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Click the play button to hear a message from Chuck Pennington. The world's first "Harmonic Life" Systems engineer.

Hi, I’m Chuck Pennington of Harmonic Thought.com.

And Thank you for visiting our web site.

The human mind has no limits in its ability to create.

Awaken the power of your mind in your life.

Consider this: Everything you need to create the life you desire you already have, inside you, right now.

You just need to become aware of it and stay aware of it.

Allow yourself to become awakened to the power you possess right now, to what you truly are, and to your divine nature.

At Harmonic Thought we provide:
audio video training programs coaching observational methods
to awaken these powerful resources that already exist in you.

We approach what we do and product creation not so much in terms of teaching, but of awakening.

Harmonic Thought.com, the internet’s 1st  fitness facility for your mind and spirit.

So browse around the web site.

We hope you enjoy it
and find some ideas and information
that will be helpful in the pursuit of life that you desire.

The abundant life that you deserve.

And thanks again for stopping by HarmonicThought.com.







Love and Gratitude are true manifestations of happiness.

I am happy to be able to share my years as a Buddhist monk and meditation instructor to help you manifest internal happiness in your life.


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Friday October 17, 7:30 pm at [The Path of Tea ](http://www.thepathoftea.com)in Houston Texas.

Human Being 2.0 - The Human Operating System

Learn how to reboot and retune your life through "The Power of Observation".


Friday November 21, 7:30 pm at [The Path of Tea ](http://www.thepathoftea.com)in Houston Texas.

Life Force Maintenance

Learn how to keep your body's energy systems in tune and in harmony with your life dreams.

"Are you ready to finally find out who possesses the [Most Powerful Natural Resource](Products/Books-EBooks/Human-Operating-System.html) on the planet?"

Before I reveal who these incredibly lucky people are, consider this:

The greatest [minds](About/Great-Minds.html), [spiritual leaders](About/Spiritual-Energy.html),and [wealth builders](About/Wealth-Builders.html) of all time have all known "the secret" to possessing the world's most powerful natural resource.

Knowing how to use this powerful resource grants you an all access, "Backstage Pass" to ever abundant [Life Force](About/Life-Force.html) the [Universal Mind](About/Universal-Mind.html), and your own [Divine Nature](About/Your-Divine-Nature.html).

Here's a fact for you: each one of us has equal access and a harmonic connection to the extremely robust and endlessly upgradable ["Human Operating System"](Products/Books-EBooks/Human-Operating-System.html).

"Are you ready to finally find out who possesses the Most Powerful Natural Resource on the planet?"

At Harmonic Thought we want to help you access your connection to this most powerful natural resource through the ["Harmony of Energy"](About/Harmony-of-Energy.html) in all of it's forms.

"The internet's 1st fitness facility for your mind and spirit!"

What can Harmonic Thought do for you?

Retune your body and reboot your life.

Live from inspiration. Empower your mind.

Change everything about your life, without anything in your life changing.






"The LOVE Energy Routine"

Learn how to apply Love and Gratitude into your life.

And allow us to show you how using love and gratitude can increase the joy, happiness, and sense of well-being you feel about your life.

Turn your chaotic, stress filled thoughts of lack into Harmonic Thoughts of love and abundance.

This meditation is the Loving foundation of Harmonic Thought.

This could be the only meditation routine you will ever need.

"Because, truly, in the end, you find out it really is this simple."

Change Everything about your life...


[Click here to find out more...](Products/Guided-Meditations/Love-Energy-Routine.html)


"The Energy Balance Chakra Tuning"

Be the first on your block to learn how keep your energy centers balanced, tuned, and focused.

Tune the energetic instrument that is you and learn how to keep in perfect harmonious balance.

Learn how the sense and control the 7 main energy centers of the human body.

Awaken and tune these energy centers to manifest strength and increase inner peace both mentally and physically.

A healthy, vibrant life awaits you...

[Click here to find out more...](Products/Guided-Meditations/Energy-Balance-Chakra-Tuning.html)


The "Alert Relaxation and Learning" CD


This Alpha wave brain entrainment CD is great for when need to relax or learn with out falling asleep.

An alpha wave binaural beat keeps your mind tuned to the harmony of receiving knowledge while the rain and crystal bowls keep your mind occupied and relaxed.

The crystal bowls and a spring Texas rain shower combine for this wonderfully relaxing CD.

[Click Here to find out more...](Products/Relaxation-Entrainment/Active-Relaxation-Learning.html)

The "Harmonic Sleep Induction" CD

Do you really need to catch some Z's?

This cd is for you. There are binaural tones recorded into this cd that will take your mind into a delta wave state. The natural brain wave state of deep, deep sleep.

This one will knock you out and allow you to maintain a deep restful sleep.

The quality of your sleep will dramatically increase allowing you to awaken refreshed and ready to embrace to day.

[Click here to find out more..](Products/Relaxation-Entrainment/Sleep-Induction.html).

"The Master Key System" E-Class

The "Master Key System" is one of the original Personal Empowerment classics.

Harry and I have updated it for our modern times for an easier quicker understanding.

Charles Haanel never intended for this information to be released to the public. His original clients begged him to keep this knowledge a "secret".

He was paid thousands of dollars this course back in 1912 and it was only available by word-of-mouth referral.

The powers that be from almost a century ago when this work was written (1912) were so scared of the powerful knowledge in this book that they wanted it banned.

The church succeed in 1933 and this knowledge was almost lost forever.

"Any person with a knowledge of the possibilities contained in the Master Key has an inconceivable advantage over the multitude." - Charles Haanel

Become one of the few to master the power that the people in power don't want you to know.

[Click here to find out more...](Products/E-Classes/Master-Key-System.html)



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