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"Tell the Bill Collectors to Shove it and Never Receive another Harassing, Threatening Phone Call or
Collection Letter Again...Guaranteed!

Do you want to know the Secret that will allow you
to use a little known Federal Law to make
 Bill Collectors pucker up...and then Shut Up?

The Bill Collectors DO NOT want you to Know this Information!
Stop the Dirty Bast***s in their tracks!

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What we Have

A Solution to keep collection agencies and debt collectors from calling your home or office or sending harassing letters to you. It is based on Federal Law and is Guaranteed to Work 100% of the time or your money back.

It is a simple solution that people are not aware of, but everyone is entitled too. Collection agencies have held the upper hand for too long. Take back your rights so you can recover your financial footings.

Here's how it will Solve your problem..

If you are Suffering because of the economy or have been laid off and are besieged by debt collectors calls and letters then this will STOP them Dead in their Tracks. You have rights as a consumer, but unfortunately
99% of consumers are unaware of them. This lack of information STOPS today!

This will give you breathing room to get your finances back on track without the constant barrage of collection agency calls and harassing letters. You can stop flinching every time the phone rings or the mailman rings the doorbell. You deserve a second chance, and the only way you can get started is with some peace of mind. Don't hesitate, you have found your chance, take it!
Here's how to get Started today!

Your harassment will
STOP as soon as you decide to get on the path to Harassment Free Living Today! What are you waiting for...you have found your solution, [ Order Now](#order)

There is a way to stop Collection Agencies
DEAD in their tracks!
Just as they have rights to collect money that is owed them, YOU as a consumer have rights too, but unfortunately most people are unaware of them, which just makes it easier for the agencies to keep calling.

This is NOT a black hat tactic to avoid paying legitimate bills that you owe. This is a technique that will get you your privacy back and give you some peace of mind while you get your financial bearings again. And this is not something we made up,

You have the right to contact the agencies that are bothering you and FORCE them to stop contacting you by the means of a special letter and correct verbiage that will end the harassment once and for all. But like most things in life, if you don't know the right procedure it becomes frustrating and ineffectual.

That's why we created the book,
"Stop Credit Harassment"

So how can we help? Simple...Stop Credit Harassment is a step by step book detailing how to write the letters that can be used to Stop the collection agencies from contacting you, it gives the correct format, what to include in the letter that will make it more powerful, how to send it, PLUS information on credit laws, No call list, and a bonus letter for disputing collections that you believe are beyond the statue of limitations.

FORCES the collection Agencies to STOP contacting you, Under Penalty of Law, so you can get a financial breather, get your life back, and regain your privacy.
Our  pre formatted letters are in PDF and Word format so you can open, personalize and print out the letters yourself.

Order Today and Stop the Harassment!

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Q: Does this stuff really Work?

A: 2 Words...FEDERAL LAW

If you are a collection agency, chances are something is going to pucker up when you hear those words directed at your business.

For those of you legally inclined, here is some legal stuff below

Communication with Consumer


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