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“Learn How You Can Give Your Dog A Happier and Healthier Life With Regular Dog Massage... ”

YES!!! You TOO Can Learn Professional Dog Massage Techniques In Less Than 60 Minutes Through Easy To Follow Step-By-Step
Web Video Lessons Taught By A Certified Dog Massage Therapist.

Dear Dog Owner,

Dog massage is a proven natural therapy that can help your dog to relax, de-stress and even recover from pain and injury. Your dog will benefit from a regular dose of massage from you or your family members.

Why You Should Massage Your Dog?

A good dog massage will help your dog to:
Improve blood and lymph circulation Relieve muscle tension Recover better from injury De-stress Rebalance energy Enhance the bonding with you
You know deep inside that dog massage is really beneficial for your dog.  The question is - are you giving your dog the regular massages that he or she deserves?

Dog Massage And You
Hi, I am [Zoe Gan](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/aboutzoe.html), a [Certified Dog Massage Therapist](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/aboutzoe.html), and an expert practitioner of this healing art.  I am passionate about holistic care for animals, and I have found my dream profession as a pet massage therapist.  My darling Benny, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is the most pampered and massaged pooch in town!

You too can learn dog massage and the secrets of pooch pampering from my experience in pampering hundreds of dogs in the last few years.

And trust me, you too, like most dog owners will discover how easy it is to pick up this ancient art, and say to yourself, "Why didn't I learn this earlier?" [](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/aboutzoe.html)

I want your dog to be able to have the same loving and healing experience from the wonderful therapeutic touch of massage.  In the past half year, I have worked hard with my Pawsitive Media team to bring this therapeutic art to you.

How To Learn Dog Massage Fast & Effectively

You will be dazzled by this breakthrough dog massage training course that took me over 5 months and countless of hours to create.
I have put all my dog massage experience, techniques, tips and tricks into 7 short online video lessons so you too can learn this holistic art in the fastest and easiest manner possible.

This Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Lessons are delivered in the latest professional web video method (unlike amateurish YouTube video style videos).

This means that you get the complete professional lessons immediately, "on demand" right on your computer, watch it and view it over and over anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other dog massage or dog training courses, this web video lessons allow you to get started immediately with a mouse click and there is:

No waiting for a book, video, or DVD to arrive, 

No reading through 300 pages of boring ebooks, and still end up all confused,

No driving to attend long classes,

No shipping and handling charges,

No need to figure out the correct steps by looking at a confusing sequence of photos or pictures.

This breakthrough web video method helps you to learn dog massage immediately at the comfort of your home, and learn it faster & better.  In less than 60 minutes, you can start massaging your dog right away, and start him on a lifelong journey of therapeutic and healing wonders.

'Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Series'

We toiled for months to produce this dog massage video series.

It's jam-packed with step-by-step guide and comprehensive information on the ABCs of dog massage.

You'll learn when to massage your dog, and when not to.

You'll also learn how to set up the proper environment to conduct your dog massage in addition to the massage techniques and sequence.

You can complete all lessons in less than 60 minutes, and immediately be able to put into practice what you've learnt by giving your dog a therapeutic dog massage!


Here's A Summary Of What You'll Learn In
This Highly Informative And Easy-To-Use
Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Series
This lesson introduces you to the world of dog massage. It gives you an overview of the benefits of dog massage and the basic massage techniques that will be taught in the following lessons. 

[ Click Here To View Intro Video](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/itdm)
The benefits of dog relaxation massage are clearly illustrated in this short but informative segment. 
This is an important lesson on how to set the correct ambience and prepare yourself and your dog for a relaxing massage. You must not force your dog to go through a massage if he refuses. Learn the techniques to set the optimal ambience for a successful dog massage. 
This lesson shows you the basic parts of a dog (canine physiology) to establish common terms that will be used in the rest of the massage lessons. CHAPTER 5: BASIC HAND MASSAGE TECHNIQUES
The basic hand massage techniques are established in this lesson. You will learn the parts of the hands to use, and the hand massage techniques including effleurage & thumb walk. The basic techniques will help you prepare for the massage sequence you will learn in the next lesson. CHAPTER 6: RELAXATION MASSAGE SEQUENCE FOR DOGS
This is the main lesson of the video series. It teaches you the various relaxation massage sequences for massaging your dog. Master these massage sequence, and you will be able to provide your dog with a regular dose of relaxing massage! CHAPTER 7: WHEN NOT TO CONDUCT A MASSAGE SESSION
It is also important to know when not to conduct a massage session.  Find these important tips in this powerful lesson.  
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Real Dogs, Real Success Stories!

     You too can be part of the dog massage success stories! Here's some real life stories...

Success Story #1 - Hammer the Mini Schnauzer - "Paws of Approval"

Hammer has some problems with his hind legs, especially the one on the right.

At first, we thought that he was easily excited and as a result, his legs would shake.

We would joke that Hammer is doing his Elvis-pelvis again.

