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Time Is Of The Essence.  The Sheer Traffic To This Page Is Setting Our Servers On Fire.  So...You Must Act Quickly To Grab One Of The 1000 Bonus Packages Before They Are Sold Out.  This Incredibly Unique ‘One Time Offer' Site Will Soon Be Pulled Forever!”

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"In A Hype Filled Industry Full Of Bloated Promises, Weak Offers, Rehashed Crap,  And A Whole Lotta Garbage...You Have Finally Stumbled Upon Easy Money!"

You're About To Learn About A 'One Time Offer' That Breaks All The Rules And That Will Quickly And Easily Stuff Your Pockets Full Of Cold Hard Cash! 

From Chad Reitsma

Dear Friend,

Does watching the same select group of people rake in fistfulls of cash just make you sick to your stomach?  

Are you ready to toss your PC into oncoming traffic because of all the weak offers that get shoved down your throat every day?

Here's an original thought...

How about something REAL that just plain delivers? 

Let me ask you...

What is it about Internet Marketing that first grabbed your attention?  What is it about being an online entrepreneur that keeps you glued to your PC?

Is it the idea that you'd like to make a better life for yourself?...perhaps give the old job the heave ho and be your own boss?

Friend...you're not alone...not by a longshot.

This is what keeps most people coming back...what keeps most folks wading through the garbage...

...the hope that they'll find that needle in the haystack and finally start on the path to riches. 

Well, watch your hands and don't get stuck because you're looking at that needle right this very instant.



"An Invaluable tool for the novice and
pro Affiliate Marketer"

Tim Markson

Edmund is a master of Private Label Rights and Resale Rights and has made a fine living for himself by marketing these types of products, so you know he knows what's new and unique.

When he hasn't seen something yet, you can be sure it's as fresh and hot as it gets.

Now, I'm sure you have seen OTO's (One Time Offers) before, but you've NEVER seen anything like this...

Today only, you have a limited opportunity to scoop up:

50 Smoking Hot Resale Rights Products
That Will Stuff Your Pockets With Cash... 

Check Out The 50 Resale Products You Will Receive
 And...You Will Also Receive Your Very Own
Automated Money Machine One-Time-Offer Page...
Just Like This One!

If you have seen a lot of One-Time-Offers in your quest for online riches it is for one simple reason...

They work. 

One time offers make money, and the marketers that use them consistently add boatloads of revenue into their bottom line... 

So, why aren't you using your own One-Time-Offers?

Usually It's Because It's Too Hard And Too Costly To Put Together The Right Deal.

You have to locate unique and value-add products

You have to shell out the coin to get the rights to those products

You have to write a Sales Letter that will actually convert

And you have to do all the tedious back office stuff to set it all up

Well, guess what?

I have done all the work for you.

I have located or created scorching hot value-add products...I have laid out some serious coin...I have taken care of the Sales Letter...and I have done the labor intensive admin stuff.

You simply turn on, plug in, and receive money.

How many times have you heard this one before...

“I've Paid Hundreds (or Thousands) So You Don't Have To!”

Well, I told you haven't seen anything like this before...I actually did pay thousands so you don't have to, and I'm willing to prove it!

I wanted you to have the best pulling One-Time-Offer in existence so...

I got a top gun copywriter to craft you a sales letter that literally tackles people and forces them to buy. 

I even called in some favors, pulled a few strings, had him dramatically slash his price for me, and it still cost thousands.

Here's the irrefutable proof:

A copy of my payment to a top copy writer to craft your One-Time-Offer Sales Letter

Even at this rock bottom price I still paid $2497 for the sales copy, and it was worth every cent...

...because now you have your very own One-Time-Offer Sales Letter that was actually written by a pro.

You can rest easy knowing that your new automated money machine is always out there working for you, and handily persuading people to click that "Buy Now" button of yours.

When I said you'd stumbled upon easy money...I meant it!


Ok...so you wanna see all the killer products I lined up for you?

"You Are About To Instantly Receive 50 Of The Newest, Piping Hot Resale Products, To Use For Yourself...And To Sell For 100% Profit!"

Product #1 "Product Launch 1...2...3"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #2 "The High Rollers Guide To Joint Ventures"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #3 "Easy JV & Affiliate Manager"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #4 "Adsense – The Dollar Producing Factory"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #5 "Making Money With Autoresponders"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #6 "Joint Venture Secrets"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #7 "Product Launch Strategies"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #8 "Landing Page Success Guide"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #9 "Affiliate Marketer's Toolkit"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #10 "True Secrets Of Profiting With Co-Registration Leads"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #11 "Personalize Your Website"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #12 "Software Index"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #13 "10 PLR Niche Article Packages "
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #14 "Easy Ebook Money"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #15 "Money Secrets Volume 1"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #16 "Traffic, Signups, & Sales"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #17 "Handy Color Schemer"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #18 "18 Advanced Techniques"Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #19 "Adsense Business In-A-Box"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #20 "Email Auto Format"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #21 "Instant Blog And Ping"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #22 "Build A Huge List Using Free Tools"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #23 "Keyword Niche Power"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #24 "Unique One Time Offer"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #25 "My Article Submitter"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #26 "List management Secrets"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #27 "Mailing List Gold"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #28 "Niche Pay Per click Empire"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #29 "How To Create Your Own Ebook without Writing One Word"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #30  "Paid Customer Goldmine"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #31 "The Big Article Pack"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #32 "Instant Affiliate Articles"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #33 "Instant Internet Marketing Articles"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #34 "The Mega Private Label Article Pack"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #35 "The Making Of An Internet Millionaire"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #36 "PDF Labeling And Stamper Pro"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #37 "Podcasting Made Easy"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #38 "Content Magnet"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #39 "Ebay Pro"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #40 "ReSell It On Ebay"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #41 "15 Of The Biggest Questions In Online Marketing Answered"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #42 " South-East Asia Rising Internet Marketers"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #43 "Autopilot Niche Ezines"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #44 "Sales Page Rapid Fire"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #45 "Confessions Of A Follow Up Marketing Geek"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #46 "Product Launch Secrets"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #47 "17 Skills"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #48 "Scorching Hot Resell Tips"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #49 "Download Site Creator"
Full MASTER Resale Rights

