life.
7. Rainbow Meditation.
8. Divine Energy Streaming Meditation.
9. Plant Meditation.
10.Green Leaf Meditation

Lifetime Updates
This is a ever growing course and we keep making it better with our customer feedbacks. You will be posted with all the updates for the lifetime.


Worth $10.34 Absolutely Free


Worth $12.95 Absolutely Free

Our Famous Guarantee
MIND Your Intellect - A Mind Power Course come with a full 100% money-back guarantee. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back - no questions asked. By any chance if you are not satisfied with what you get in this course simply email us at: [digitalmyi@goldeninspiration.com](mailto:digitalmyi@goldeninspiration.com) and we will refund you your complete money! That's Our Promise to you!

For all your Queries related to this product, feel free to contact us at:

you don't have anything to loose.

You will be able to download 1Book & 2CDs in the digital format - Easy to listen and Ready to Print Format. All Instant.
Benefits: No Wait for Delivery, No Hassle, Instant Download after the Payment RIGHT NOW(Even if its 2AM).

All you have to pay is just $97 $47(Only for next 57 Orders)


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