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Discover How A 187lb Woman Lost A Whopping 54.7lbs In 8.5 Weeks & Prevented 4 Diseases By Drinking A Secret Home Made Green Tea!
"I Guarantee That My Tea Will Make You Lose More Weight, Feel WAY Better, & Prevent More Harmful Diseases Than ANY Tea Treatment On The Planet!"

From The Desk Of: Stacy Harris
Successful Tea Diet Enthusiast & Researcher
Creator Of Green4Tea.com
Oct. 2008

Dear new friend,

I know what you're thinking - tea? Really? You've probably seen the commercials or read the reports on this fascinating and worldwide trend in personal healing and weight loss...

I'm hear today to show you that it's all TRUE, however the only thing that these diet companies and green tea manufacturers don't want you to know, is that you can MAKE YOUR OWN magic green tea that's EVEN MORE POWERFUL than their stuff, and safer too.

If you're trying to get healthy, increase your blood circulation, get your heart beating properly, enhance your energy, and lose weight like it's nobody's business, then you MUST read this page, otherwise you're going to get suckered and scammed into the next site you look at or go back to look at... Green4Tea is the perfect all-in-one solution for SO many problems, in fact just off the top of my head, here are a few of the vital benefits various green tea's offer:

What's So Great About My Green Tea?!

Promotes good heart health...

Lowers cholesterol...

Reduces heart attacks...

Aids in weight loss...

Prevents skin damage...

Improves circulation...

Helps with good digestive health...

Soothes stress...

Is antibacterial...

Protects liver function...

Relaxes the body...

Prevents sun damage...

Helps protect against diabetes...

And strengthens bones...

Bolsters your immune system...

Improves your memory...

Sharpens your mental focus...

Promotes younger looking skin...

Helps prevent arthritis...

Removes toxins from your body...

Helps prevent cancer...

Calms the mind...

Aids in maintaining healthy eyes...

And helps heal lung damage...

Now it's a no brainer that you can purchase green tea online from many retailers for $70-$200, and they'll promise you everything under the sun to retain you as a customer - but TODAY you're going to learn how to make your own for less than $20, and it will make twice as much tea for you (and work better - hehe - I know I'm pissing off a lot of people with my site - but who cares about corporations and pharma companies... they have enough of my money already!)

Why the 'other guys green tea doesn't work HALF as well as mine:
I tried the apparent 'super duper' and 'best of the best' tea diets on the market. In fact I might start another site just to show my own review of all of them because 90% of them sucked, tasted bad, had the wrong aromas (more like odors), and did nothing for my health (ok some did work a little however it was sparatic and minimal to be generous!). They are manufactured for volume, not quality, not purity, not weight... They have additives even when they see '100% pure extract', and at the end of the day, who cares what a package or box says - the proof is in the pudding (or tea) - and the ones I put my tea up against FAILED MISERABLY~!

My family started edging me to learn more about these tea diets because they know I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my research (and my weight now too!!! I LOVE MY BODY!), and they saw me doing what looked like a science lab experiment with all my tea lol.

So in doing my trench work, busting diet theory after green tea myth, talking to pros for hours... I finally stumbled upon someone I was apparently not supposed to be talking to - by pure chance. During a brunch I ordered a green tea 'special' at my local little spot, and while sitting on their patio reading my book, an older asian man approached me and said "Hey I see you're drinking MY TEA" ... . ... umm "Pardon me?" I replied, "Yes, you're drinking the tea from my mother land, my tea!".

I giggled "ahaha, cheers it tastes great too thanks!". He then noticed that I was reading a book on natural healing with ancient remedies, and asked if he could sit with me. He also made it a point to order the same tea I had. What I learned over the next 45 minutes from this man, and what he left me with, is what has now transformed me and countless others back into the PEAK of my life!

So What Did He Have To Say? It Was NUTS!

