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Fun, Education, Profit KidsThingsToDo.com Over One Hundred
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NEW ~ this latest edition includes entrepreneurial ideas for your
children to make money!

“Discover Over 100 FREE And Low-Cost Activities, That Are
Guaranteed Fun Ways

To Stimulate Any Child’s Mind

During The Long School Holidays”

...Now Including Ten Effective Strategies

For Children Of All Ages To Generate Pocket Money ...

And Learn Some Valuable Entrepreneurial Skills Along The Way

Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear Fellow Parent or Guardian

As parents and grandparents ourselves, we personally know how
important it is to keep children happy and fully occupied during
school holidays.

Try as you may, you just know how difficult this can be.

When kids get bored, they get up to mischief!

Now because you’ve arrived at this site, we reckon that you’d
like to guarantee that your children have a fantastic time during
school holidays?

And furthermore, as the caring parent that you undoubtedly are, we
reckon you’d want your kids to have fun during the holidays, but
also for them to be stimulated and educated at the same time?

And let’s not forget, many people also have a limited budget for
holiday entertainment, especially in this present economic climate.

The problems could be almost endless, and on top of that, where
exactly do you find quality kids things to do, fun kids games, first
grade activities, craft for kids, etc?

It’s not easy for most of us to be spontaneously creative when
posed with questions such as; “What can kids make”? “Can I come
up with a wide variety of quality things for kids to do”? “What
about craft for children”? Etc.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is a truly massive
problem, because ...

“...Most People Don’t Have Access To The Correct Type Of Games,
Crafts, Activities, Ideas, Projects And Plans,

To Turbo Charge Their Children’s Development, While At The Same
Time Maintaining That Holiday-Fun Atmosphere”

What you need is a point of reference; a source you can refer to
over and over again. You need an up-to-date book which has vital
information about masses of things to learn, make, see and do
...whilst ensuring your kids are always having fun, but learning and
developing at the same time.

We are pleased to inform you that the answer to all of your problems
is now available in the latest edition of our well-received book,
“Fun, Education & Profit: The Best School Holidays ...Ever!”

“...It’s Packed With Masses Of Information And Fun Ideas To
Stimulate And Educate Children Of All Ages

...For The Whole Of Their School Holidays!”

So Whats Inside This Fascinating Book?

Over 100 ideas for Fun, Education and Profit

Over 90 Top Quality Color Photographs

Over 20,000 words

Arts, Crafts, Games, Activities and Ideas

Entrepreneurial ways to make Pocket Money

Things and Places to Discover

Education and Stimulation in a Fun Way

...Plus a whole lot more.....

This is NOT a flimsy booklet like all of the other offerings on the
market, but a substantial book that deals with and solves a real
problem. You want and expect the best for your children, preferably at
an affordable price, so you’ll be happy to know that we over-deliver
on all counts!

Grab Our Bumper Book And Your Children Will Have Real Fun,

But Most Importantly And Without Realizing It, They Will...

Improve their concentration

Learn to be creative

Be more self confident

Learn about making money

Develop social skills

Create more self worth

Improve their reading ability

Learn weights and measures

Achieve goals and targets

Work as an individual and as part of a team

Become self disciplined

Gain entrepreneurial skills

Earn rewards

Improve fitness

Learn life skills

Build character

Learn about the natural world

Become more responsible

Sharpen their counting skills

...and much more too!

Kids making things gives them a real sense of accomplishment - and
of pride. Also, when they play kids games, and learn valuable lessons
at the same time, they just think of it as fun and not learning -
which is wonderful, because the learning sinks in much better this

“...Indoors Or Outdoors, Good Or Bad Weather,

At Home Or Away, Single Children Or Groups ...

Fun, Education & Profit:

The Best School Holidays ... Ever!

Is The Book For Everyone & For All Occasions”

The information in this fun-packed book is detailed, but written in
an easy-to-understand and friendly style. It’s beautifully
presented, and it’s a book youll return to year after year.

It provides all of the right sort of fun games for kids (so that
they learn and develop without realizing it) and also many craft ideas
for kids which will keep them fully occupied and out of mischief.

“...It Really Is An Investment In

Your Familys Education And Happiness”

But Wait - That’s Not All !!

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to guarantee your kids many fun-packed holidays for years to come.

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purchases. We will immediately (and automatically) email you the full
details after you place your order.

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‘Windows’ PC’s (97% of the worlds computers), although they can
be used on Apple Macs if running ‘Windows’ emulation software.

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Fun, Education left:168px; top:3732px; width:232px; height:270px;">
Hello, George & Jan.

They say that mans best friend is his dog, well my best friend is
“Fun, Education & Profit.....”.
I was always stuck trying to find things to do with my grandchildren
in the past, but not now!

Its fantastic - things to do for all ages, all weathers, and all
seasons. It also has the added bonus of stimulating their minds and

We all have so much fun and spend some real quality time together.

Thank you for a great product.

J. Tully. Hi Jan + George.

I can recommend this book to anyone who may have responsibility at
some time or other for looking after children.

It is important that children do not get bored, and it is sometimes
difficult to think of things to occupy them for any length of time.

This book contains loads of ideas that you wouldn’t think of
yourself, and certainly in my opinion, there’s plenty of things to
do to keep the kids from getting into trouble.

Beth Alexander (Mrs) Dear Jan left:59px; top:4793px;
width:632px; height:169px;"> Hello Jan & George.

This book is the most packed timetable for my kids summer holidays
that Ive ever seen. Its beautifully laid out, and they loved looking
through and picking a different activity to do each day; the only
problem was that there wasnt enough time to fit everything in.

The book was a bargain, as Id have paid far more than that for a
black and white book from a bookstore, which the kids would never have
even looked at.

I strongly recommend Fun, Education & Profit: The Best School
Holidays ... Ever! to everyone with kids.

Oliver Springate. Dear Jan/George.

I work part time and have four kids, three of which are aged 9, 6
and 4 so money is tight.
This book is absolutely amazing, as the wide range of free and
low-cost activities keeps the
kids amused for hours.

There’s things to keep them occupied on day trips out, and many
more things to keep them entertained when stuck indoors. This book has
it all and the ideas are endless.

I would seriously recommend this book to everyone.

Mrs Donna Mitchell.

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Fun kids games to play.

Recipes to make, eat and enjoy.

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“Discover Scrapbooking”

How to get started, choosing the right tools,

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You’ll Need To Be Quick, Though!

Jan left:465px; top:3471px; width:127px; height:133px;">
Arts, Crafts, Games,
Fun, Education, Profit KidsThingsToDo.com Over One Hundred
Things To Do, Make left:574px; top:6148px; width:131px; height:86px;">

FREE BONUS FUN PACK Worth $172 - Details Below

Our book covers all of the following things ... and more. Kids
Things To Do. Craft For Kids. Fun Games For Kids. Play Kids Games.
Things For Kids To Do. Fun Kids Games. Art And Craft. Kids Making.
First Grade Activities. Craft For Children. Craft Ideas For Kids. Kids
Learn. Art And Crafts. Kids Craft. Kids Games. Children Learn.
Childrens Craft. Childrens Games. Arts And Crafts. Craft Ideas. Games
Ideas. Arts Ideas. Kids Make. Learning Games. Holiday Games. Holiday
Crafts. Holiday Arts. Arts And Craft.

value $37 Just For Visiting Us Today

value $37 Just For Visiting Us Today

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