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Your Roadmap to Lower Rates!

An e-book for Strategic Media Buying Planning and Processes

"How to Successfully Negotiate in an E-Mail World"

'Get' the Best Media Times at the Lowest Rates!

Despite economic times, media buying remains a seller's market. We live in an e-mail world, where real negotiation doesn't stand a chance. To substantially reduce our rates, we need every negotiating advantage possible!

This e-book, "How to Negotiate in an E-Mail World" tells you strategic media buying planning processes and how to meet your media buying planning goals with each and every station, each and every quarter.

Are You a Direct Response Media Buyer?

Are You a Direct Response Advertiser?

Are You a Direct Response Media Buying Agency?

Would you like to 'Beat the Bidding War' every single quarter?

'Get' Guaranteed Rates that Pay-out?

Would you like to 'Get' the Best Times at The Lowest Rates in Every Market?

  This e-book will tell you How To

'Get' the Best Time at The Lowest Rates

Increase Your Annual Billing

Reduce Cancellations and Revisions

'Get' the Rates You Need to 'Pay-Out' for 13-Week  Contracts

How to Win the Bidding War - Every Time

How to Secure 1st Right of Refusal for All Your Contracts

Provides Specific Scripts for Negotiation Techniques

Provides Scripts to Negotiate the Lowest Rates for the Best Media Times

How to be in Total Control when Dealing with the Station

Media Planning by Quarter

How to Price Avails for All of your Show Titles

This e-book is your own personal consultant. Written with lots of pictures to illustatate points with humor, easy to read media planning and buying processes inscructions, as well as detailed negotiation scripts to follow.

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[FREE e-book](Preview_How_to_Negotiate_in_an_email_World.pdf)


[FREE e-book](Preview_How_to_Negotiate_in_an_email_World.pdf)


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