He asked me to close the book, and tell him everything I thought I knew about green tea and herbal supplements. I told him that I'm basically doing research to explore what the best combinations and ingredients to use in order to lose weight, increase my energy/strength, all the normal stuff I figured he'd expect/want me to say. Instead his response was

"Throw everything you just told me out the window, stop reading that book, and please listen to me. I have been a naturopathic healer for 47 years in my country, and on me right now I have 11 of the most important ingredients and supplements for man kind. These are not things you will read about or hear about from the Western worlds health care systems, please listen. I don't have much time, and I shouldn't be doing this but I like to help one person once a day, and today I want to help you - for karma".

My heart thumped! I was desparate! I was fat! I was depressed but determined!! I also wasn't sure if this old gentleman was playing with emotions at this point or really being sincere and extreme - so I went with it. Let me tell you - it's THEE BEST thing I've done since I was a teenager!

He filled me with the absolute best and easiest methods to battle my problems, wrote down these 11 ingredients on a napkin, gave me a sample of 4 of the ingredients right there on the spot, and told me to keep a journal of all this because that was the whole point to this he said - for me to pass this on to our side of the world... Wait - Let me get a quick phone cam picture please!" He obliged but the photo turned out crappy!! Then he excused himself, sipped the last of his tea, and was gone....

Here Is My Asian Lifesaver!

My mind racing, I jotted down as much of our conversation as I could, took as many notes as possible, and started my 'journal' right there on the spot. Later on I went home and told some family and friend about the ordeal, some laughed at me and others said it was destiny :P Either way like I said I was DESPERATE! I was willing to try anything except pop anymore pills in my mouth or try anymore stupid workout with celebrities...

Anyway, within my first week of incorporating a mish mash of what I learned from the Asian mystical healer, I was down 9.5 pounds and couldn't believe it!!

One of the things he said was to NOT look at my scale for at least 2 weeks. But I couldn't help it, my jeans wouldn't fit and were baggy and too big after my laundry day so I had to rush upstairs and check. Sure enough my laundy detergent wasn't to blame! That same day my co-worker says to me 'you look healthy today what are you taking?' My face lit up that day and I never looked back!!

Since then I've refined the formula, I've compared and tested it against a few of the newer tea's on the market, and I'm still 1000% convinced that Green4Tea is the ONLY all-in-one 'Do It Yourself' secret transcript on the market that truly shares, and teaches, the benefits of making herbal remedies to achieve a healthier you in no time. Please look at the beatiful product that this has turned into:

Since completing and launching my guide, I've had a tremendous response from the internet and am TREMENDOUSLY happy that I'm helping so many people around the world now! Just look at what some of my customers have to say!

Dear Stacy:

I had to email you! You were right!! This is like NOTHING I've ever seen before hun! Thanks a million for introducing me to home made green tea you have no idea what's it's done for me already.

It's been 1 month and 1 week, and I've dropped 21lbs?! I still go jump on my scale a few times a day just to relive the moment HEHE. It's addicting that's for sure, I find myself losing lbs or two every few days and I'm literally watching it come off now - This is AMAZING, can't believe I wasted so much money on crap in the past.

Hope you sell millions of these and help as many people as possible!

Thanks again!!!!!!!

Gretta B.
Chicago. Ill. [[See Proof And Read More Green Tea Testimonials Here]](testimonials.html)

Dear Mrs. Harris:

Not sure if it's Miss or Mrs, however I don't want to insult you so I'll take my chance with Mrs! Also because I'm a Mrs!!

I have to hand it to you guys, my husband was the first to notice (other than me) that something was 'different' about me - to quote him "Something looks different about you" with his head cocked a bit sideways and a dumb smirk... translation = You Look Hot! I haven't seen the spark in his eye for years! When I told him it was nothing more than TEA, he laughed at me and said "Haha ok, very 'girly' of you, what about your hair though and your complexion, or is it your weight? Something has changed and I don't think it was your tea dear"

I simply howled as he stood there in disbelief but he had no choice and his smirk got bigger, and... well let's just say I'm a VERY happy woman ever since I got my butt on the green4tea formula!

