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A Guaranteed, And Time Tested System To Making Millions All From Home Will Fall In The Hands Of A Select Few Lucky People

Complete Video Step-By-Step Guides To Making A Fortune On The Internet, All From Home, And All In Your Spare Time Could Be Yours Today; Paired With A Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Dear Reader,

       We are probably the richest 19 year old kids you will ever meet. Although I would love to tell you we created out fortune with hard work and long hours, thats not how it worked out for us. Before I show you any incredible checks or how the next 15 minutes can change your life forever let me share a quick story with you on how we happened to find our place in this great lifestyle.

Almost 2 years ago today Chris and I were the stereotypical college kids. We were broke, had a car that was going to die at any minute, and just all around went about life spending the least amount of money we could; Unfortunately unlike many of our college friends that knew they would make much more money out of college, we didn't want to do for the rest of our lives what we were studying. We both had the same basic problem:

We Weren't Happy

The normal 40 hour a week day job with little vacation and working under someone else was not appealing to us at all. We were $60,000 in debt to a career that we didn't even want to pursue anymore.

For months we stuck it out. Depressed, angry, and with a fake smile we did our work; All while dreaming of a way out. A way to pay off our debt, do what we want, vacation, provide for our future families, and just be happy in the future with where we're at in life.

So we researched, planned, and together we came up with a great plan of action. The internet is constantly getting bigger, and as it gets bigger more and more people are taking advantage of the newest ways of making money. So we searched the internet for months, finding the most secretive and greatest methods of making money on the internet we could find.

We put the things we found in the action. Sometimes we made no money in a week, sometimes we made over $1,000 in a day; it was all so inconsistent.

For an entire year we changed the methods. We tested them and made them perfect. In less than a year we created the most fool proof, time tested, and guaranteed way to make thousands a week on the internet, all from home.

All of our methods were so simple and easy; It was incredible that nobody had thought about them before. The truly amazing thing about the ways we were making money was that it was all with the most popular websites on the internet today! YouTube, MySpace, Craigslist, Yahoo; Everyday millions of people use these websites, and never know the incredibly easy way they could be making a fortune with them.

The day finally came. me and Chris dropped out of college at the age of 21. It really was an easy decision. We were making more money than our college career could have ever given us. I had paid off all my student loans in only 2 months. Our methods had more job-security than 99 percent of all the careers out there.

For once we were happy!

Out of all my memories in my journey to creating this amazing technique, the one that sticks in my mind the most was pulling up to a couple of my classmates graduation in this:

My 2006 Porsche Boxster! My friends couldn't believe it, they asked me questions like where I stole it from, or how many different kinds of illegal things I was selling. So they definitely were skeptical when I told them it's already paid off!

"I work when I want to, I go on vacation whenever I want to, When the time comes my family will be cared for, and above all I work for myself!"

So here we are today, using the system and the internet to make hundreds a day, completely in our spare time. We spent a almost a year in almost complete shock. Why shock? Because we did what everyone dreams of. We had the perfect job, complete with financial security, being our own boss, and all we needed was an internet collection.

I wake up smiling, and excited EVERY day, because I spend each morning looking at numbers like these:

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We had made it, and our dream lifestyle is completely ours even as I write this. We decided on one thing:

We will make the end-all; step-by-step; all video guide to doing exactly what we have accomplished. A system that contains absolutely every method and technique to doing it for yourself. The best part is that we have made it so simple that we even 100% guarantee that absolutely anyone can make the money we make, and in even quicker time than we even made it.

Right Now You're Wasting Your Time

Not only are you wasting the time you could be making an incredible amount of money but you are wasting your time working when you could be living!

Everyone knows that if you go to college for 2, 4, or even 8 years you will most likely get a job that pays well (and even that isn't guaranteed in today's world), the smart people in the world aren't spending their days in the office or doing what some "boss" tells them to do.

No, the smart people are on the beach, taking their kids to Disney World, and just all around enjoying their life much more than anyone working the average job could do. Think about all the most successful people in the world, whoever that may be, and I am willing to bet they either didn't go to college, or went to college and never ended up using their degree.

So many successful and rich people in this world made it this that for one single reason:

They took a little unknown system. A system or method that wasn't taught in college, and other people didn't bother with. If you would have gone back 30 years and told someone there was big money to be had in the real estate business they probably wouldn't have believed you. In fact there was no "Real Estate Degree" or "Real Estate Technical Institute", people just took something that they personally knew made money, and capitalized on it before anyone else did. Now this market is worth billions of dollars!

Now I am not saying that we can all be billionaires, but the point still stands that you can take advantage, right now, of an incredibly powerful tool. One that right now is not only growing at a crazy rate but is becoming more and more profitable everyday, and you can be just like us, leading the front in this new internet age. Of course I am talking about marketing!

We classify our occupation as "Internet Marketing", and I bet 95% of the world would go "Internet marketing? what's that?".

And That's The Point!

Now not only do most people not know what internet marketing is but even the ones who try and make money off it do it completely wrong, and never make a single penny! It's almost hard for us to sometimes hear people telling their sad story of how they tried to break into the marketing world, only to spend money on garbage products and investing in empty promises. Now these people are so convinced that there is no money to be made marketing while we sit on our thousands of dollars a week, all simply because we have the right information!

Now we have created a system that not only gives you the right information, but everything you need to be successful! Every video step-by-step, product, and bit of information to make the kind of money that we see every week is in the Dropout Blueprint system! Maybe in 10 or 20 years most people will know what Internet marketing is, I honestly don't know. What I can tell you is that at this moment now you have two possible options:

1. Join us in making a fortune by taking advantage of a system that so few people really care to bother with you can't help but make money with it.


