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Finally Available: A Fitness and Health
Exercise Workout Program Specially
for the Middle-aged and Senior Citizens!
(Also applicable for the younger generation who wish to stay fit
without undergoing a very strenuous exercise regime)



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Need a low-impact senior health and fitness exercise program that's specially designed for the not-so-young?

"The Man Who Grew Younger" is the answer you have been looking for! (Don't be misled by the title. The program is applicable to both men and women)

If someone would offer to tell you that there are highly effective natural methods to looking fit and feeling better at age over 40, 50 or 60 , would you listen?

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends who are more senior than you seem to be more fit? Why the person down the street is older than you, yet looks 10-20 years younger? Why some people seem to stay fit and young no matter how ‘old’ they grow? How they have attained senior health and fitness?

Wonder no more. In this book you will find the secrets to the easy road to health and fitness...even even if you are middle-aged or senior citizen! No more wondering and no more wrinkles, you too can achieve lifetime fitness the easy and proven way! In 66 chapters jam-packed with life-changing information and easy senior citizen fitness exercise workout program, you can build your fitness and health step-by-step.

Start Achieving Lifetime Fitness Today! Feeling fit 24 hours a day is easy; this book is aimed to improve the fitness, health and wellness of middle-aged and senior citizens for less money and less time than you believed possible!

Now you can eliminate the side effects commonly associated with middle- and senior-age: double chin, excess weight, wrinkles and fatigue. For one, this book offers easy to do double chin and facial muscle exercises which can be done anywhere and everywhere: at work, in the car, or while watching TV! Why would you pay thousands of dollars to have painful and risky surgery if you can now be fit for a lifetime with less time and money!

The senior health and fitness exercise workout program in this book is easy to follow and after implementing them into your life style the only difference you will notice is the continuous energy you have during the day: you will experience the ultimate lifetime health and fitness even in your middle-age or senior years!

This book will offer you a revolutionary new way to improve your senior health and fitness. Not only will you improve your muscle fitness and health, you will also eliminate fat, rid yourself of wrinkles and achieve greater success on your fitness quest!

This book will allow you to use simple and fast double chin exercises, neck and shoulder exercises and exercises for face muscles to eliminate wrinkles and improve your skin and complexion!

Skin problems in adults are related to deeper problems and cannot be helped with expensive tonics and creams. The unique exercises in this book will tackle the problem by the source to improve your skin’s health, elasticity and fitness.

It is NEVER too late to start improving your health and fitness! Whether you are over 40, 50 or even 60 , the right senior health and fitness exercise program can make you fit for a lifetime! Incredulous? Read on...

Stanford Bennett did just that! In real life, he is "the man who grew younger" who, when he reached 70 looked younger and more fit than he did at 50 because of the unique home exercise workouts that he religiously followed . He felt more fit, younger and healthier because his body had undergone a complete transformation after he developed the exercise techniques and followed a simple easy fitness exercise workout program that he describes in this book.

Bennett at 50
Bennett at 72

Bennet changed his lifestyle and changed his eating habits, he stopped taking medication for ailments which were caused by his deteriorating body. Instead of taking prescription drugs, as most of us are wont to do, he worked on improving his physical fitness the natural way!

He changed his lifestyle and started to eat properly and stopped taking medications for minor ailments caused by his bad physical condition. Iinstead he focused on improving his health and fitness thru bed exercises. Soon he felt much younger and was able to participate in activities that were previously inaccessible to him, as he became more fit than in his younger years.


There is no need to settle for an aging and deteriorating body! Take your aging process into your own hands and take control of your life! It is never too late to become fit and healthy!
In this book you will find low-impact fitness and health exercise workout programs for the middle-aged and senior citizens that will:
• strengthen and broaden your shoulders
• achieve total muscle fitness
• get rid of your double chin
• strengthen sagging facial muscles
• maintain a fair and healthy skin complexion
• remove wrinkles from your face and arms
• exercise workouts to keep your liver fit and healthy
• strengthen and tone your arms
• strengthen you legs and thighs
• remedy varicose veins
• scalp exercises to cure baldness and hair loss
• improving eye sight
• reduce abdominal fat
• develop more lung capacity for overall health improvement

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• It is a widely known fact that exercise is beneficial to your total senior health and fitness. However there is no need to invest in expensive equipment and take time away from work and family to achieve lifetime fitness. You need to continuously use your body to keep your circulation regulated and prevent you from ‘rusting’ and becoming stiff and tired. Middle-aged and senior citizens who keep active have higher energy levels and are more fit, as their bodies work more efficiently at removing harmful toxins and waste.