Forever Grateful

What's best is that my research is still not complete, and every time I find a new study worth noting, I add it to my manuscript and send off the newest version to all those that are in my members area. Today, since my site is starting to get bigger and bigger, I'm going to offer you a great discout and let you also take advantage of this amazing life changing formula for less than half the price my publisher makes me normally charge!

It's my way of saying an early 'happy holidays' and to prepare you for your new years resolution with stealth! That's not all though, see, this whole 'self help' thing you're trying to go through, is not just about your weight or my formula, it's about a way of life too - so today I'm going to include a few bonuses that will skyrocket your day to day living into a spiral of well being and a prosperous tomorrow... can you tell I'm excited?

I can't stop typing!!! Ok here are my bonuses for you (if you can't see any bonuses - sorry - my publisher may take them down at any time without changing the text...).

Bonus #1 $67 Free
everLoss.com Brings You 'Lifes Supplements'
This comprehensive guide to life's natural minerals, oils, vitamins
is the best compliment to the Green4Tea Formula.


Bonus #2 $67 Free
Recipes2Motivate - Also from everLoss.com
We're going to get YOU on a path to eating right above and beyond
your tea solution. Combined, you're literally going to start seeing
your weight come off you faster than you've ever seen!

I know most of the people that come to this site are just like I was, desperate, no clue what to try next, no clue how to fix your problem, I got sick (literally) from all the crap I was taking, and still I was just as fat and depressed as I was before starting my search...

I can relate to you in many ways trust me! Don't do what I did and get really sick while chasing rainbow dream diets or popping pretty pills.. ... . The earth has given us all the seeds, herbs, plants, and remedies for more diseases than our doctors will EVER admit to (the doctor's is still a business - unfortunately).

You've seen the happy customers, you've heard me spill my secrets and story, you've even checked out the bonuses, and you're sitting there wondering if you should grab a copy of this today. Well I'll tell you this, if you keep wondering what works and what doesn't, you'll keep getting the exact same results you've gotten until today.

However if you've taken anything from this page today, you'll see that for less than the cost of ONE order of green tea anywhere else - I will personally show you how to change your life, and I even guarantee it for 60 days.

So if you're ready to finally stop chasing rainbows, eating horrible tasting nutrition bars, popping pills like popcorn, and are ready to...

Live a healthier every day life

Knock off your first xx lbs within two weeks

Get a better skin texture and tone

Increase your blood flow & Cleanse your system

Find out the 'no-hands' approach to making green tea

Get my 11 'Asian Healer' napkin secret ingredients

Beat your anxiety, nervousness, depression & hunger

....Then there is only one thing left for you to do today....
Take Action!!
Claim Your Coupon & Start Your Green4Tea Journey Today:


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Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my page today, I hope you are one of the lucky ones that decide to participate in this phenominon, your body is just aching for this!

PS. I know how hard it is to be in your shoes, even if you're not obese and just want to lose 20-30 lbs quickly. I've been there, done it, and NEVER going back. If there was one thing I would change about all this though, it's the fact that if I started even sooner, I wouldn't have had to have 2 very expensive operations before all this began, and I would have been able to make this website a long time ago. YOU are in charge of your destiny, if there is one thing I learned while lying in the hospital bed, it's that YOU control what you do, and if you want things to happen for you - you must take action and make them happen with passion! [Begin Your Journey >>
PPS. Just to make sure you get this - I'm giving you my transcripts for 50% off today, and you have a full 60 days to read, absorb, implement and put the Green4Tea formula to the ultimate test! If it doesn't work for you like it did for me - I'll buy it back from you at full price, and put 100% of your money back into your pocket - straight from my personal bank account! So you have no-risk, except for the risk of not ordering and continuing to chase your tail looking for that next fix - stop the chase and start your path to a healthy you by [clicking here](http://1.green4tea.pay.clickbank.net).

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