Never did we know that he is actually suffering from stress in his hind legs as a result of his constant running around and frequent standing on 2 legs.

The situation was aggravated when he hit his right hind leg while he was trying to jump onto on the sofa and making himself cozy.

"We found the perfect solution in the massage therapy that Zoe offers.

Hammer simply enjoys his massage sessions with her and we could see that his condition has improved tremendously.

Our boy boy is no longer shaking like before and other than the occasional tremors when he is truly excited, Hammer is perfectly fine.

We will continue with therapy though, not because of his condition, but because our pooch loves being prodded and kneaded by his dear friend Zoe.

Hammer really enjoys the friendship that Zoe and Benny bring and he looks forward to his massage session every week."

- Hammer's Owners

Success Story #2 - Spiffy the Fox Terrier

Being a fox terrier, Spiffy has a penchant of high spurts of energy and loves to play rough and run about. He tends to limp his left front paw, especially after a long day of playing and even more so after back-to-back days of boarding and playing. Physiotherapy is done on his front paws with acupressure to help improve his weakened immune system. After just several days of therapy, Spiffy only limps ever so slightly.

"Spiffy is boisterous and plays to his heart's content whenever he goes to daycare. As a result, he will usually limp on his weaker front left paw the next day. But after going for a few therapy sessions, he doesn't really limp much now."

- Spiffy's Owner, Jasmine

Save Between $300 to $500 By Learning 
To Massage Your Dog At Home!
Dog massage is a wonderful natural therapy but regular dog massage sessions with a qualified professional dog massage therapist can be rather costly.  

A month of regular dog massage sessions can set you back between $200 and $500. 

So, instead of paying a monthly fee to a qualified therapist, why not learn the art of dog massage in the comfort of your home and let your dog benefit from regular dog massages for the rest of his or her entire life?  

You will enjoy the bonding with your dog when you massage him regularly. The experience is priceless.

Alternatively, you can learn professional dog massage skills by attending a private training with a professional dog massage therapist.  But this will cost you anywhere from $300 to $500 as well!  

[](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/orderpage.html)Or, you can learn dog massage at home through an easy-to-learn video at a fraction of this cost.  

Learning to massage your dog now is as easy as watching a video. You can now learn the fun and beneficial natural therapy of dog massage.  Your dog will love your regular massage sessions that you'll give to him. 

The Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Lessons by Pawsitive Media is the easiest to learn dog massage training course.  

Remember, these web video lessons give you the complete dog massage lessons as if you're being trained by a professional therapist at home.  

In 7 short lessons, you'll learn...

How to set up a conducive environment for a dog massage

How to prepare your dog for his massage

What are the basic hand techniques for dog massage

How much pressure to exert during the massage

What are the basic dog physiology

How to learn the proven and effective relaxation massage sequence

When not to conduct a massage session

Special advice and much, much more...
In fact, if you decide to act now and learn the art of dog massage right away with this powerful Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Lessons, you will receive these bonuses to complement your lessons for FREE!  This deal is for a limited time only during this Special Launch, so hurry and grab this opportunity to claim these great bonuses!

 Act Now & Get These Vital Bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE to help you speed up your learning!

BONUS #1- Dog Massage Health Chart (A $20 Value)

This is a record used by canine massage professionals to keep track of dog conditions during and after the massage sessions.  You will receive this professional record free to make it easier to track your own dog massages.  Now, you can have a great way to track your dog massage progress week after week!

BONUS #2 -Dog Physiology Chart (A $20 Value)
You will need to know the basic dog anatomy terms to follow any dog massage lessons.  This Dog Physiology Chart is provided to you free as part of this bonus package. It gives you rich details of the basic dog external physiology to aid in your massage. BONUS #3 - How to Check For Hip Dysplasia In Dog (A $29 Value)
Hip Dysplasia is a potentially debilitating condition, and it is relatively common for older and bigger dogs.  We have created a special video that helps you identify this potentially debilitating condition. Although this is not a replacement for a vet's advice, the lesson guides you through do-it-yourself steps to identify the signs of hip dysplasia in dogs.  BONUS #4 -Dog Massage Secrets Video Notes (A $20 Value)
Obtain the entire transcript of the dog massage video to speed up your learning and refresh your mind on the techniques.  A great way to learn and re-learn the massage secrets and techniques! Claim your Special Launch FREE BONUSES (worth US$89.00) if you order the Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Lessons TODAY! 
[ Yes! I want to order the Dog Massage Secrets Lessons now at the SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE of US$34.95 and receive all the FREE bonuses above!](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/pay.html)

Get Started Immediately And Be A Part Of The Real Life Dog Massage Success Stories...

Success Story #3 - Brownie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

"Brownie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last July and we were advised by the doctor to send her for hip replacement surgery.

However we hesitated and saw the Pawsitive shop.

After a discussion with Zoe and showing her the X-ray film, we decided to give the therapy a try.

After 2 months of intensive massage therapy with a lot of sneezing and fur flying around, Brownie got so much better and we could see a drastic change in her mood and behavior. i.e. she seems happier and more playful compared to the previous her.

