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You can change your life for the better,regardless
of age, health, or finances. Guaranteed.

Tap Into A Secret Resource
That Hides In Plain Sight

When tragedy left him suddenly single and broke, one flash of insight acted upon changed his life.

Dear Friend:

This is how it all started.

Twelve years ago, my first wife died from an illness that included, among other things, blindness, heart attacks, and kidney failure.

As far as I was concerned, it was a tragedy of monumental proportions, and the end for me as well.

Although I had braced myself for the inevitable while caring for her, I still found it difficult to accept what had happened.

Almost a senior and suddenly single, after 37 years of marriage.

It was also hard to believe that I was broke. No assets left, and an income that had shrunk to a trickle. Facing a mountain of medical debt that would surely sweep me into bankruptcy.

I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. Just a dark bleak future if I survived.

Feeling very sorry for myself, I slid into a depression that lasted for three days. Kept thinking, over and over again, that it was not fair.

I had paid my dues!

Then, as the fog began to lift, a startling thought surfaced.

I was not the only one!

Everyone who has lived a number of years has paid such dues!


Simply by surviving all the experiences that life presents. Experiences still stored in the mind, preserved as originally perceived.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Thousands of experiences, lying fallow, many near the surface, others deep and long forgotten. But all of them still there, somewhere.

What if some of those memories could be extracted, altered, then used to solve present problems?

What if they could help me cope more effectively? Become more creative. Reach goals faster. Eliminate or prevent health problems. Provide more energy. Resurrect a social life. Improve relationships. Make me happier and glad to be alive.

I became intrigued with the possibilities. It took my mind off everything else.

I experimented. Every day and many times well into the night, I remodeled experiences I thought I had long since forgotten. Progress and results were slow at first but I persisted. I became obsessed with exploring new horizons.

Now, after years of developing and perfecting the system and its techniques, here are the results. It tranformed my life and turned me into an achiever who enjoys the process as much as the end results. It gave me new reasons for living.

And it can do the same for you!  Quickly. Effortlessly. Flooding you with excitement and passion.

Three Very Real Results
This is a system that has been designed for 'triple breakout'. You will end up with three sets of results.

First, you will become more positive in outlook and more passionate in your approach to everyday tasks, more effective as well, with a newfound zest for living, almost immune to negativism, able to snap yourself back in balance. You will handle stress much better.

Second, your relationships will take a quantum leap. You will bond more strongly with your spouse or significant other, or atract the one you have been looking for. You will enjoy your friends and family more than ever. And get along much better with your colleagues at work and at play.

Third, you will be able to set goals and achieve them, complete projects without procrastinating. You will start a steady rise towards financial freedom. You will be able to afford things you would not have thought possible before. Money problems will be a thing of the past.

Perhaps best of all, you will be noticed. You will be more respected. You will be more of a leader than a follower. You will be able to unearth and capitalize upon your unique talents , whatever they might be. You will be more worry-free and more calm and collected.

Back To Your Future
Sound almost too good to be true? Well, on to some details on how the Core Lore System was born and how it works.

What if stored experiences could somehow be altered to help solve present problems?

That is what I kept asking myself after that initial flash of insight about fairness and paying my dues and accessing my memory bank.

For example, would it be possible to extract and restructure experiences from the past, so that the positive aspects were enhanced, and the empowering feelings that went with it were captured and applied?

In similar fashion, could negative experiences be extracted and neutralized, erasing self-limiting beliefs and roadblocks to achievement?

If things like that could be done, effortlessly and systematically, it would be possible to use that secret weapon that had been hiding in plain sight.

I could find no natural law that required stored experiences to remain in memory forever as originally perceived.

They can be changed!

But how? It took me twelve years to develop and fine tune the hundred techniques that have since become so effective for people around the world.

It has been proven that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between the original version of an experience or a restructured version that is vividly imagined and fervently desired.

It will accept the revised version if visualized with the type of passion that puts you on the high end of the Positivity Spectrum.

As a result, you can catapault yourself into an ultra-positive attitude that will override obstacles in your way.

And the terrible toll that negativity takes on your health and your plans can be stopped dead in its tracks.

1, 2, 3, 4 -- And Every One A Core
There are four cores or cornerstones, each of them profound and each capable of radically altering perspective and accomplishment.

What are they? Here is a brief overview.

g EXPERIENCE INDEXING -- for remodeling your memories.

We can extract and restructure experiences stored in our memory. The good ones can be enhanced to serve as coping resources. The bad ones can be neutralized to prevent damage to health and wellbeing and to remove obstacles to accomplishment. Easy to do, once you know the method.

g PARTS THERAPY -- for solving internal problems and resolving self-imposed limitations.

We are all part of a whole and a whole with parts. This enables us to

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