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Are you ready to get serious about your plans, rituals and goals? Are you tired of following the same old routine over and over?  Are you ready to focus on the little things and details so you can be on top of your game? Then keep reading to learn how Better Life Training and The Playbook For Life can put you on the right path towards success.

BetterLifetraining.com, a leading provider of Internet-based coaching through Formal Axiology (The Study of Values) has a monthly coaching program from The Playbook for Life that will help you get ahead in your life. Our programs focus on Life, Sports, Business, Ethics, Financial, Sales, Fitness and Family.

The program is for teens through adults.

Each coaching program from the Playbook for Life is designed to be completed monthly and our program is set up to
improve your overall Life.
Whether you are just an average person trying to get ahead or an elite athlete trying to play in the show, you probably find yourself following the same routine over and over. Day after day you continue to have the same bad habits and 40,000 times in a day you have same thoughts.

Do you know how World Class Athletes, Top Executives stay Mentally focused?

They CHALLENGE themself with the positives through Plans, Rituals & Goals. They introduce their mind to new mental exercises practiced daily.

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Hartman, I had 16 year professional hockey career where I played for the Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Lightning, (Team USA, European Leagues and the minors) and the Stanley Cup Champion, New York Rangers.

In addition to my professional hockey career, I was a very average player that had to be in top condition and had to focus on the little details mentally.

All through Plans, Rituals & Goals!

I'm a certified NASM trainer and Formal Axiology LifeStyle Coach and I've been coaching everyone from professional athletes to corporate America to home makers for more than 17 years.

I've teamed up with a world class program that was developed by Dr. Dave Mefford called "The Playbook For Life."

No longer do you have to be the person struggling to find new gimmics to get ahead in life and make new progress.

Challenge yourself to reach levels of your life you never knew were possible.

You DESERVE this program:

Why Is Our Program Better Than The Rest?

Our program is supported by BetterLifeTraining.com, an established coaching website with a team of world-class athletes & coaches.

Our program can be completed at the comfort of your own home!

Following our program provides you a structured workout to establish a personal plan, rituals & goals!

Our program takes advantage of proper Life recovery so you can Be The Game and not let the game be you.

Monthly programs to keep you focused!

Our coaching helps you VALUE what's important to you.

Our coaching is non-traditional and works multiple areas of your life.

Our program focuses on You!

  "Mike's overall coaching ability is one of the best I have ever seen to this day. His ability to focus on specific details really gets the best out of all of his clients. I have seen him take average athletes in all sports and guide them to an entirely different level through his lifestyle coaching technique."
-Leland Maddox
19 years MLB
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinatti Reds Director of Player Personnel/Assistant General Manager
  Mike Hartman is a dedicated and innovative coach - One of a new wave of coaches. He is up to date on modern technology and training benefits as it relates to hockey and other sports. He has played at the highest levels and has experienced all of the ups and downs that all serious players experience. I highly recommend his program - each and every player who works with Mike will benefit from that training!
-Lou Vairo
Former NHL New Jersey Devils Coach Asst,
US Olympic Men's Hockey Coach 2002
Head Coach US Olympic Hockey 1984
Currently Team USA Head Coach
  I have never felt better in my clothes since training with Mike's BLT program. I have dropped several sizes in my clothes and I have the energy that I never had previously. Thanks Mike for all the help.
-Carol Turso
Former COO, First Union
  I was a day away from quitting professional hockey and it was Mike's lifestyle program that has persuaded me to continue towards my dream of joining the NHL. After one year with Mike my training ethics and my ability to think through situations has given me the opportunity to play at a world class level.
-Andre Roy
Stanley Cup Winner, Tampa Bay Lightning
  Mike has really changed the way I think about exercising. I had never seen his style of training, and at first I was skeptical. He told me my body would change 3 months before my son's Bar Mitzvah and it did. Thanks to this wonderful program I cannot see myself doing any other exercise. Thanks for the great six years and many more to come.
-Linda Goldsmith
  I have been lifting weights my entire life. When I began with Mike, he placed me on the Better Life Training program and all my joint pain and stiffness has vanished and I have never felt so flexible and in great shape in all my years training. My only regret is not beginning this program sooner.
-Joe Turso
Retired Attorney
  After working with Mike for three months, I'm in the best condition of my career. I went to training camp well-prepared and more confident.
-J. J. Davis
Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB

Just think.. in just a few minutes you are going to receive one of the 26 exercises that will take you to the next level.

I truly believe in this program and honestly get a joy out of sharing it with as many people as possible. I'm so confident in this program that I will back it 100%. If you feel this program is not for you and will not take your life, sport, fitness, business, sales & finance to a new level, then simply ask for a 100% no-questions-asked refund.


That's right, if you are not completely satisfied
your purchase will be COMPLETELY REFUNDED.

No risk to you at all to try this incredible program!

How it works!

-Sign up

-Betterlifetraining.com will send you your first Task.

-You will complete the task.

-You will have full access from coaching through podcast and our messageboards.


I hope you see the value of what I have presented to you today. Invest in a risk-free program that could change your life forever. I've put my complete knowledge of training from one of the most respected Axiologists in the world, Dr. Dave Mefford.

Just give me 30 minutes a month and I personally guarantee you will notice changes in your life you've never seen or felt before.


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All the best,

P.S.  The price of this membership is only valid until Midnight, ") .  We intermittently raise the price back up to its normal price of $59.99.  Don't fall victim to our price increase by waiting to buy join this program.  Join today at its special price.

P.P.S.  Remember, you have my personal guarantee this program will really improve your health and fitness.  If it doesn't, you will be eligible for a 100% refund.  There is no risk in learning my program!

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