Recently she could even climb 10 flights of stairs while sneaking out of the house.

We would like to thank Zoe for her patience with Brownie.

P.S. Brownie is getting naughtier with her new found health!" :)

- Brownie's Parents

Success Story #4 - Monty the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Monty is a sweet corgi who was having several health problems.

The obvious issue was his weight - he was weighing in at about 25 to 26 kg (we are aiming and hoping it will reduce to at least 18kg).

He is about 10 years old and has an enlarged spleen.

Monty was on 3 sessions of therapy a week so that his painful hind legs and sensitive belly area could be intensively addressed.

He has been improving well and his loving owner happily announced that Monty climb steps recently, something he hasn't been doing for a long while.

The therapy is proving useful and meaningful for Monty as his legs regain their mobility and his belly area reduces in heat and is no longer sensitive.

It took him only about 2 and a half weeks to show good progress.

It is our hope that he will live a long and healthy life. We have since reduced his sessions to twice a week and will continue monitoring his improvement and progress. Yay for Monty!

Success Story #5 - Herbie the Golden Retriever

Herbie is a senior golden retriever.

His age is estimated to be close to 7 years, which is about 40 to 50 man years.

He is one of the sweetest goldens I know and has a fantastic temperament.

His owner, Sharon, adopted him and has been taking excellent care of his health and welfare.

She even gives him glucosamine supplements as a preventive against hip dysplasia and other skeletal problems that large dogs tend to suffer as they grow older.

On the day of the massage, Herbie took to the manipulations, stretching, pressing, etc. very well.

His energy and flexibility were good.

His teeth though a little worn were in good shape for a senior dog.

From the photographs you can see how much he enjoyed the massage and physical touch of acupressure points.

Dogs like Herbie, who are borderline senior and in good health, will benefit from professional massage because of the increase in circulation that it brings to their aging bodies.

Massage also aids in keeping the joints limber and healthy.

This is a complementary and holistic treatment that requires no medication and will raise their level of wellbeing.

Learn A Life-Long Skill - And Use It For Life!
Remember, once you learn dog massage, it's a lifelong skill that you can use over and over again. Your dog benefits from your skill for his whole life.  It's fun, it's beneficial and it really bonds you with your dog!

Hundreds of dog owners have told me that I should have produced this video years earlier. I can list many reasons why they wished for that, but here's the 5 reasons why you should start learning dog massage now:
Give your dog the massage he/she deserves from now on, and for the rest of his life Learning dog massage has never been any easier - learn it in less than 60 minutes Stop spending hundreds of dollars at the dog massage therapists - do it yourself! Help your dog immediately to relax, and recover from injuries if any Teach other dog owners how to massage their dogs!
And That's Not All!!!

I know you'll learn much more effectively if you get additional tools to help you learn better and faster.  

So, I have packed this lessons with incredible bonuses that will complement your learning.  

Look at this GREAT LAUNCH DEAL that I have packed for you!

Dog Massage Secrets Lessons Package
Value US$
1) Dog Massage Secrets Video Lessons with 7 Chapters  $70.00 2) Dog Masage Health Chart $20.00 3) Dog Physiology Chart $20.00 4) Bonus Video Lesson on
"How To Check For Hip Dysplasia in Dogs" $29.00 5) Dog Massage Secret Video Notes $20.00 Total Package Value $159.00

If you act now, you'll get this entire package at a special LAUNCH PRICE of just $159 $70 $34.95!  

That's a GENEROUS 79% Discount to the value of the package!

But, only for a LIMITED launch period.  

So, take advantage of this Special Offer and claim all your FREE Bonuses!
And if you think that these bonuses are great, you're pretty darn right!

But I want to over-deliver on my promise to you... which is why I'm also giving you my 100% Risk-FREE Guarantee!

Here's how it works...

With our no-quibble money back guarantee, there's no way you can lose - except by not taking us up on a free 60 days examination of Dog Massage Secrets.

You risk nothing.

So, why not learn professional dog massage techniques and give your dog a regular dose of dog massage.

We guarantee you'll see a positive and noticeable difference in your dog's well-being!

Order Now For Instant Access
Within The Next 5 Minutes...
Even If It's 2AM!!!


Dog Massage Web Video Training Series Is Delivered Via Online Video Streaming and Bonuses Delivered Online in PDF Format.


To A Healthier and Happier Dog!

Zoe & The Pawsitive Media Team
P.S. - Remember, learn dog massage in 60 minutes and your dog will benefit for his entire life! Now you don't have to spend a bomb to learn the special art of dog massage.  Learn it at home and use the skill immediately with this lesson package.  Take action now before the launch period is over and the price returns to the usual price without bonuses.  You'll only have yourself to blame if you miss this great opportunity! [ Take action now!](http://www.dogmassagesecrets.com/pay.html)

Dog Massage Secrets Web Video Lessons is published by Pawsitive Media.

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