2. Be left behind, stay in your dead-end job, never have financial security, and never feel the joy that our new lifestyle has broughten us.


STOP! If you would rather be in group 1 and jump on your very own bullet-train to success then you MUST keep reading this letter!


There Are Two Ways Of Working In This World Today:

Working Hard


Working Smart

and working smart is exactly what not only we did to achieve our great lifestyle, but also the powerful way of doing things we have put into this incredible system. Sure you could get a regular 9 - 5 job and work incredibly hard to see small gains and even smaller wages; Or you could take this opportunity to do it OUR way and completely turn your financial life around by using the ideas and methods completely laid out in this system. Not only from Chris and I but also from top marketers and entrepreneurs around the world!

"You Are Getting A Front Row Seat In A Classroom Where Rich And Brilliant Minds Are Taking You By The Hand And Walking You Through Exactly What You Need To Do In Order To Achieve What They Have; And In A Fraction Of The Time!"


So When You Actually Sign Up For Your Spot On This "Instant Money-Making Bullet Train" What Are You Actually Getting?

Complete Video Step-By-Steps That Include EVERYTHING We Do To Make Our Fortune!

A Total Walk through Of How You Can Personally Set Up Our System To Work For You!

Our "Lazy Guarantee", That We Will Show You Exactly How To Do This As Quickly As       Possible All From Home And In Your Spare Time.

Multiple Ways Of Income, So You Choose Which Ones You Want To Use To Strike It Rich       Taking Advantage Of The Internet. Use Only A Couple Or Use Them All To Become Filthy       Rich; They All Work!

From Products You Can Use, To Articles, To Many Other Useful Tools, We Give You It All       With Videos On How Exactly To Use Them!

The Ability To Make Money Today!

Our No Worries Autopilot Profit System That Makes YOU Money While You Live Out       Your Day! Take A Walk, Play With Your Family, Go Out To Eat, But Always Know You're       Making Money!

Our 56-Day Money Back Guarantee If The Program For Any Reason Isn't For You!

The Satisfaction Of Knowing You're Financially Independent, Pulling Out Of Debt, And       Gaining The Respect Of Everyone Around You With Your Newly Earned Wealth!

And these checks were only for 2 weeks work! That's over $170,000 A Year Working In Our Spare Time, And That's Not The Crazy Part:

These Checks Aren't Even Our Main Source Of Income!


So Why Would We Release Such A Great System Like The Dropout Blueprint System?

Well there are 2 reasons for us releasing exactly how to make the money that we do:

No matter how many people we tell it WON'T effect how much money we make. There are too many       people going on these gigantic sites everyday that it would be almost impossible to suck up all the       money that you could possibly bring in!

Because telling people doesn't hurt our ability to make money we feel it is our duty to pass on the      lifestyle that we have come to love. We are thankful every day for the things that we have and we want      to give others the same chance that we were given.

You Owe It To Yourself To Take This Small Step

There are so many long roads to success's out there, from starting companies to large money investments, but it can all be a waste of time and leave you broke! With the Dropout Blueprint System there is NO time wasted and NO risky investments because we've laid everything out for you in step-by-step video tutorials!

So if you're like we were before, sick of our lifestyle, not being financially secure, struggling for time and just all around NOT happy then you truly do owe it to yourself to launch yourself into that next level of success and finances! If we can do it ANYONE can!


56 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Not only do we promise you that you will make life changing weekly checks with the Dropout Blueprint System, but we also back it up by a 56-day money back guarantee! Try out the system, put the methods to use, and if for any reason you aren't satisfied with the product return it for a FULL refund.

Dear Reader,

Are you now where you thought you would be 5 years ago? Are you unhappy with the way your life is going? Everyday it becomes more and more obvious that more money could give you such an easier, happier, and all around more comfortable life. Could you imagine being able to vacation when you want to, work when you want to, buy the stuff you want, and only answer to one boss, yourself?

Well now you face probably your greatest opportunity to end the constant cycle of money troubles and the stress it brings.

We stared down the road to uncertainty, of stress, and of debt. We walked it for all its worth and came out of it with a wonderful solution that we don't mind sharing. Making money on the internet has long been seen as scary, difficult, and not profitable. These rumors CAN be true, if you don't have the right tools and information.

We now give you the opportunity to take all of the guessing and fear out of the internet. You don't need any special training. You don't need any internet experience. And you don't need anything more than this package. We give you a complete 56 days to try out our product, and if it doesn't make you money we insist you return it for a FULL refund. You have nothing to lose, and there is no risk involved!

                                                                                                       Sincerely,                                                                                                        Destin Cribbs & Chris Everson

You now know all you need to know in order to take that first big step into a fortune you won't even believe you're making! WE GUARANTEE that if you follow this system and take our advice you WILL make money!

All You Pay For This Amazing System Is A One-Time Fee Of Only:


We Could Charge Thousands For This System But We Want To Help People That Truly Need It, And Anyone That Could Pay Thousands Would NOT Be The Person That Needs This Oppurtunity The Most!


Before you purchase I want you to ask yourself these questions, and so I know you are the type of person I want to help:

Yes, I am sick of working for everyone but myself.

Yes, I want to be financially free, care for my family, and be the envy of all my friends, and all by working from home.

Yes, I am sick of getting pushed around in a world driven by money.

Yes, I want to take charge of my financial life, and live the way I want to, all while doing the things I want.

Yes, I am very thankful to be given such an incredible chance to turn it all around.



To Your Success,


P.S. We didn't think anything this easy could make so much money, but the proof is in the package, and I know you'll say the same thing.

P.S.S Why are you still reading this when you could be setting up your own personal "money printing press" on your own computer.


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