Product #50 "Back Burner Traffic"
Full MASTER Resale Rights


I'm sure you'll agree that this isn't the standard fare...

This isn't the usual run of the mill smattering of ebooks written 6 years ago that everybody and their mother already owns.

No, this is a collection of products so new to the scene that almost no-one knows about them yet.

Here's your chance to be one of the first in the know...

Better yet...

Here's your chance to get your piece of the action that you so richly deserve.

So...you're probably wondering just what your investment for all of this will be..?

I mean...after all, I paid thousands out of my own pocket, and spent hundreds of man-hours locating, buying, and creating brand new products so your One-Time-Offer would be the "best of class"...

Just so you could flip a switch, click a couple of buttons, and watch a flood of cash poor into your accounts.

What's the investment to get your very own easy money One-Time-Offer page?

Minimum Package Cost If You Built Yourself

“Cash Cranking 50 Product One-Time-Offer Deal Of The Century”


50 Master Resale Products (Ave. value of $37 each)


One-Time-Offer Sales Letter Written By A Pro


Total REAL Value:


I could easily sell this package for at least $500 all day long.  As you can see from the cost table above you'd have to shell out over $4000 to build this yourself.

But...I have done well in this business and I'll do well with my Secret Page Spy product too...so now I'm looking to give a little back.

I'm looking to help marketers like yourself that are tired of all the washed up, rehashed, worthless offers...

I'm looking to put a no-brainer, lazy cash pumping phenomenon, in the hands of a limited number of marketers that "get it". 

So no, while I could do it...I'm not going to charge you $500. 
 In fact, your total investment for your own One-Time-Offer Package is a paltry $127.

That's less than $3 each for brand new, sizzling master resale rights products, that no-one else has.

But Wait...

Because you are one of the first to view this page you have a tiny window of opportunity to cut that investment in half!

For you...right now...I'm lowering the price to   $500  $250    Only $97!

That's less than $2 for each master resale rights product.



Don't delay, If you want your very own cash producing One-Time-Offer Package with 50 hot selling master resale rights products then there is simply no time to waste! 

I Will Pull The “One-Time-Offer”
The Second 500 copies are sold.
This Is Truly A Rare And LIMITED Opportunity!


Isn't it annoying when you bump into alleged "limited offers" only to find out that the exact same offer has been around for years already?


Well, don't be fooled by those clowns...and that is definitely not the case here.


It makes sense to limit the number of packages sold so that the market doesn't get saturated, and so that you can go knock it out of the park and profit like crazy.


So...here's the deal.


You're either going to recognize this for the fantastic opportunity that it is (if you do, congrats on a smart decision:), or you're going to take a pass, lose out on this chance for easy cash, and wonder how everyone else keeps making the money.

You will see this page one time and ONE TIME ONLY... Period.

This sale will NEVER be repeated at this price and if you take a pass or click away, this sales page will be gone forever. []

You can create this by yourself for over $4000 or you can get it here, done and ready to roll, for a measly $97. 


Sign Up For This Amazing One Time Offer By Clicking The Secure Order Link Below  

Yes I want to own my own Cash Cranking One-Time-Offer page and 50 master resale rights products that no-one else even knows about yet with a
60-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!  I understand that by clicking the link below I will be securing a spot in an incredibly valuable and insanely profitable opportunity.

It is with that understanding that I am entering my credit card information NOW and joining a select and lucky few.

SAFE    [ ](http://1.creitsma.pay.clickbank.net)   SECURE


Just Click Here To Secure Your Spot](http://1.creitsma.pay.clickbank.net)

[Click here to order via credit card on
our secure web site ](http://1.creitsma.pay.clickbank.net)


[Clickbank](http://www.clickbank.com) sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.


You Must Act Now - before it's too LATE!  If you leave this page and attempt to come back, 
the $97 One-Time-Offer will be gone forever!

Your IP has been recorded and it is not possible to get access to this offer again. 
I can only guarantee that it is still available right this very second.  Don't delay!


Chad Reitsma

P.S.  I’ve done everything in my power to make this a no-brainer for you.  I've spared no expense to get you top products and top copy to sell those products for you.  You just turn on, plug and profit.

P.P.S.  You have only this ONE Opportunity . Be sure to sign up now while you have the chance. You will not see this page again, and there is no "thinking about it and coming back".

P.P.P.S. Please do not be irritated if you decide to leave and come back, only to find this page has disappeared .  [Remember...this offer is only good right now!](#buynow)



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Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, either way you are right. -Henry Ford



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