• Many ailments and illnesses are caused by toxins and waste products built up in your system; as soon as these are eliminated you start feeling more fit and healthier! Even though you bathe on the outside, you have to actively remove the toxins from the inside! Now this book offers you exercises to improve your liver’s health, which is the primary organ for the efficient removal of bodily waste!

• In today’s ultra fast-paced lifestyle, we have developed the habit of “eat-and-run”. Eating while working, or rushing back to work right after a meal, may save a little bit of time, but you will actually develop digestive disorders that can lead to long term physical problems in your senior years.

• Massaging your skin in the appropriate places will actually stimulate your skin cells and enhances the production of collagen, restoring your skin’s natural elasticity and prevent your face from sagging. Not only that, pressure helps to ease knots in your muscles as well as in your nerves. This can make you truly relaxed after a busy day and full relaxation contributes to your complete muscle fitness!


These are only a few of Sanford Bennett’s revolutionary exercise workout secrets to achieving the goal of lifetime senior health and fitness of middle-aged and senior citizens.

This e-book provides you with the opportunity of creating a new “prime of your life” right away! Take control over your future, and get rid of that old or "senior" look! Soon you will notice people asking what your senior health and fitness secret is!

Don’t take the risk of serious injury when subjecting yourself to strenuous exercise workouts and diet regimes. This e-book is written by a man who knew what is was like to be in poor shape! He took on the ultimate fitness quest and tirelessly researched to prove it is never too late to start a lifetime of fitness and health quest even if you start late in life!

Do not be afraid of aging! Instead, you can age in your senior years but actually grow younger and more fit in body and mind! When you finally see the fruits of your determination and patience, the satisfaction you will receive cannot be equaled!

You will be inspired and energized to live your life to the fullest! You will achieve 24 hour health, fitness and energy! No more coffee to stay awake, no more medication for minor pains and aches, you will feel more fit than you ever felt before!

• Learn our “exercise in bed” to develop and strengthen the muscles of your arms, shoulders, legs, back, shoulders, and loins.

• Physical deterioration is also caused by the clogging up of our arteries with sedimentary deposits. Eliminate these deposits by the practice of “muscular contractions and alternate relaxations” in the right places of your body.

• A lot of diseases are caused by improper or poor eating habits. Find out how a unique “3-day fasting technique” can cure you of many digestive disorders, colds, flu, and other related diseases.

• Troubled by dyspepsia and other digestive problems? Strengthen your stomach muscles and digestive organs by our unique “sit-up and percussion method”. It also reduces an obese abdomen and strengthens the back muscles of the neck.

• Our unique “eye exercises” will strengthen your eyes and improve your eyesight.

• The liver is the filter through which the blood must pass to be freed of impurities and toxic substances. If the liver is unhealthy you are unhealthy. Learn the unique “liver exercise workout ” to keep it in the best of health for a lifetime.

• Learn the “lung-strengthening exercises” that will make you resistant from coughs, colds and other lung diseases.

• Rheumatism is the “disease of age”. Learn the systematic muscular activity to cure this most painful ailment.

• Varicose veins? Cure it with our “friction technique”.

• Learn the “hot-cold water” and “hair-pulling” techniques for curing falling hair and dandruff.

• A sagging face is due to worn out muscles. Firm up your facial, chin and throat muscles and attain that younger look with the right facial and neck exercises.

• A wrinkled skin is due to the skin’s loss of elasticity. Restore the elasticity of the skin of your face, neck and throat by our “palm friction” method.

• Get our natural health and beauty tips: honey and almond as dry skin facial and body scrubs; olive oil and salt as exfoliators; milk bath for your feet; mayonnaise and avocado as deep hair conditioners, garlic for flushing out stomach fat and more…

These are merely a few examples of the benefits you will receive from this book and the lifetime health and fitness you will experience! Stop spending money on expensive ‘miracle drugs’, diets and costly exercise routines!

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F R E E ! ! !

The 10 Deadly Health Myths
of the 21st Century

Most of the things you've been taught about disease
prevention may actually be dangerous to your health!


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Here’s to your getting fit and growing younger!

Ismael D. Tabije

Attaining a lifetime of senior health and fitness, from head to foot, without a rigorous training regimen is now possible. Don’t miss this chance to be physically fit and enjoy the rest of your life fully!

Even if you are still younger than middle-age, this book is still very valuable as all the fitness exercises and health tips will make you look and feel younger without the strain of gym workouts. Guaranteed.


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Fitness Exercise Program for the Middle-Aged and Senior Citizens

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